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23/09/08 - Dudley archive updated, click here to view.

21/09/08 - A 33 shot win for the Smethwick 'A' team against Beeches 'A'. Seven winners: Marc Wilson 21-9, John Wilson 21-12, Chris Chilton 21-15, Jonathan Blakeman 21-16, Mark Hadley Snr 21-16, Keith Lawlor 21-16 and Mark Nemedi 21-18. The 'A' team play twice next Sunday and wins could put them in with a chance of the Division 1 title for the first time since 2003.

The 'B' sides chances of promotion came to end with a 28 shot loss on Gornal and Sedgley. Three winners for Broomfield in Tracy Wilkins 21-14, Denise Killion 21-17 and Phil High 21-18.

20/09/08 - W&W Premier team beat Ward End Social by 66 shots who were looking for an away win to give themselves a chance of promotion to Premier 1. A great start from John Wilson (11-0) who was the first winner 21-6. Marc Wilson was level with the Social's captain Gary Jones (14-13) but finished strongly to record an 11th consecutive Saturday win, 21-14. Scott Evans got the better of Paul Newman at number one, winning 21-16. Terry Jones won 21-19 and after four ends we were 19 shots ahead.

Mark Nemedi beat Dave Jones 21-20 and Chris Price put in a solid performance to beat Brian Porter 21-12. Nigel Francis managed 17 against an in-form Ross Evans. Andy Calvert dominated his game against Fred Wooldridge (16-5 , 19-8) and eventually won 21-14. The difference now 32 shots with the back four on the green.

Mick Barnwell flew into a 19-1 lead and went on to beat Jeff Evans 21-2. Also a single figure card from Jonathan Blakeman (21-8) which took the difference to 64. Ollie Newman trailed Glyn Jones 3-10 but recovered well on the gulley and ran out at 12-13 to win 21-13. Chris Chilton last on the green went 18-7 down to Kevin Jones. Chris managed 15 and Broomfield won by 66 shots.

The Premier team now on 16 points but Forget Me Not won both their home games on Saturday and Sunday to finish on 17 points. That means Broomfield require at least a draw next Saturday, away at Kings Heath Park who are already promoted.

20/09/08 - A fourth straight defeat for the W&W Alliance side, losing by 40 shots away at the Royal Oak. Five winning cards: Dan Chilton 21-9, Mark Hadley Snr 21-14, Jim Watkin 21-15, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-18 and Tonia Hadley 21-20.

19/09/08 - Free Press Cup Semi Final: A 14 shot home win for Broomfield. Ollie Newman the pick of the cards beating Steve Dicken 21-8. John Wilson won 21-14 against Stuart Jones and Paul Newman beat Lyndon Hazelhurt 21-19. Woodfields winner came in captain Nick Newey who beat Jonathan Blakeman 21-13.

At Woodfield we were 38 shots down after three ends. Darren Griffiths left last on the green managing to beat Dave Semper 21-20. Overall Broomfield lost by 23 shots. Woodfield 'A' play the George in the final.

18/09/08 - Final Dudley game: Needing seven points for survival, Broomfield started well with four winners: Marc Wilson 21-7, Tracy Wilkins 21-13 (from 7-12), Jonathan Blakeman 21-14 and Karemjit Gurdas 21-14 (from 8-14). 36 shots up after four ends.

The second half of the match was played in complete darkness. Needing one point Broomfield then had three losers in the back four, Jim Watkin 20-21 (from 18-10), Tonia Hadley 14-21 and Joe Wilson 14-21. The all important card came from Darren Griffiths who went on number eight and turned 12-10 into a 21-11 victory. It was unfortunate that so much of the game was played in darkness as both sides had enough players to start the match at 6pm. The game started just after 6:15pm and the picture below was taken when the last three ends were still on the green:

The Dudley team finish on 85 points and in 8th place.

18/09/08 - Final West Bromwich game: A 76 shot away win tonight as Broomfield took on a 6-man WBFS side. Of the six games that were actually played we had four winners: Keith Underhill 21-6, Nigel Francis 21-6, John Hardman 21-11 and Terry Jones 21-14. Keith Lawlor and Andy Calvert did not have opponents as two 21-1's were recorded on the card. Broomfield finish the season on 130 points which should be good enough for 3rd place. Terry Jones won the averages, 27 points with a plus of 86.

17/09/08 - Smethwick 'A' recorded their fourth away win tonight with a 10 shot victory on WBFS. 12 shots up after four ends with wins from Chris Price 21-6 and Keith Lawlor 21-13. The second part of the game was played in poor light then darkness, another two winners in the back four: Mark Hadley Snr 21-10 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-18.

The West Bromwich team will not be able to finish runners up in division one after the Bell Inn won their four remaining matches. All at home, they picked up 34 points and ended the season with 135pts and +372. Broomfield currently sit 4th with 121pts +307. One game to play for Broomfield but a bad result tomorrow could see them finish as low as 5th. In 2008 the Broomfield West Bromwich team spent 15 games in 2nd place and 5 games in 3rd place.

Please can you contact and pay Denise Killion ASAP for the bowls presentation. This is being held at the Eaton Hotel on Friday 17th October. With only one month to go we need to get meal choices ordered and trophies sorted. Please feel free to invite friends and family, adult tickets cost £25.00

16/09/08 - Not so much bowls but connected nevertheless, Smethwick Cricket Clubs promotion to Division 1 of the Birmingham League was only confirmed today, see We were found to be the only club in the league structure not to run youth cricket which is an ECB requirement.

15/09/08 - After a poor start tonight the Smethwick 'B' team beat the Greyhound by 39 shots at Broomfield. After four ends we were 6 shots down with just one winning card, Tonia Hadley 21-13. 45 shots added with a full house in the back four: Joe Wilson 21-6, Terry Jones 21-9, Tracy Wilkins 21-11 and Dan Chilton 21-13.

15/09/08 - Please take note of the new dates added to the Calender. Games at Broomfield this week on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

14/09/08 - An agonising fourth single figure away defeat for the W&W Alliance team this afternoon. In a re-arranged game at W.B.F.S. , Broomfield had six winners. Two in the first four: Mark Hadley Snr and Marc Hadley Jnr, both 21-17. Two in the middle four: John Hardman 21-10 and Denise Killion 21-12, and two winners in the back four: Dave Chilton 21-11 and Keith Underhill 21-15.

After 19 matches the Alliance team sit in 7th place and look like finishing mid table.

After 20 matches the Premier team sit in 9th place but will still get relegated unless Forget Me Not lose a home game.

14/09/08 - Seven wins from the last eight games for the Smethwick 'A' who this morning won away on Cradley Heath Libs by 8 shots. Just three winners in Marc Wilson 21-8, Mark Nemedi 21-9 and Keith Lawlor 21-17. Good away scores from John Wilson 20, Chris Chilton 19, Dave Chilton 19 and Jonathan Blakeman 18. Kevin Birch starred for the home side 21-8.

John Wilson getting his monies worth over the weekend, his two games took a total of 69 ends!

13/09/08 - Just 26 shots the difference as the W&W Premer team beat the Richmond at Broomfield. Eight winners: Andy Calvert 21-7, Ollie Newman 21-10, Jonathan Blakeman 21-13, Terry Jones 21-14, Marc Wilson 21-15, Paul Newman 21-15, Chris Chilton 21-18 and John Wilson 21-20. A full match report from both captains can be found on the talkingbowls forum.

The Alliance team just dipped out on the Richmond by 4 shots. 13 shots up after four ends with winning cards from Joe Wilson 21-10, Dan Chilton 21-11 and Jim Watkin 21-19. Even better after eight ends, dropping only one shot in the middle four with wins from Dave Chilton 21-7, Keith Lawlor 21-19 and John Hardman 21-19. Denise Killion scored 20 after trailing 11-1 and 17-10. Now 30 shots ahead.

Similar to the Beaufort game the back four dropped too many shots, 34 to be precise. No winners with scores of 9, 11, 14 and 16.

12/09/08 - The re-arranged Smethwick 'A' game away against the Beeches was rained off tonight.

11/09/08 - A 37 shot win for the Oldbury 'A' team tonight as they finished off the season with six winners against Langley. Winning cards came from John Wilson 21-9, Mark Nemedi 21-9, Marc Wilson 21-10, Nigel Francis 21-11, Mick Barnwell 21-17 and Terry Jones 21-18. Mick wins the averages with 15 wins from 22 games, +55, 26 points. The team will most likely finish 5th.

09/09/08 - The final Oldbury Seniors game was cancelled today. During the past 7 days, 8 games have either been rained off or cancelled - this not including the cancelled Dudley game tomorrow. A few re-arranged dates: W&W Alliance vs Moseley CC takes place on Saturday 27th September (normal start times). Smethwick 'A' vs WBFS (Away) on Tuesday 16th September. Dudley at home vs Coseley Tavern on Thursday 18th September.

Not confirmed yet but we are trying to arrange the Free Press Cup Semi Final vs Woodfield for Friday 19th September.

08/09/08 - Another single figure win for the Oldbury Seniors this afternoon, beating Romsley 'A' by 9 shots. Three winners in John Hardman 21-3, Malcolm Spencer 21-12 and Sheila Baker 21-15. Unlucky 13's for Frank Newman, John Capewell and Pauline Broadhead.

The Smethwick 'B' game at home this Wednesday has been cancelled.

07/09/08 - The Smethwick 'A' game against Cradley Heath Libs was called off due to the condition of the green. The Smethwick 'B' team played away at the Greyhound, losing by 35 shots. Three winners for Broomfield in Marc Hadley Jnr 21-1, Phil High 21-17 and Joe Wilson 21-19.

06/09/08 - Both Warwick and Worcester games were rained off. The Broomfield green under water in parts for the best part of four days now.

The Dudley team require five winners and to win the match (7pts) against Coseley Tavern 'A' at home if they are to survive in Division 2. To see the table go to the Dudley League website.

Congratulations to Nigel Freeman, playing for Coseley Athletic who won the Dudley Division 5 league averages. Playing all 20 games and winning all 20 with a plus of 241. (Come back Nigel!)

No match reports to write but looking back.... 25 years ago this weekend the Broomfield Premier side (Division 7) were at home to Crossways. 10 winners at home winning by 78. Chris Price and Nigel Francis winning 21-14, both of whom were down to play in todays Premier game. Sorry Spike but you were one of the two losers on that day. Best card was Roy Freeman 21-1.

04/09/08 - The midweek games on Wednesday (Oldbury 'A' & West Bromwich) and Thursday (Dudley) were all washed out.

02/09/08 - A strange night for the West Bromwich team in terrible conditions. The green held water all over and the Rowley Labour players were 25 minutes late, costing the back four any decent light. Only three games were started with a fourth end being added at 7pm.

A good start with single figure wins from Jonathan Blakeman 21-0 and Terry Jones 21-9. Keith Lawlor also gained a point for the home side, 14-9 up he then trailed 14-19 and 16-20 before running out to win 21-20. The only loser in the first four was Keith Underhill 18-21, still a healthy lead, 31 shots up after four ends.

Fair to say that Rowley Labour's better players were in the back four and with the light going, Broomfield did not have a winner. John Hardman was 9-2 up but Stacey Homer came back to win 21-16. Andy Calvert was level with Sarah Homer at 9-9 and 12-12. 14-13 up, Sarah then ran out a winner to 14. Nigel Francis saw a 6-1 lead over Steve Homer change to 8-14. Steve Homer going on to win 21-11. Last on the green and in complete darkness was Dave Chilton against Harry Higgs. Close at 6-6 and 11-10, it was Harry who managed some good guess work late on to win 21-16. Broomfield just won by 4 shots but only collected 5 points - as did Rowley Labour.

121 points after 21 games, but an away win tomorrow at W.B.F.S will most likely be needed if we are to finish runners up in Division 1.

02/09/08 - The Oldbury Seniors were involved in their seventh single figure result of 2008. This time a 3 shot home win over Somers 'A' with the points shared. A bad start with no winners in the first three: John Capewell 20-21, Sheila Baker 10-21 and Pauline Broadhead 4-21. 29 down at half time.

Two single figure winners then put Broomfield ahead: Malcolm Spencer 21-3 and John Hardman 21-6. The other match was Frank Newman who scored 20. 96-93 with each side earning 4 points.

01/09/08 - One point gained for the Oldbury Seniors this afternoon. Losing by 21 shots away against Romsley 'A', John Hardman was the only winner 21-8. Next best card came from Malcolm Spencer 20-21.