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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

28/11/10 - Birmingham City Council have finally confirmed that our tree work application has been successful. Hopefully the work can be undertaken before the new year. I will publish further updates on this when possible.

28/10/10 - The 2010 season stats are now available and take an extensive look at what will always be a unique season. The loss of the Broomfield green did of course make a difference and you can compare your own overall performance to your Broomfield home record and also your first season on the Portland Road green. Please use the links below which look at individual records in several ways:

2010 Statistics Homepage
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Average Shots Scored
"A" Games Only
On Broomfield
On Portland Road
Single Figure Wins
Best Cards


11/10/10 - Well done to Ollie Newman who reached the last four of the George Masters on Saturday. Ollie beat Ross Dunkley 31-29 in his opening game, then going on to beat Ant Bracken 31-30 in the quarter finals. Ollie's run came to an end in the semi final against Craig Barker who then went on to win the competition for the first time. It was some weekend for 'Balti' who then qualified for the Mick Bagnell Trophy finals on Sunday and then travelled to the Baggeridge winning the final of the four man team event.

Ollie's run in the George Masters equals that of Pete Nichols in 1995, the semi finals being the furthest a Broomfield bowler has reached in the competition which has now run for 28 years.

11/10/10 - More thanks to those of you who attended the Free Press Cup final on Friday. The George and the Greville played out a classic under lights on an immaculate Penn green. The Greville winning the final by six shots. Thank you to Chris Price for making the presentation and i hope the rest of you enjoyed the night.

11/10/10 - I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the green renovation this year. So much work to do with the green in need of repair. The majority of the work took place last week from Tuesday right through to Friday with some putting upto 25 hours in across three days. Despite the work being carried out on working days we had more help than the previous four or five seasons.

The weather was on our side and everything went to plan. What we need now is more luck with the weather over the next five months and the go ahead to carry out work on the trees. We have already removed some of the bushes around the green to increase both light and airflow.

Some pictures and details of the work carried out will follow but in the meantime thanks go to the contractors, Darren Griffiths, Steve Blakeman, Daniel Chilton, Frank Newman, Sheila Newman, Joe Wilson, Malcolm Spencer, Ollie Newman, Terry Jones, John Hardman, Chris Price, Carl Blakeman and Barney Coleman.

11/10/10 - Apologies for the lack of updates, work on the green has been taking place over the past two weeks. Two end of season results to finish off 2010.

The final Alliance fixture was played away at the Richmond. Eight winners with the team winning by 44 shots. Winning cards from John Hardman 21-5, Jim Watkin 21-6, Nigel Francis 21-11, Tracy Wilkins 21-12, Daniel Chilton 21-14, Joe Wilson 21-15, Chris Price 21-18 and Malcolm Spencer 21-18. Nigel Francis won the club averages with 35 points and a plus of 151, winning 17 of his 25 games. Malcolm Spencer looks set to take the league averages with his plus of 159 after 20 games.

The Smethwick 'B' head back to Division 2 after a 43 shot defeat at Langley. Just one winner on the night (played on Monday 4th October), Alan Parsons running out from 5-6 to win 21-6. Next best cards came from Matt Barnwell 20-21 and Terry Jones 19-21. Matt Barnwell won the averages with 19 points, winning 11 of his 19 matches.

27/09/10 - First job on the green went well today. The 'Robin Dagger' machine putting 433 holes into the green, each with a blast of compressed air at a depth of 20" to improve the drainage. All holes were filled with free-draining material to keep the channels open for years to come.

We also managed to remove most the bushes along the bowls hut side of our green. This will increase air and light to the green and has a range of benefits. Thank you to the helpers today: Terry Jones, Barney Coleman, Dan Chilton and Paul Rolls.

26/09/10 - The Smethwick 'A' ended their season with a trademark struggle on Moor Lane. Just one winning card in the form of Ollie Newman 21-17. Next best cards came from Mark Hadley Snr 20-21 and Dan Chilton 17-21. 59 shots the difference.

The 'A' side will probably finish in 5th place with 10 wins and 10 defeats. Away wins came at West Bromwich Labour and Broomfield 'B' with home defeats against Cradley Libs and West Bromwich Labour.

The 'B' side encountered a strange affair at home to Great Barr. The visitors only turned up with six players. Over the six ends Broomfield 'B' managed just two winners and were 13 shots adrift (Terry Jones 21-9, Chris Price 21-12). The two 21-0 walkovers meant Broomfield won by 29 shots and snatched the two points.

The 'B' side are now on 12 points but still stuck at the foot of the table. One more game remains, away to Langley 'A' who also face relegation to Division 2.

25/09/10 - Six winners for the W&W Alliance at Portland Road today. The 22 shot win against the Beaufort confirmed Broomfield as Alliance 2 Champions. Three winners in the first four put the side 22 shots up (Jim Watkin 21-10, Chris Price 21-12, Joe Wilson 21-18). Two winners in the middle four extended the lead to 33. Pick of the middle four was Malcolm Spencer who came from 2-6 to win 21-7 and scored ten 2's in the process.

Losing cards from ends 8 to 10 saw the margin drop to just 13 shots. Dan Chilton won 21-11 to put the match safe with John Hardman left last on the green who just ducked out 20-21.

20/09/10 - Remaining fixtures for 2010:

Sat 25th Sep
W&W Alliance
vs Beaufort
Sun 26th Sep
Smethwick 'A'
vs Moor Lane
Sun 26th Sep
Smethwick 'B'
vs Great Barr
Sat 2nd Oct
W&W Alliance
vs Richmond
Sun 3rd Oct
Smethwick 'B'
vs Langley

19/09/10 - No game for the Smethwick 'A' this morning but the 'B' team played away at the Glasscutters. A 27 shot defeat was by no means a bad result. Two winners for Broomfield 'B' in Alan Parsons 21-15 and Jim Watkin 21-16. Greets Green who are also at the foot of the table managed to beat Cradley Libs at home.

18/09/10 - The first team travelled to New Inn Harborne today with relegation still a possibility. Keeping a defeat under 74 shots would be sufficient unless Ye Olde Knowle won away at New Inns Four Oaks.

After three ends Broomfield were 19 shots behind. No winners with scores of 19 from both Mick Barnwell and Jonathan Blakeman. Next three to the green saw Jon Hutchinson take the lead to 36 shots with a 21-4 card. Our first winner looked like coming from captain Paul Newman (17-9) but Ashley Beeston battled back to win 21-20. Our first winning card came in the form of Dave Chilton (21-19) despite a late surge from Gary Broadfield who at one stage got the game back from 16-8 in our favour to 19 across. Half way point and Broomfield were 35 shots adrift.

The next three cards for the Broomies put us at ease and meant we could actually start to think about winning the match. Game of the day and man of the match by far was Ollie Newman who played the in form Craig Beeston. From two nil down Ollie had an answer for everything and surged into a 16-4 lead. Craig as always bowled his home patch tight but to no avail as Ollie recorded a 21-7 victory to reduce the deficit to 21 shots. Darren Griffiths beat Ian Hutchinson 21-10 and Andy Calvert scored 19 in a trademark determined display to leave us only 12 shots behind with three ends to play.

No winners in the back three but no disasters either with scores of 14 for Chris Chilton, Dan Chilton 15 and Mark Hadley Snr 17. The final difference being 29 shots which sent the New Inn lads down to Division 3. At New Inns Four Oaks it was a lot tigther than expected with Ye Olde Knowle having seven winners and just losing out by 14 shots.

Broomfield survived on aggregate only despite winning less games than New Inn Harborne and Ye Olde Knowle. Five home defeats on Portland Road was certainly a soul destroying experience but away wins at West Bromwich Labour and the Richmond saved us.

New Inn Harborne
Ye Olde Knowle

18/09/10 - The Alliance side returned to form easing to victory over Sutton Park. Nine winners on the day and two walkovers meant the team won by a margin of 130 shots. Single figure wins for Keith Lawlor 21-4, Denise Killion 21-7, Matt Barnwell 21-8 and Malcolm Spencer 21-9.

Malcolm has now reached second place in the league averages, his plus of 142 achieved in only 18 games. "The Pope" is certainly the man in form for Denise's side with nine wins from his last ten games. Nigel Francis remains top of both the club and league averages (+153) with two games remaining.

13/09/10 - We would like to say thank you to Mike Peters who has very kindly donated his bonus ball winnings (£58.00) back to us and would like the money put towards the green renovation. For those of you who don't know Mike, he is a former President of Smethwick Cricket Club and Chairman of what was the parent club. Somebody who was part of the cricket section when it was a good place to be around. Mike has always shown a keen interest in Broomfield Bowling Club and has made two visits to Portland Road since our move - thanks Mike, much appreciated.

12/09/10 - It was a much talked about match whereby a win would have put our minds at rest. This afternoon the W&W Premier team played the new Division 2 Champions West Bromwich Labour. It turned out to be another hard to take home defeat, our fifth on the Portland Road green. One winner in the first four (Matt Barnwell 21-20) saw us trail by 31 shots. Wins for Andy Calvert 21-8 and Dave Chilton 21-16 did bring the deficit down but there was only to be one more winner (Mick Barnwell 21-17) for Broomfield, the final difference 35 shots.

Ye Olde Knowle were well beaten at the Brookhill but New Inns Harborne did beat Ward End Cons at home by 44 shots. We still have aggregate on our side but if we don't manage to beat New Inns Harborne on the final day of the season we will be looking to New Inns Four Oaks who entertain Ye Olde Knowle on the same day.

12/09/10 - Ahead for seven ends but it wasn't to be for the Smethwick 'A' who lost out by 9 shots at Cradley Libs this morning. The perfect start with three winners in the first four: Marc Wilson 21-6, Jonathan Blakeman 21-13 and Chris Chilton 21-13. John Wilson the only winner for Broomfield in the back four who came back from well behind, scoring six 2's in his last seven ends to win his game 21-15.

A nightmare result for the Smethwick 'B' facing the Beeches 'A' at Portland Road in a top vs bottom clash. Just two winners as Broomfield 'B' were beaten by 57 shots: Matt Barnwell 21-7 and Chris Price 21-19. With six defeats from the last seven games it looks likely that the team will be relegated back to Division 2.

11/09/10 - A rare home defeat for the Alliance team today who were beaten on Portland Road by the Royal Oak. Four winners in the first six ends was a positive enough start putting the team 17 shots in front with wins from Jim Watkin and Joe Wilson both 21-17 followed by Malcolm Spencer 21-7 and Keith Lawlor 21-13. No winners thereafter saw the side drop 39 shots and lose the game by 22 shots.

10/09/10 - Will the first team stay in Premier 2? A much asked question at the moment after our recent fourth home defeat but our two away wins are keeping us up at the moment. To solve any worries, one win from our final three games would more than likely keep us out of the bottom three.

Should the worst happen and we lose our final three fixtures, the situation becomes much more tighter. In that scenario it is likley that Broomfield, Ye Olde Knowle and New Inns Harborne would all finish on 18 points with Broomfield surviving on aggregate. The Richmond are already relegated to Premier 3. This shows that every shot is to play for, at the moment our aggregate stands at -69 but Ye Olde Knowle are much worse off on -337 and New Inns Harborne on -274.

Here's to a positive weekend as the Premier team play New Inns Four Oaks away on Saturday and then league leaders West Bromwich Labour at home on Sunday (3:00pm start).

09/09/10 - A full house at home for the Dudley 'A' has now given the side a likely chance of survival. Eight winners tonight mean Netherton Cons remain on 95 points whilst Broomfield finish the season on 105. Netherton Cons now require seven winners on Coombswood.

Best cards tonight came from Alan Parsons 21-9 and Nigel Francis 21-9 with good wins also coming from Jim Watkin and Tracy Wilkins, both 21-10. Tonia Hadley came back from 5-19 and 12-20 to win her game 21-20. Nigel Francis won the averages for the second season running, the third time he has won them since he started playing for the side in 2005.

To put tonights result into perspective, had Broomfield only had four winners at home they would have finished with 101 points and Netherton Cons would be on 99 points with another game to play. All in all a really good result for Joe's team tonight where every point gained was nearly worth double.

07/09/10 - It couldn't be tighther at the bottom of Dudley Division 2. Broomfield 'A' will end the season this coming Thursday at home to Netherton Cons 'A'. The bottom two teams get relegated with Gate, Colley Gate 'B' already down. The problem facing Joe's team is Coombswood 'B' who are only one point behind but have two fixtures remaining both at home. Final games which will decide the relegation battle are as follows:

Broomfield 'A' vs Netherton Cons 'A'

Coombswood 'B' vs D.M.B.E.C.

Coombswood 'B' vs Netherton Cons 'A'

The best chance Broomfield have of surviving must start with a 9 / 10 point win over Netherton Cons followed by Coombswood also beating Netherton Cons at home.

Netherton Cons 'A'
Broomfield 'A'
Coombswood 'B'
12 (R)
Gate, Colley Gate 'B'


06/09/10 - The West Bromwich season finally came to an end on a night of torrential rain at Portland Road. With captain Terry Jones not selecting himself for the final game it was left to captain calamity Mark Hadley Snr to organise proceedings on the night.

The match started in Broomfield's favour with a swift 21-7 from Mark Hadley. Greets Green hit back with wins of 10, 16 and 18 to put them 5 shots in front. The game then switched back in the home sides favour with 21-6's for both Jonathan Blakeman and John Hardman. Although the game was now out of reach for the visitors (-25) they still managed five points with the final two ends falling in their favour. Final result five points each with Broomfield winning the game by 18 shots. Thanks to Frank Newman for his support and card marking on the night, a game played in poor conditions with the final three ends played in near darkness.

05/09/10 - Seven winners for the Smethwick 'A' who played their final home game this morning. Beating Greets Green by 51 shots, winning cards from Jonathan Blakeman 21-4, Mick Barnwell 21-10, Dave Chilton 21-11, Ollie Newman 21-12, Marc Wilson 21-13, Mark Hadley Snr 21-13 and Chris Chilton 21-19.

Five losses in six now for the Smethwick 'B' side who lost by 48 shots at Gate, Colley Gate. One winner for Broomfield in Chris Price 21-10.

04/09/10 - A fourth home defeat for the W&W Premier team today, this time against relegation contenders the Brookhill. Just two winners in the first eight: Dave Chilton 21-18 followed by Chris Chilton 21-16. By this point the team were 36 shots behind but went two shots ahead after eleven ends with wins from Ollie Newman 21-3, Jonathan Blakeman 21-5 and Darren Griffiths 21-18. The game went to the final couple of ends with Broomfield just missing out by two shots.

A rare defeat for the W&W Alliance team who travelled to promotion rivals Great Barr. Two winners for Broomfield with the team losing by 71 shots overall: Jim Watkin 21-7 and Malcolm Spencer 21-19.

03/09/10 - The W&W Alliance home fixture against Ye Olde Knowle was completed tonight. The team were 2 shots ahead after four ends. Yesterday afternoon Malcolm Spencer played his game winning 21-12 which extended the lead to 11 shots. With seven ends to be played the side managed to add another 12 shots to the aggregate winning by 23 shots overall. Wins tonight for John Hardman 21-6, Paul Newman 21-9 and Alan Parsons 21-17.

02/09/10 - Dudley 'A' took three points at Hilly House tonight. The team lost by 31 shots but there were wins for Alan Parsons 21-13, Nigel Francis 21-15 and Joe Wilson 21-18. The relegation battle will go to the final game next Thursday when Joe's team takes on Netherton Cons at Portland Road.

02/09/10 - A recent topic on the Talkingbowls forum has looked at the best greens this season. Broomfield given the chance would no doubt have been a contender in 2010, please click here to take a look at some of work carried out in 2009 and 2010 which meant we said goodbye to a green back to its best. Please note that the article is best viewed in 'full screen' due to the size of the photos.

01/09/10 - The Oldbury team finished the season with a 40 shot home win against Cradley Heath Libs. Single figure wins for Mick Barnwell 21-4, Mark Hadley Snr 21-6 and Darren Griffiths 21-9. Winning cards also coming from Ollie Newman 21-12 and Keith Underhill 21-13.

No winners for the West Bromwich side who ducked out at Parkfields by 66 shots. The best score coming from Matt Barnwell 20-21.