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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...


10/12/08 - Broomfield were finally crowned Smethwick Division 1 Champions today. The saga which has now run for two months was finally resolved with Colin Grove contacting our secretary to admit to the error. Moor Lanes result on the Beeches (-83) was recorded as an 83 shot away win by mistake.

09/12/08 - The 2009 Tony Pagett competition kicks off at Cradley Libs on Saturday 28th February. Dan Chilton and Jonathan Blakeman feature in the very first session. Another three Broomfield bowlers in action on Saturday 7th March: Ollie Newman, Mick Barnwell and Marc Wilson. John Wilson plays on Sunday 15th March and Darren Griffiths on Saturday 21st March. The tournament now enters its third year, with total entries up to 256. The prize money has raised to £4380 with the winner to collect £1000. The games recognised number one, Graeme Wilson has also entered and plays his first round match on Saturday 21st March (morning session).

01/12/08 - The three trees behind the mower pavilion were finally removed last Wednesday. During the summer months these have cast shadows over most of the quicker parts of the green. The last two seasons have also seen increased wet weather and consequently these areas remained wet and soft even during dry periods. It is hoped that next season the sunlight will reach these areas and firm up the park side corner of the green. The roots to the tree stumps should also take up more water which will again help the surface.

The Summit Garage Premier League made us an offer to play in the third division in 2009 after Acocks Green B.L. resigned last week. Our financial situation and questions over commitment meant that we declined the offer. Our application stays with the league as before and should we wish to field a team in 2010, Broomfield would be accepted before other clubs are considered.