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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

30/08/10 - Congratulations to the Dudley 'B' who have gained promotion to Division 6 by a single point. The result on Somers two weeks ago turned out to be sufficient as Coseley Athletic only managed five winners at home to Dudley Sports winning the game by three shots.

Over 60% of the 144 games were played by Melissa Gurdas, Carl Blakeman, Matt Wilkins, Danielle Newman, Joel Wilkins, John Capewell and Barney Coleman. Many thanks also to those of you who supported the team on and off the green.

29/08/10 - The Janice Freeman Club Handicap was won by Jonathan Blakeman, beating Jim Watkin 23-11 in the final. Jim's route to the final started with a bye and then wins against Joe Wilson (21-10) and Malcolm Spencer (21-6). Jonathan's route starting with Dave Chilton (23-11) then Frank Newman (23-16) and Mark Hadley Snr (23-22). Thank you to those who supported the competition which lasted around three and a half hours and also to Joe Wilson who took care of the measuring for most the afternoon.

Club Competitions are now over for another season. As always i will do my best to make these competitions worthwhile. If players believe that different dates are needed then please put your suggestions to me. The current format is that we play the Championship on the one free Saturday, the Handicap on the August Bank Holiday (Sunday) and the Pairs on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. The pairs was well attended this season (22) but we did struggle for numbers in the Championship (16) and Handicap (10). This in comparison to the past couple of seasons at Broomfield where all three competitions had become very popular. With a fresh season in 2011 in what will be our first full season at Portland Road i'll be advertising the dates as early as possible and also putting forward a new format of working out the handicaps based on the data collected over the past six seasons (2005-2010).

29/08/10 - A second home defeat for the Smethwick 'A' this morning, this time to West Bromwich Labour. Broomfield did start well with three winners in the first four going 9 shots ahead: Ollie Newman 21-9, Jonathan Blakeman 21-15 and Dan Chilton 21-17. Ironically the rain then came down and the Labour managed to claw 21 shots back and win the game by 12 shots. Broomfield had five winners overall with Mick Barnwell 21-19 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-20 winning in the back four.

28/08/10 - With Paul Newman, John Wilson and Marc Wilson all away the W&W Premier headed over to third-placed Kings Norton today. A hard fought afternoon against a good team, Broomfield managing three winners in a 54 shot defeat: Mick Barnwell 21-11, Ollie Newman 21-13 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-16. Kings Norton still a tidy outfit with the likes of Jack Badham (21-6), Terry Moss, Roy Wotton and Chris Baker.

No such problems for the Alliance team who have only lost three games this season. On Saturday a 53 shot win was recorded on Portland Road against Forget Me Not. Four single figure cards from John Hardman 21-4, Denise Killion 21-5, Keith Underhill 21-6 and Matt Barnwell 21-6. Malcolm Spencer took himself to a plus of 105 after 14 games with a 21-10 win, also winning cards for Tracy Wilkins 21-10 and Melissa Gurdas (21-20) who ran out from 11-20.

28/08/10 - is five years old today with nearly 80,000 page loads since it went live in 2005.

26/08/10 - Another defeat for the Dudley 'A' tonight, this time at home to Hilly House. Three winners tonight as the team lost out by 18 shots; Marc Wilson 21-8, Joe Wilson 21-10 and Alan Parsons 21-15. Survival still possible but only 15 points gained from the last 5 fixtures. Joe's team has two games remaining, Hilly House away and Netherton Cons at home.

25/08/10 - On an immaculate Cradley Heath Libs green the Oldbury team picked up a sixth away win of the season. First four cards off were all winners putting the team ahead by 42 shots: John Wilson 21-2, Keith Underhill 21-12, Ollie Newman 21-11 and Marc Wilson 21-17. Just one more winner in the back four, Mick Barnwell 21-9 with the final difference being 29 shots.

The Oldbury side will finish strongly in third place and had it not been for the move of greens would have been certain title contenders. Just one game remains with the season coming to an end at Portland Road next week against Cradley Heath Libs.

24/08/10 - Another good win on Portland Road tonight, this time for the West Bromwich side who enjoyed a 52 shot win over Parkfields Central. Six winning cards with single figure wins for John Hardman 21-4, Joe Wilson 21-6 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-7.

22/08/10 - Six winners for the Smethwick 'A' this morning against Gate, Colley Gate. Single figure wins from John Wilson 21-5 and Marc Wilson 21-8. The team won by 45 shots making it a best win since the move to Portland Road. Also wins today for Ollie Newman 21-10, Jonathan Blakeman 21-11, Dave Chilton 21-19 and Mick Barnwell 21-20. Also thanks to Carl Blakeman for stepping in at the last minute, scoring 18 on his first 'A' team appearance and preventing a 21-0 walkover.

The 'B' side lost out by 30 shots at West Bromwich Labour. Three winners for the Broomies: Darren Griffiths 21-11, Matt Barnwell 21-12 and Alan Parsons 21-20.

21/08/10 - An eighth away win for the W&W Alliance, this time by 33 shots at Selly Park. Eight winning cards: Malcolm Spencer 21-9, Ollie Newman 21-11, Alan Parsons 21-11, Nigel Francis 21-13, Jim Watkin 21-13, Melissa Gurdas 21-14, Joe Wilson 21-18 and Terry Jones 21-19.

20/08/10 - Amid the torrential rain yesterday evening the Dudley 'B' season came to a thrilling end in a game that certainly deserves a match report. Needing six points to secure promotion it was all to play for with the team knowing three winners and a win would be good enough. Seven of the eight players that played the opening fixture featured with John Capewell for Chris Price the only difference.

Somers had beaten us at Portland Road the week before in similar conditions but all credit to the home side last night who practiced in the rain and never once looked like trying to call the game off. The game started with two level cards in Matt Wilkins (5-6) and John Capewell (5-6) with Danielle Newman taking a lead of 12-4 and Joel Wilkins 2-12 behind facing a tough draw against Somers average leader Nigel Bullus. With the rain continuing to fall it wasn't long before the already strong support was added to with three of the Dudley 'A' side and Malcolm Spencer arriving to cheer us on.

As the game went on Matt Wilkins found himself 8-15 to the home Captain Natalie Bubb but battled back to score a well earned 18. Joel Wilkins stuck at the task and turned his 2-12 into 20-19 bowling the corners. Great to watch with the support for Joel loud all the way, his final score of 20 was a credit to the attitude he has given us in his first season. 'Capes' was next off who wasn't to score after being 14-15 and couldnt quite adapt to the wet conditions, being taped several times after putting good leads up. Danielle Newman saw her lead of 17-6 slowly disappear but hung on to give Broomfield their first point with a 21-17 win. One point after four ends with the team seven shots behind.

I was first off in the back four which put the team in front by five and got another point on the board. After a run of good form late on in the season it wasn't to be for Carl Blakeman who struggled on the night despite a stable 9-8 start. His score of 11 reversed the difference to 5 shots adrift. With two ends on the green and only two points collected it was left to Melissa Gurdas and Darren Griffiths to keep our hopes alive.

Mel had started well (7-1) but found herself level pegging at 14's. 18-14 turned into 18 across but a couple of good ends at the death saw Mel win 21-19. It left 'Sumo' on the green 19-19 with the team three shots behind. Sumo had an awkward start and found himself 3-9, a break of nine shots in eight ends put him 12-9 in front but Ken Houlton played the number eight spot well and rarely conceded two ends running. So at 19 across and the win not possible it was all about the fourth point. Sumo won 21-19 as Broomfield ducked out by 1 shot with four winners. The one shot needed for the draw would have guaranteed promotion (6pts) but it wasn't to be.

The result might still be good enough, Coseley Athletic's match at home to Dudley Sports was rained off. Coseley need seven winners to clinch the runners up spot. Anything less will see Broomfield 'B' promoted to Division 6. Whatever happens the season has been enjoyed by all. I'd like to thank everyone who supported us in the rain last night, it really made for a cracking atmosphere and was appreciated by all the players. Thank you to Ollie Newman, Karen Newman, Dan Chilton, Phil High, Frank Newman, Sheila Newman, Tracy Wilkins, Nigel Francis, Malcolm Spencer and Alan Parsons.

19/08/10 - The Oldbury team lost at home by 20 shots to WBFSC with four winners for each side. Broomfield winners were Marc Wilson 21-15, John Wilson 21-16, Keith Underhill 21-17 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-19. Best cards for the visitors came from Ivan Smout 21-6 and Rob 'Smudger' Smith 21-7.

Three winners for the West Bromwich side who lost by 30 shots away against Penn 'B'. Wins for Nigel Francis 21-14, Terry Jones 21-19 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-19. Ted Wilson has requested a mention on the website for hitting the '100' mark in the averages (-107).

17/08/10 - Third place looks likely for the Oldbury team who play WBFSC tomorrow (6:30pm start). The George and WBFSC will battle it out for first and second spot with only three weeks of the season remaining. Broomfield are well clear of fourth placed Portland Road. Still a season with many positives considering the move of greens. Five away wins in 2010 with captain Darren Griffiths undefeated (14/14 +123).

A hectic season for the West Bromwich side who have suffered most since the move to Portland Road. With home fixtures switched to a Tuesday and teams then failing to show it really has put a strain on this team in the second half of the season. 23 players used by Captain Terry Jones, only the W&W Alliance (24) using more. A mid table finish looks likely with the positive being a retained Division 1 status for the 2011 season. With fixtures reverted to a Wednesday next season and a settled selection from the second eight available it shouldnt be too long before this side is back on track.

Joe Wilson's Dudley 'A' sit one place above the relegation zone in Division 2 with three games to play. A really tight league with only 10 points dividing places 5th to 11th. This Thursday Broomfield (10th, 89pts) play Netherton Cons (8th, 92pts) before finishing the season against Hilly House 'A'.

The Dudley 'B' need three winners and a win (6pts) on Somers this Thursday to make sure of promotion although 4 points could still see the team finish in second place.

The Roy Freeman Mixed Pairs final takes place on Sunday 5th September at the Wernley (2:30pm start). Three Broomfield pairs feature: Nigel Francis and Tracy Wilkins, Jonathan Blakeman and Melissa Gurdas, Dan Chilton and Danielle Newman. Dress code is no shorts or vests and trousers do not have to be worn.

The plan for the green renovation is now being put into place starting with the ordering of the materials. The work will most likely be implemented in three stages with the bulk of the work taking place in early October. The contractor will make another visit in November / December (deep aeration for improved drainage) and a second overseed will take place in early March. A second inspection by Steve Blakeman has highlighted the need to get moisture into the high spots and bare areas in order to maximise the chances of germination. It is estimated that it will take two years to bring Portland Road back to a good quality surface, thereafter like with the Broomfield green we will always look to further improve various characteristics. The green will close after the Smethwick 'B' game on Sunday 26th September.

16/08/10 - A mixed weekend in terms of weather and results saw just one victory for Broomfield. On Saturday the W&W Premier faced the Valley at the Transport Stadium. Club Captain Paul Newman dropped himself for the game but it did mark a first team appearance for Frank Newman at 70 years of age. The Valley green took the rain really well but the Broomies struggled to push a result with the final deficit being 39 shots. Three good cards from John Wilson 21-10, Darren Griffiths 21-11 and Mick Barnwell 21-12. The break for rain did wonders for Chris Chilton who more or less ran out from 10-17 to win 21-18.

The Portland Road green as expected did not take Saturdays rain as well. Although a start was made by the Alliance team against Ye Olde Knowle, a heavy downpour saw the match abandoned after four ends. Broomfield a couple of shots ahead with wins from Joe Wilson 21-15 and Chris Price 21-20.

An away win was a must for the Smethwick 'A' on Sunday morning, playing away at bottom of the table Langley. It was not to be with Broomfield losing out by 25 shots. Two winners in Jonathan Blakeman 21-4 and Dan Chilton 21-12. The result all but ends any chance of retaining the Division 1 title. The 'B' side added 2 points to their survival hopes with a well earned 19 shot win over Moor Lane 'A'. Five winners for Jim Watkins team who had not won in a month. Best cards on Sunday from Denise Killion 21-7, Melissa Gurdas 21-12 and Marc Hadley Jnr 21-15.

14/08/10 - The West Bromwich team earned a first win in four on Tuesday, six winners seeing the team home by 25 shots against Penn 'B'. Best cards coming from Alan Parsons 21-10 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-12. On Wednesday the Oldbury team played away at second placed W.B.F.S. Three points for Broomfield as the team lost out by 21 shots. Best card from Darren Griffiths 21-8, also wins for John Wilson 21-16 and Ollie Newman with an impressive 21-12 victory over Greg Smith.

The Dudley 'B' lost at home for the first time this season on Thursday. Facing Somers 'B' the team were one shot ahead after four ends but the rain made conditions very testing and Somers came out on top by three shots. Carl Blakeman the pick of the Dudley 'B' players 21-12. One game left for Dudley 'B' away at Somers, three or four winners could see the team sneak into Division 6.

06/08/10 - A committee meeting was held on Monday, one item on the agenda being social events and supporting the club over the winter months. A quiz has been organised for Saturday 4th September and will be run by Alan Parsons. The quiz will be held in the bar, maximum of six players to a team with each person paying £1 (8:00pm start). A skittles night is being held on Saturday 2nd October (8:00pm start). Maximum of four players per team with the entry fee being £5.00. This event will also take place in the bar.

The bowls presentation will be held at Portland Road in November (date to be confirmed). As well as reducing costs this should also increase the attendance with distance and room costs out of the equation. A buffet will be provided and entertainment will be a disco. Ticket prices to be confirmed.

A quick look at results this week. Broomfield are going through a testing period at the moment with seven consecutive defeats in all competitions. On Tuesday Penn ‘A’ came to Portland Road and beat the West Bromwich side by 42 shots. Broomfield did manage two winners in John Wilson 21-13 and Malcolm Spencer 21-19.

Mixed fortunes on Wednesday with both the Oldbury and West Bromwich teams in action. The Oldbury team played the return fixture against Portland Road, this time at ‘home’. Another close game following on from the previous weeks 7 shot win with just three winners. Five winners this week for Broomfield but the result was close, just sneaking home by 2 shots. Darren Griffiths the best card 21-9 making it 13/13 wins. Dave Chilton returned to form with a 21-14 victory over Paul Rolls. Karen Rolls was the best winner for Portland Road 21-9. The West Bromwich side travelled to West Bromwich Labour and managed just one winner (Alan Parsons 21-13) in a 71 shot defeat.

More hard going away from home on Thursday as the Dudley ‘A’ team played D.M.B.E.C. Nigel Francis the sole winner 21-20 in a 73 shot defeat. The Dudley ‘B’ side moved back into second place with a 30 shot win over Coseley Athletic ‘B’. Five winners seeing the team collect seven points. Matt Wilkins 21-5 (13 break) and Carl Blakeman 21-6 (14 break) both putting in their best performances of the season so far.

The weekend sees the W&W Premier team looking for a first win in a month, taking on Ye Olde Knowle at home. A win needed as we look to secure our Premier 2 status. The Alliance team travel to the British Oak looking to further extend their four point lead at the top of Alliance 2. On Sunday the Smethwick ‘A’ play Great Barr at home, no fixture for the ‘B’ team. On Sunday afternoon the William Purcell Pairs takes place, 1:45pm sign in / 2:00pm start.

27/07/10 - Congratulations to John Wilson who won the Roy Freeman Club Championship on Saturday. It was John's third final and the first time he has won the competition. John beat Dan Chilton 21-19 in the final and on route also defeated John Hardman 21-20, Darren Griffiths 21-12 and Malcolm Spencer 21-8. The turnout for the competition was 16.

The next club competition is the William Purcell Club Pairs which takes place on Sunday 8th August.

Welcome back to Barney Coleman who has returned to playing after five seasons away due to ill health.

16/07/10 - Smethwick 'A' vs Smethwick 'B' this Sunday with the 'B' side at home. The 'B' side are back in Division 1 for the first time in eight years whilst the 'A' side are having their worst season for nearly 30 years. Not much divides the teams:

Broomfield 'A'
Broomfield 'B'


15/07/10 - A much needed away win for the Dudley 'A' side who played the George 'B' tonight. 8 points on the board with five winning cards: John Wilson 21-8, Denise Killion 21-16, Dan Chilton 21-17, Alan Parsons 21-17 and Jim Watkin who came from well behind last on the green to win 21-19

14/07/10 - Oldbury team lost away at Gate, Colley Gate by 21 shots. Three points for Broomfield with wins from Marc Wilson 21-9, Chris Price 21-17 and Mick Barnwell 21-17. Brian Male the standout card for the Gate, 21-5.

12/07/10 - West Bromwich side lost at home by 4 shots to Rowley Labour. Three winners for Broomfield in Matt Barnwell 21-4, Terry Jones 21-19 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-20.