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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...


27/09/06 - Tonight five committee members represented Broomfield at the W&W AGM. Frank Newman, Chris Price, Jonathan Blakeman, Sheila Newman and Steve Blakeman all attended the meeting. In many ways it was an historic night, many proposals and lots of debates!

In short....

Reduce leagues to 10 teams and play cup matches on Saturdays, LOST 41 for, 53 against.

No practice, 3:00pm start, PASSED 51 for, 42 against.

Football like fixtures, not playing teams two weeks running, PASSED

Women to be allowed to play in any league or cup, PASSED 52 for, 42 against

Bomber cup final to be 6 home 6 away, not a neutral green, PASSED

Bomber cup not to be zoned, PASSED (maybe we won't catch the George!)

W&W Cup changed back to Sunday's, LOST - cup stays 8 a side on a Friday.

23/09/06 - Help is needed around the green tomorrow morning around the green with the end of season renovation. Starting between 10:00am and 10:30am, an hour or two of your help is all that's needed. As it will probably be Steve's last work on the green it would be nice if a few different faces turned up.

19/09/06 - Click here to see how each player performed in 2006, a full breakdown including all league and cup matches. Final averages and results are all now online.

18/09/06 - Indoor season starts Sunday 8th October. A message board has been added to the Crown Green Forum for this league.

17/09/06 - The last weekend of the season brought three wins and one loss. The W&W Premier team played in a top vs bottom tie, KGV already champions, Broomfield already relegated. As with Kings Norton it was another convincing home win, frustrating that we did the business again against one of this years better teams when it counts for nothing. Nevertheless, eight winners winning by 25 shots. Best cards from Dave Chilton 21-8, Ollie Newman 21-11, Matt Barnwell 21-13 and Keith Lawlor 21-13. Ollie Newman pipped Nigel Freeman to the averages, both with 26 club points - Ollie +80, Nigel +77.

W&W Alliance team completed a fantastic season winning for the 20th time. A close encounter at the Foden winning by 8 shots. Seven winners with best cards from John Hardman 21-11, Karemjit Gurdas 21-11 and Terry Jones 21-13. Our first four on the green averaged at 18yrs (MJ did the maths), the Foden's first four was about 65yrs! Terry Jones won the club averages (31pts, +147). The league averages are not yet final, John Hardman's plus is 149 but he only played 13 games.

Smethwick 'A' side lost by 34 shots at West Bromwich Labour with only two winners: Ollie Newman 21-10 and Keith Lawlor 21-15. West Brom Lab win the league for the third season running, Broomfield runners up. Ollie Newman won the club and league averages (again).Smethwick 'B' had their best win of the season beating Colley Gate by 65 shots at home. Seven winners with best cards from John Wilson 21-4, Terry Jones 21-7 and Tracy Wilkins 21-8. Karemjit Gurdas wins the averages (17pts, +21). Dissapointing that our 'B' side will still be in Division 2 next season, the home loss to Langley 'A' costing us that 2nd spot.

10 years ago Paul Freeman became the first Broomfield bowler to win all three 'A' team averages in one season. Congratulations to Ollie Newman who became the second in 2006 - also winning two league averages (Oldbury Div 1 and Smethwick Div 1).

12/09/06 - Oldbury Seniors beat Langley 'A' by 43 shots at Broomfield. Five winners: Chris Price 21-4, Malcolm Spencer 21-9, Bob Gurley 21-10, Frank Newman 21-14 and Sheila Baker 21-15. Well done to a team that has acheived its best season in years winning 13 out of 20 matches in Division 1.

11/09/06 - The Oldbury Seniors fourth away win has given them an outside chance of finishing runners up in Division 1. Today they beat Langley 'A' by 6 shots with four out of six winners. Sheila Baker 21-5, Malcolm Spencer 21-17, Bob Gurley 21-17 and Frank Newman 21-19. They play their final fixture at Broomfield tomorrow, again against Langley 'A'.

Dudley presentation info: Will take place at Dudley Metropolitan Borough Employees Club ("DMBEC" High Ercal Avenue, Brierley Hill) on Friday 27th October. Tickets are £2.50 and these need to be purchased at Netherton Conservative Club on Tuesday 19th September between 7:30pm and 10:00pm. On the same night the Dudley Thursday Division 3 Runners Up shield needs to be returned. It is up to the Dudley captain / players to purchase tickets and return the shield.

The proposed friendly between the West Bromwich and Dudley team this Thursday has been cancelled.

10/09/06 - Smethwick 'A' side beat West Bromwich Labour 'A' by 43 shots at home. Six winners: Ollie Newman 21-2, Phil High 21-12, Jonathan Blakeman 21-15, Keith Lawlor 21-15, Mick Barnwell 21-16 and Tony Rowley 21-17. Smethwick 'B' lost by 37 shots at Colley Gate which means we are stuck in Division 2 next season. Only two winning cards this morning: Dave Chilton 21-11 and Tracy Wilkins 21-18.

09/09/06 - W&W Premier team lost at King George V by 49 shots with five winners: Ollie Newman 21-12, John Wilson 21-18, Nigel Freeman 21-19, Mick Barnwell 21-19 and Frank Newman 21-19.W&W Alliance team won by 78 shots against the Foden. Ten winning cards with single figure wins from Jonathan Blakeman 21-5, Terry Jones 21-6, Sam Fagan 21-6, Nigel Francis 21-7 and John Jones 21-8.

08/09/06 - The midweek leagues came to a close tonight as the West Bromwich side took on the Baggeridge at Broomfield. It was a good performance with six winners against a side who were still hunting for first place. Winning cards tonight from Nigel Francis 21-4, Jonathan Blakeman 21-6, Keith Lawlor 21-10, Keith Underhill 21-12, Tracy Wilkins 21-13 and Mark Healey 21-19. Eight points collected in our 52 shot win.

07/09/06 - West Bromwich side lost away at Wednesbury Cons tonight by 22 shots. Three points collected with winning cards from Frank Newman 21-15, Keith Underhill 21-17 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-20.Can players please let Frank or Sheila know which league presentations they plan to attend (Warwick & Worcester, Smethwick, Oldbury, Dudley etc) .

06/09/06 - Final Oldbury 'A' fixture tonight. We finished runners up in Division 1 to the George 'A' for the third season running. Tonight we lost away against the George 'A' by 38 shots collecting two points. Winning cards from Ollie Newman and Mick Barnwell both 21-16. Well done to Ollie Newman winning the league averages and only dropping seven shots in 20 games.

05/09/06 - West Bromwich team beat the Green Man by 59 shots tonight at home. Seven winning cards with the best from Jonathan Blakeman scoring ten 2's in his 21-1 victory. John Hardman recorded his sixth single figure win in this league (21-4). Also wins from Mark Healey 21-8, Keith Underhill 21-14, Mark Hadley Snr 21-18, Mark Nemedi 21-19 and Tracy Wilkins 21-19.

The following trophies need to be returned to Steve or Jonathan Blakeman as soon as possible for this years presentation: Roy Freeman Club Championship (Matt Barnwell), Janice Freeman Club Handicap (Dave Chilton), William Purcell Pairs (Nigel Freeman & Frank Newman).

Nigel Francis has won the Dudley Thursday League Division 3 league averages. Click here to see the final table.

03/09/06 - A full house for Broomfield this weekend and at last something positive to report. Starting with Saturdays matches. The W&W Premier team had eleven winners at home to Kings Norton. A great 71 shot victory, shame we could not produce this form at the start of the season. Winning cards from (unlucky Archie!): John Wilson 21-7, Frank Newman 21-8, Nigel Freeman 21-12, Phil High 21-12, Keith Lawlor 21-15, Chris Price 21-10, Ollie Newman 21-16, Chris Chilton 21-17, Mick Barnwell 21-18, Paul Newman 21-20 and Keith Underhill 21-20. The Alliance team wrapped up Division 3 with a 48 shot win away at the Colebrook. Seven winners with best cards coming from Steve Barnwell 21-7, Mark Nemedi 21-9 and John Hardman 21-10. The team plus for this side now stands at 1478 after 20 games.

This morning was the Smethwick & District Sunday Morning League, Sydney F Jones Cup Final. The match was held at Dartmouth Central, West Bromwich. Broomfield 'A' took on West Bromwich Labour 'A'. Both teams lead the way in this competition, each winning the cup on five occasions. First cards off, Keith Lawlor beating A.Duffield 21-7 and Nigel Freeman 21-6 against Kevin Hocknull giving us a 29 shot lead. Ollie Newman battled back from 3-18 to score 12 against Matt Hocknull, then Chris Price lost 21-12 to A.Saunders leaving us 11 shots up after the first four ends. The next two cards cancelled each other out with Phil High beating Ron Gales 21-12 and Tony Rowley losing out to Rob Carter by the same score. Jonathan Blakeman beat Eric Hall 21-10 which left us 22 shots ahead with Mick Barnwell on the green. Mick won his game 21-19 against Alan Cooke. Broomfield won by 24 shots and collected the cup for the sixth time (1983, 1991, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2006).

The Stourport Manor Hotel have been in contact and we need to pay off the balance for the meals before the end of September. Rooms can be paid for on arrival / departure. Everyone should have paid a £10.00 deposit, Denise now needs another £23.00 per person / £46.00 per couple.