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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

20/11/12 - Dudley League Archive updated to include the 2012 season. Click here to view.

19/11/12 - Work party planned for this coming Saturday (24th November) to clear leaves, borders and cut back the growth on the trees. You will all of had an email from Darren stressing the importance that members start to help out with the pre-season work. The renovation work to the green took place at the start of October and work has been undertaken both on the green or the surrounds every weekend since. Gates will be open from 8:30am on Saturday.

14/11/12 - All player profiles have been updated to include statistics and achievements from the 2012 season. Please click here to view or use the members link on the left hand side of each page.

10/11/12 -

07/11/12 - All England update - decision not be announced by Warwick & Worcester until Friday evening.

06/11/12 - Broomfield B.C. presented their official bid to host the 2013 B.C.G.B.A. Senior Merit (aka "The All England") to five members of the Warwick & Worcester committee last night. Our bid team consisted of Chris Price, Darren Griffiths, Jonathan Blakeman, Michelle Kelly, Mick Fitzgerald and Paul Gamsby. The hour long meeting centered around a presentation to show why the Portland Road venue deserved its eighth All England.

The Warwick & Worcester will meet again tomorrow night to discuss the two bids (Broomfield and Ye Olde Knowle) and communicate the decision to both clubs shortly after. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Gamsby for his official support and the speech he made at last nights meeting.

03/11/12 - The 2012 season statistics are now online. Please click here to view. This seasons review includes an analysis of our improving record on the Portland Road green.

02/11/12 - Broomfield will present their bid to host the 2013 BCGBA Senior Merit Finals (aka 'The All England') to the Warwick & Worcester on Monday 5th November 2012. The presentation will feature a five strong bidding team and conclude a month of background work. More details to be released on Tuesday 6th November.

02/11/12 -(Just for you AP!) The William Purcell Club Pairs were won by Mark Hadley Snr and Dan Chilton who beat Darren Griffiths and Jonathan Blakeman in the final.

01/11/12 - Averages are now updated including all the final games of 2012.

01/11/12 - A big thank you to all that helped with the renovation of the Portland Road greens: Darren Griffiths, Dave Southall, Frank Newman, Sheila Newman, Joe Wilson, Dan Chilton, Chris Price, Brian Williams, John Hardman, Pauline Broadhead, Alan Shingleton, Karen Rolls, Malcolm Spencer, Cliff Tebbet, Lloyd Burghur, Tony Rowley, Dave Sankey and Keith Lawlor. A great effort this year, all help was very much appreciated - including those that helped to move materials and machinery before the renovations started.