The Uplands, Smethwick. Est. 1898

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Established 1908...

David Bryant MBE of the Smethwick Heritage Trust supplied us with committee meeting minutes relating to the bowls section between 1903 and 1912. David was secretary of the main club for over 30 years and had a heavy involvement with the cricket section until the mid 1990's. The information he supplied us support his theory that we celebrated our centenary 10 years too early. These minutes show that the green was laid in 1908, not 1898. Below are the extracts which relate to the bowls section.


20th August 1903 - Tip at lower end of field.

The Secretary reported that he had arranged with Woodward & Mills, Balsall Heath contractors for the new Holly Bush Inn, to allow them to tip their rubbish and earth from the excavations at the lower end of the field so far as required to fill up the pond and level for tennis courts and the Secretary also reported receipt of a cheque of £5.5.0 on account for the priviledge. A proposition by J.T.Smith seconded by W.Dorman the Secretary's action was approved.

1st August 1906 - Bowling Green

On a proposition by A.Edwards seconded by J.Pigott it was decided to obtain particulars of estimated cost of converting the waste patch at the lower end of the field into a bowling green and further tennis courts.

3rd Septemner 1906 - Bowling Green

The Secretary reported that he had seen Mr F.Gill and Mr E.Boorer who had promised to take levels of ground and prepare estimate of cost as soon as possible.

10th August 1908 - Bowling Green & Tennis Courts

A scheme of forming a bowling green and two additional tennis courts at lower end of field was discussed, and after going into estimated costs it was decided to proceed with the work, and upon a proposition of Mr Dorman seconded by Mr J.Pigott it was decided to accept the tender of J.Hunt & Sons, Waterloo Road for rough levelling the ground at cost of £12.10.0 and of R.Standing for finding the turf and labour for laying the green and courts @ 6d. per square yard. The club to find the soil necessary to go next to the turf, but R.Standing to spread it. R.Standing also to top dress the greens when laid, inclusive in the price of 6d. per square yard. A letter was read from Messrs J.Hunt & Sons offering to deliver the soil to go next to the turf @ 9d. per load.

The following rough estimate of cost was arrived at: -

Levelling 12.10.0

Soil 7.10.0

R.Standing 50.0.0

Top Dressing 4.10.0

Fencing 3.0.0

Extras 3.10.0

TOTAL £81.0.0

26th August 1908 - Soil For Bowling Green

On proposition by H.Felton seconded by A.Fletcher it was decided to accept a quotation of J.Hunt & Sons to deliver soil required for bowling green @ 9d per load.

13th October 1908 - Bowling Green

A discussion took place regarding shape of the outside border of bowling green, and it was ultimately decided to have a raised border all round same.

22nd April 1909 - Bowling Green

A discussion took place re. providing further sets of bowls and it was ultimately decided, on proposition by A.Baker seconded by T.Roberts to leave the matter in the hands of Mr Tootell who promised to report as soon as he considered the extra bowls necessary.

2nd July 1909 - Bowls

On proposition of T.Tootell seconded by T.Roberts it was decided to purchase 2 sets of bowls and 2 jacks.

14th April 1910 - A.G.M.

Captain of bowls section - T.Tootell

2nd May 1910 - Bowling

The following were appointed to act on sub-committee:- T.Tootell, J.H.Woodhouse, G.H.Dorman, A.Roberts and E.Brant.

23rd May 1910 - Bowling Handicap

On proposition by T.Tootell seconded by E.Brant it was decided to place a list on the notice board for competitors names for Mr Tootell's prize. On proposition by E.Brant seconded by H.Felton the meeting thanked Mr Tootell for so kindly providing a prize for the Bowling Handicap.

16th August 1910 - Bowls

On proposition by H.Felton seconded by J.T.Smith the thanks of the Committee were given to Mr J.H.Woodhouse for providing a prize for the Bowling Handicap.

3rd April 1911 - A.G.M.

Captain of bowls section - J.H.Woodhouse

21st April 1911 - Bowls

On proposition by A.J.Baker seconded by W.D.Dorman it was decided to have old woods re-turned.

30th August 1911 - Bowls

On proposition by H.Felton seconded by T.Tootell it was decided to recommend the members at the A.G.M. to give a medal each season to the winner of the Club Scratch Competition.

5th October 1911 - The Use Of The Pavilion

Was allowed on the successful working of the Bowls Section for a supper to be held on 9th October.

26th March 1912 - A.G.M.

Winners of the Bowls Handicap were P.R.Blake and A.Roberts. Captain of the bowls section - J.H.Woodhouse.

1st April 1912 - Pavilion

On proposition by W.F.Fletcher seconded by W.Middleton it was resolved to proceed with the demolition of the old pavilion and the erection of a man's room, tool house and stable as shown on plan prepared by Mr F.Gill. The larger scheme for the erection of Bowls and Tennis pavilion to be deferred until the committee consider they have sufficient support to proceed with the same.

29th April 1912 - Tool Shed & Bowls Shelter

On proposition by J.H.Woodhouse seconded by J.D.Vickers it was decided to place the contract for the erection of the tool shed etc. with Cleavers for £80.0.0. less £3.0.0. allowance for the old pavilion, at the reccomendation of executive committee.

Canon Astbury proposed and A.W.M.Boneham seconded that Mr Woodhouse's kind offer of framework for bowls shelter be accepted, and permission be given the bowls section to erect same by private subscription amongst the members, and also to rect a partition for tennis members providing they find necessary funds to cover the extra cost.

4th June 1912 - Tool House

It was reported that the Tool House etc. was nearing completion and was quite satisfactory. It was hoped to have the Bowls Shelter completed in the next week.

30th October 1912 - Green Extension

A proposition by J.H.Woodhouse, seconded by J.T.Smith it was resolved that the green be extended only one yard in the direction of the Drill Hall.