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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

27/11/05 - Nomads recorded their 4th straight win today to stay in 2nd place in the indoor league. We beat Coombs Wood 46-28 collecting 3 points, best winners Ollie & Mick (20-6). Next week sees the top of the table clash with the Baggeridge.

20/11/05 - We collected three awards at the Warwick & Worcester presentation at Tally Ho last night; W&W Premier 2 Champions, W&W Alliance 4 Champions and W&W Alliance 4 League Average Winner.

The indoor averages will be updated tomorrow, todays result should keep us in 2nd place - a 3 point win against Coombswood.
Most people will remember the 1 shot away win at The Greyhound in 2004 that kept us in W&W Division 2. Although its only a short and distorted clip, you can now view the final end of that game by clicking here or going to the years gone by section. You may need Quicktime (available here) to view this video.

17/11/05 - Last Sunday Nomads beat Selly Park collecting 3.5 points. Ollie, Mick, Denise and Frank all won their games, Chris and Jonathan drew. Nomads move into second place with Baggeridge in top spot. Nomads have won 5 out 6 matches and have 17.5 points.

11/11/05 - We can now confirm that the presentation will take place on Saturday 11th February 2006 at the Corus Hotel Solihull. You must reserve your room in advance by calling 0121 745 0400 and quoting the code 1442. For more information contact Chris Price or Paul Newman.

06/11/05 - A 3 point win was collected today as Nomads beat Selly Park in the Hadley Stadium Indoor League. Frank Newman & Denise Killion winning 14-5 and Ollie Newman & Mick Barnwell winning 16-8.  Nomads now move into the top three.

Last night Terry Jones collected the Division 4 Runners Up trophy and prize money at the annual Dudley league presentation (and also managed to do a "Del Boy" by trying to lean against the bar and falling through!)
The Oldbury league presentation is next Saturday at Smethwick Ex's 0 tickets available from Frank Newman.  The following Saturday (19th Nov) is the Warwick & Worcester prize presentation at Tally Ho! Sports & Conference Centre. Anyone else who wants tickets will now have to contact the association secretary Gerry Harper.