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30/08/08 - 12 winners for the W&W Premier side as they won by 117 shots against Ward End Cons at Broomfield. Match report submitted to :

Broomfield 252 Ward End Cons 135

If Broomfield go down this year then it certainly won't be because of our second half of season. Since losing to Acocks Green at home on 10th May we have kept our home record in tact. Today our side was not far from full strength and the Cons were a few short to say the least (No Minty or Gary Weetman).

We started with two single figure winners, Chris Price showing what experience can count for on Broomfield, 21-9 against Mel Jordan. The other was Marc Wilson, rectifying his performance on the Cons against the same player. Young Wils playing with confidence beating Rob Henderson 21-5. Paul Newman was another who could have come off single figures, leading Steve Danks 18-9 he eventually won 21-14. 35 up after three ends, the remaining game from the first four was to go on a lot longer.

Terry Jones came up against Swannie. Neither player very happy with their game but it was TJ who found himself 17-6 and 20-10 ahead. Swannie then won eight ends on the bounce to take the score to 20-20. TJ found one with the final bowl of the game. After four ends, four winners +36 and the start we wanted.

John Wilson faced Tony Green at number 5. A good draw for us and what a card it was with John taking out their average leader 21-5. Like many of his wins this year, John raced away from his opponent early doors (9-0, 13-1, 19-3). Mark Nemedi was another who opened up a huge lead. Nemo has the ability to do this on his mark. Leading 13-1 and 20-3 it was his third consecutive single figure win on Broomfield in the W&W, 21-7. Chris Chilton has settled in to a middle four spot after being our number 12 for the first half of the season. 'Chilli' was comfortable early on (9-4) only for 'P.T.Wallis' to claw it back to 10-9. A strong finish for Chiili (12-3) winning 21-13. To complete the middle four was Andy Calvert. Just one win in seven and his last game before he goes on holiday. Some confidence showed and Calvs win was never really in doubt, beating T.Walters 21-12.

The middle four had all won and added 47 to the aggregate, Broomfield now 83 in front.

Mick Barnwell had not had the best of games on Broomfield the previous night, but form is temporary and Mick swept aside Barry Lucas 21-7 with the help of eight 2's. I played Matt Danks and he went 3-0 up with a couple of great leads. A relief to finally find some form on Broomfield, six 2's in eight ends give me some breathing space (16-6) and i came off 21-11. That took the difference to 107.

Ollie Newman played Ray Cope, Ollie didn't seem himself today - around and on the green. Nevertheless, 21 always appeared to be the likely result and he won 21-13. That left Nigel Francis on the green, like Forget Me Not two weeks previous - 11/11 winners and up to him to complete the full house. 'Silver' went 12-5 ahead of James Cosgrave Snr but a spirited comeback saw him then trail 12-14. At 19-19 we all thought another 21-20 was on the cards but Silver crept over the line 21-19 and completed the whitewash. 12 winners, +117.

We were the only side from 6th to 12th that gained points yesterday and our aggregate is now only -40. I think we will still pay the price for those early home defeats. Enough doom and gloom, it was a pleasure to captain the side yesterday and our last four home results are earning us some respect in this Division (+117, +106, +55, +100).

29/08/08 - In a game brought forward from 5th October, the Smethwick 'A' team beat W.B.F.S. by 51 shots at Broomfield tonight. Two winners for Broomfield in the first four, Jonathan Blakeman 21-3 and John Wilson 21-8. Dave Chilton lead 8-1 only for Jamie Drain to come back and win 21-13 and Mick Barnwell was not to score again at 16-10 against Geoff Lockett. 18 up after four ends.

A full house in the back four with wins from Mark Nemedi 21-6 (9x2's), Marc Wilson 21-8, Chris Chilton 21-17 and Keith Lawlor who recovered from 1-8 and 17-20 to win 21-20.

28/08/08 - Dudley team lost by 69 shots away at Coseley Tavern. One winner for Broomfield in Keith Lawlor 21-20.

28/08/08 - The Broomfield website is 3 years old today and is approaching 50,000 page loads. Thank you to Paul Hickman who has hosted the site for us. Although i make my own donation to Paul, the site has never cost the club a penny. Please visit to see what else Paul has made available for bowlers on the web.

27/08/08 - Oldbury 'A' side had three winners on Langley and lost by 10 shots - Marc Wilson 21-10, Mark Nemedi 21-16 and John Wilson 21-16. Also close cards from Mick Barnwell (20) and Chris Chilton (19). The Oldbury 'B' finished off their final fixture against Romsley 'B'. With four ends to play and nine shots behind, Broomfield had two winners and won the match by 7 shots: Danielle Newman 21-3 and Mark Wharton 21-12.

26/08/08 - On a dismal night at Broomfield the West Bromwich team recorded their best result since the Penn 'B' home fixture in June. Against what was a weak W.B.F.S. side, Broomfield had six winners and one walkover, winning the match by 75 shots.

After trailing 0-5 Dave Chilton had a break of 14 against Rob Green and won with ease 21-8. Nigel Francis was another single figure winner, 21-9. Keith Underhill won 21-11 after being 11-10. Just one loser in the first four, an out of sorts Malcolm Spencer scoring 14. After four ends the home side were 28 shots ahead.

Andy Calvert beat Ben Poxon 21-10, followed by John Hardman who had eight 2's in his 21-12 victory over Keith Brookes. Last on the green with the light fading was Mark Hadley Snr who recovered from 5-10 to win 21-15. There was a walkover card for Terry Jones (21-0) after WBFS only had seven players. Nine points collected with two games remaining.

26/08/08 - A 36 shot home win for the Oldbury Seniors this afternoon against West Bromwich Labour. They gained 7 points after having five winning cards at Broomfield: Frank Newman 21-2, John Hardman 21-6, Sheila Baker 21-15, John Capewell 21-17 and Malcolm Spencer 21-18. The Labours winner came in Ray Nangrave who beat John Simcox 21-10. With four games to play, Sheila Baker, John Hardman and Malcolm Spencer are all on 23 points in the averages.

25/08/08 - Click the following links to view new photos added to the website: Oldbury 'B' Final, Janice Freeman Club Handicap.

24/08/08 - Marc Wilson retained the Janice Freeman Club Handicap, beating Chris Chilton 23-19 in the final. Another successful club competition with 20 entries. Report and photos to follow.

24/08/08 - A second away win for the Smethwick 'A' side this morning, having five winning cards on The Towers. A great start with Chris Chilton winning 21-7, followed up by wins from Marc Wilson 21-17, Jonathan Blakeman 21-8, Keith Lawlor 21-10 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-10.

The Smethwick 'B' team had a close match at home. Four winners for each side as they beat Coombswood by 5 shots. Best cards for Broomfield were Terry Jones 21-6 and Mark Nemedi 21-8. Also wins for Karemjit Gurdas 21-11 and Phil High 21-14. For Coombswood, M.Brownhill 21-5, Paul Hemming 21-8, Rob Carter 21-11 and Mick Hetheridge 21-20.

23/08/08 - The W&W Premier team lost by 63 shots away at New Inns Four Oaks. Four winning cards in Chris Chilton 21-14, Jonathan Blakeman 21-19, John Wilson 21-19 and Marc Wilson 21-20. Forget Me Not lost at home by 9 shots to Ward End Social. The result means if we can win our remaining home games, they must also acheive the same feat.

21/08/08 - Another edited post about the Dudley result as a score was submitted incorrectly (again!). Eight winners, winning by 81 shots. Best cards from Keith Underhill 21-2, Karemjit Gurdas 21-6 and Jim Watkin 21-6.

20/08/08 - Oldbury 'A' lost by 7 shots away against the Gate 'A'. Four winning cards in Ollie Newman 21-15, Marc Wilson 21-17, John Wilson 21-17 and Chris Chilton 21-19. Also good away cards from Chris Price who scored 19 against Greg Smith, Mick Barnwell (18) and John Hardman who scored 17 against Rob Smith.

The Oldbury 'B' only managed to play four ends of their final fixture. At home to Romsley 'B' they find themselves 9 shots behind. Two winners in Joe Wilson 21-11 and Cameron Gurdas 21-12.

Broomfield will play Woodfield 'A' in the semi final of the Free Press Cup.

18/08/08 - Match report submitted to :

Broomfield 'B' vs Smethwick Ex's @ The George, Warley. 18th August 2008.

The Broomfield Oldbury 'B' side consists of 10 players, mostly beginners. With 3 on holiday the captain gave the remaining 7 a place in the final plus one bowler who had not played in the Oldbury 'A' Knockout Cup. A brave decision in that the previous round was four beginners and four senior bowlers. Our opponents Smethwick Ex's held the experience and quite rightly had the advantage over our youthful side.

John Wilson (the ringer) came out number 1 and did a fantastic job in taking the pressure off our youngsters. Opening with six consecutive 2's and a break of 18-0. His 21-2 victory over John White Jnr took 13 ends and gave the Broomies a 19 shot lead. Now it was the responsibility of the remaining seven to go and win a cup final on The George in front of a decent amount of supporters.

Joe Wilson aka Ted, quickly learning in his first season extended the lead to 23 shots with a 21-17 win over Roy Reeves. Things got even better when Cameron Gurdas came off winning 21-15 against June Hall. His break of 10 on a mark in front of the pavilion was what won him this game. A character who can sometimes get over excited with wild strikes, he held his nerve superbly and played the occasion well. Our only loser in the first four was Danielle Newman, but she grafted well to score a respectable 16 against June Fox-Roberts while also inheriting the names 'The Newmanator' and 'Ollie The 2nd' for the night. After four ends the unlikley was certainly on the cards , 24 shots up.

At number 5 was captain Sam Fagan, his swansong game before he leaves for the RAF. Sam came up against an Ex's stalwart in Brian Jones. Nip and tuck at 7-4, Sam fell on to a short mark alongside the edge of the crown. It was to earn him a break of 12. A captains innings completed when he won 21-9. Mark Wharton a quiet character for us in his first season for Broomfield was to receive some rather loud support. The WHARTHOG notched it up a gear at 11-10 to beat Patrick Donaghy 21-11.

Melissa Gurdas came up against John White Snr who had beat her 6 on her own green the previous season. The same old ploy developed with John heading for the corners but Mel put her demon to bed with a 21-17 success. Matt Wilkins whose Nan and Grandad used to run the Ex's faced Gina White. A nervous 0-4 start was soon rectified with Matt winning 21-14.

Broomfield had 7 winners and won the game by 57 shots. A superb achievement for this young side who plug away in the depths of Division 4. This final will give them some much needed confidence. Great support from Broomfield members tonight.


163 - 106

18/08/08 - An agonising one shot defeat for the Oldbury Seniors this afternoon as the game went to the final end. Broomfield had three winners away at The Wernley in John Hardman 21-10, Malcolm Spencer 21-13 and Sheila Baker 21-19. After five completed ends and Frank Newman's card at 20-20 the score lay at 104-104. Spike's second bowl lay 2" to the side of the block only for John Rowe to rest the bowl out and win the match.

18/08/08 - LEAGUE POSITIONS: W&W Premier 10th, W&W Alliance 6th, Oldbury 'A' 3rd, West Bromwich 3rd, Dudley 10th, Oldbury 'B' 9th, Smethwick 'A' 4th, Smethwick 'B' 3rd, Oldbury Seniors 7th.

17/08/08 - Smethwick 'A' had eight winners at home, beating the Towers by 83 shots: Ollie Newman 21-2, Mark Hadley Snr 21-7, Marc Wilson 21-7, Dave Chilton 21-7, Chris Chilton 21-10, Jonathan Blakeman 21-16, Dan Chilton 21-17 and Chris Price 21-19 who was 18-5 behind.

The 'B' side had two winners at Coombswood and lost by 31 shots: John Hardman 21-11 and Karemjit Gurdas 21-18.

16/08/08 - The Warwick & Worcester Premier team dropped just one shot at home against Forget Me Not, winning by 106 shots. The following match report taken from

Broomfield 251 , Forget Me Not 145

Last weeks results were a double blow for us. The Acocks Green defeat (-83) was a tough outing against an outfit who will more than hold their own in Division 1. New Inns Harborne winning away was a result which makes survival near impossible - but fair play to them for the result they achieved.

So today we needed to keep going, and just see what happens after 22 games. The weather has been awful all week and our green has struggled to drain the water. Our fast corner is completely sodden and if the weather doesn't improve then the surface is going to suffer.

On to our visitors, Forget Me Not. Last year we beat them by 128 on Broomfield having all 12 winners. The obvious faces missing from their side today were Colin Weaver and Andy Flowers.

The first four have done well for us this season. Always getting the start, especially at home. Today was no different. A full house starting with John Wilson, starting with a break of 9, finishing with one of 8 winning 21-7. Marc Hadley Jnr started well against K.Bolter (8-1) then more or less went shot for shot to win 21-12. At number 1 today was Paul Newman against young Mr.Deakin. Lee put up some really good stuff and scored 17. I rate 'Gaps' highly and im glad i put him at number 1, but well played Penguin. Last off in the first four was the lad in form Marc Wilson. In a repeat of last years draw he played Richard Weaver. A 34 end game that could have gone to either player, Marc trailed 4-8 then recovered to 19-12. Richard came back to 20-19. Young Wils won the game beating a back toucher with a controlled strike on the round peg (about 30m) to miss a short bowl. After four, 29 up.

The middle four has been a worry for us, to be precise its been 5 weeks since we've had a winning card in the middle four. A slight jig to the order today and happy to say that four winners followed to add 37 shots to the aggregate. Chris Chilton played Adam Weaver at number 12 earlier on in the season, today they faced each other again. 'Chilli' opened up a 14-4 lead then ran out from 14-9 to win 21-9. Chris Price, close at 10-7 against G.Young found four consecutive 2's, eventually winning to 9. Terry Jones led 19-12, fending off a late comeback by B.McCormick to win 21-18. Darren Griffiths played the middle of the green consistently close to race into a lead of 14-3. His opponent getting the luck in a few strikes to score 11. 66 up after 8 ends.

Ollie Newman was on and off in no time against A.Steele. Running out from 8-3 and finishing with five 2's, 21-3. Mick Barnwell trailed Donner 5-1 but soon settled to get his first Premier win, 21-9. Welcome back Barney. I bowled with one wood, constantly falling into the trap of being short but was happy to turn 8-9 into a 21-10 win. After 11 ends we were 107 up with Nigel Francis 11-16.

'Silver' led 6-5 early doors only to find himself 6-13. Three 2's late on put Nigel 20-18. The game ended on a measure at 20-20. Our bowler liked his, could it be 12 winners against Forget Me Not two years running.....

No. lol
Broomfield 11 winners, dropping one shot in a 106 shot victory. We move up to 10th and our aggregate drops to 94 but survival seems unlikely.

15/08/08 - The Alliance team played their fixture one day early, away at Great Barr. Losing by 29 shots, Broomfield had four winners in Frank Newman 21-11, Tracy Wilkins 21-15, Dave Chilton 21-15 and Dan Chilton 21-18 and two 21-20 losers in Denise Killion and Mark Hadley Snr.

14/08/08 - Four points for the Dudley team tonight, as many as the team has gained in its previous three away games combined. Losing away at Gornal & Sedgley by 9 shots, there were four winners in Tonia Hadley 21-6, Jim Watkin 21-9, John Wilson 21-17 and Marc Wilson 21-20.

13/08/08 - The Oldbury 'A' found themselves one shot down after four ends at home against the Gate 'A'. The points shared with the two Broomfield wins from Jonathan Blakeman 21-13 and Chris Price 21-14 against Tony Rowley. A solid performance from the back four saw the home side through to a 38 shot victory and eight points: Ollie Newman 21-7, John Wilson 21-9, Marc Wilson 21-12 and Mick Barnwell 21-17. Four consecutive wins now for the Oldbury 'A' collecting 36 points, three games to go and a runners up place possible.

The West Bromwich team (2nd) played away at Rowley Labour (4th). Three winners, losing out by 19 shots: Nigel Francis 21-2, Dave Chilton 21-16 and Terry Jones 21-20.

Also three winners for the Oldbury 'B' side who were away to Romsley. Losing out by 12 shots, Frank Newman winning 21-6, Joe Wilson 21-8 (from 6-8) and Matt Wilkins 21-14.

12/08/08 - Oldbury Seniors won by 7 shots at home to the Wernley. Four winners: Malcolm Spencer 21-9, Sheila Baker 21-11, John Hardman 21-13 and John Simcox 21-19.

12/08/08 - Photos added to: Photos 2008, Club Championship 2008 and three articles added to Photos Misc

12/08/08 - To view the 2008 Club Handicaps please click here. Competition to be played on Bank Holiday Sunday, 24th August in memory of our first President Janice Freeman. 1:45pm sign in, 2:00pm start.

10/08/08 - Congratulations to Marc Wilson who became the first Broomfield bowler to win the West Bromwich Individual Merit. 17 turned up at M&B Portland Road. Marcs road to success including wins over J.Garner 21-5, Ben Daly (Penn) 21-11, Alan Hemming (Pheasant) 21-20 and in the final Dave Bowen (Greets Green) 21-15.

10/08/08 - A bad day for the Smethwick 'A' team, recording their worst ever result in the Smethwick league. No winners away on Moor Lane, a defeat of 81 shots. Best scores came from Marc Wilson (18) and Chris Price (17).

Better news for the 'B' team who won at home by 57 shots against Hilly House. Six winning cards: Chris Chilton 21-4, Ollie Newman 21-6, Frank Newman 21-7, Dan Chilton 21-8, Karemjit Gurdas 21-9 and Tonia Hadley 21-15.

09/08/08 - The W&W Premier team travelled to the league leaders Acocks Green and on a rain filled Saturday suffered an 83 shot defeat. Two winning cards on the day in Ollie Newman 21-13 and Marc Wilson 21-18. The next best cards came from Mark Nemedi (20) and Paul Newman (16). A very tough game against a top outfit which included some strong players in Gareth Herbert (undefeated in 17 games), Dennis Herbert, Darren Round, Tony Freeth and an in form Melissa Herbert. New Inns Harborne won away on the Richmond by 25 shots which makes survival all the more harder for us. We now need an away win or for New Inns Harborne to lose their remaining home games.

The Alliance team had a close call at home against 2nd placed Boldmere St Michaels. Seven shots up after four ends with two winners in Dan Chilton 21-8 and John Hardman 21-12. Just two winners in the middle four saw the lead reduced to 1 shot, Dave Chilton 21-13 and Denise Killion 21-19. Another two losers in the back four meant the home team fell behind but wins from Darren Griffiths at number 11, 21-6 and Andy Calvert at 12, 21-11 saw the side through to a 15 shot win.

07/08/08 - (edited) The Dudley team returned to the relegation spot in Division 2 after a 58 shot defeat away at Sedgley Ex's. One winner in Matt Barnwell 21-17. The team now 7 points off safety with four games remaining.

06/08/08 - A full house at home for the Oldbury 'A' for the first time since May 2007. Eight winners tonight against the Royal Oak 'A' with the aggregate +76. In the first four wins for Chris Price 21-6, Mark Nemedi 21-8 (5-0 down), John Hardman 21-12 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-13 (13-13). 45 shots up after four ends.

In the back four: Mick Barnwell 21-7, John Wilson 21-11 (14-11), Marc Wilson 21-17 and Ollie Newman 21-18 (11-0 break). The win which also forms part of 28 points gained from the last three matches, could promote us to 2nd place, certainly 3rd. Not so long back the team were in a relegation spot (10th after 13 matches).

The Oldbury 'B' lost by 9 shots away at Weoley Castle Inn. Two points with winning cards from Frank Newman 21-8 and Matt Wilkins 21-18. The side were unlucky not to take anything else from the game with five scores of 16 or more: Diane Kazmierowski 20, Sam Fagan 19, Mark Wharton 19, Melissa Gurdas 17 and Danielle Newman 16.

05/08/08 - The West Bromwich team recorded their worst home result of the season against bottom of the table Bilston Town tonight. It wasn't the best of conditions with the green not cut since Saturday and todays rain holding on the surface. It was a game with most matches grafted out, seven of them going past 25 ends.

First off was Chris Chilton, his 9-1 lead over John Rotherham eventually seeing him through to a 21-13 win. Three losers then followed in Dan Chilton 15-21, Nigel Francis 15-21 and Dave Chilton 19-21. After four ends we were 6 shots down.

Andy Calvert put the home side 2 shots in front winning 21-13. Terry Jones then put in a captains performance. Going on number 8 and coming off after only 14 ends, only conceding at 7-1 then going on to run out 21-1. Mark Hadley Snr also ran out from 13-18 to win 21-18. Last end on the green but this time a run in favour of the opposition as Denise Killion lost 21-18 from 18-14 up. 22 shots the final difference with 6 points gained.

Broomfield now only 7 points clear of 3rd placed Cradley Libs who play Penn 'A' at home tomorrow. Broomfield have now held 2nd place for 10 weeks and have four games remaining.

03/08/08 - In a game brought forward from October 5th, the Smethwick 'B' team lost by 48 shots away at The Gate. Just two winners in Denise Killion 21-7 and Frank Newman 21-17.

02/08/08 - Match report submitted to

Premier 2. Broomfield 230   British Oak 175

11th played 12th today and Broomfield were looking for a big home win. Two senior bowlers returned for us, new club shirts were on show (always a curse) and the green was in favour of the opposition.

Paul Newman back in the fold was put straight into the first four and soon opened up a 16-2 lead. Eventually winning to 8, 'Gaps' is back where he belongs and it was great to have his quality back in the Premier team. Marc Wilson drew Gary Howes who lay third in the league averages (+97) but nevertheless 'Young Wils' stayed true to his form (5/5) to win 21-8. Terry Jones who was to play and go came up against Theo. I thought this would be a tight game but TJ's eight 2's saw him through to a deserved 21-11 victory. After three ends we were 36 shots up and in all honesty we only looked at Swerve as the remaining threat. Another ton plus looked on the cards, playing 12 th placed British Oak........ wrong, time for things to go pear shaped.

Last on from the first four was myself, despite leading 7-2 and 14-10 I never really got away from Tony Goode. A bit of misfortune at 19-19 soon saw me back in the hut 19-21. At this point I thought I might be the only home loser with two of the Oak's better players out the way.

The middle four was another changed line up but as with so many games this year we struggled during this part of the match. We did not have a winning card at home in the middle four, worrying. Although by his own admission John Wilson had an off day, Tom Caines put up some great stuff to lead 18-6 and eventually win 21-12. Mick Barnwell like Paul Newman was another who was welcomed back into the Premier team for the first time this season. 'Barney' found himself 15-8 down but three consecutive 2's brought him back into the game. Averages will say Phil Hall was one to put away but his run of six ones at the death saw him grind out a 21-14 win. Andy Calvert certainly copped the draw at No.7 against Tony Irving. 'Calv' well aware of his opponent after a W&W 4 Man Team game some years ago. Without ever really bowling badly Calv like Barney was well down (8-16) but his patience was rewarded with a run of 10 shots in 9 ends. At 18-19 this one was going either way, 'Swerve' just edging the game of the day 21-18.

A constant reminder on the sidelines was Theo with his call of 'another one for the Oak' and it got worse when Chris Price (19-16) only managed another shot, losing to 20. After 3 winners we had now had 5 consecutive losers, after 8 ends we were now only 14 shots up heading into the back four - the momentum and atmosphere was all with the visitors.

For us the back four was a mixture. Proven quality in Ollie Newman, a man struggling on Broomfield in Mark Nemedi, a young player in Marc Hadley Jnr desperate to stay in the side and a Broomfield veteran in Nigel Francis, one who doesn't practice and yet was the only ideal number 12 on the day.

Matthew Hall started well and confidently against Ollie Newman, at 7-5 this one looked like it could be close. Ollie not pleased with his performance adapted to the sluggish pace of the green to only concede one more shot and win 21-6, the lead more than doubled to 29 - we could finally breath a little. Marc Hadley Jnr took a 7-2 lead but then struggled for the main part to trail 15-19. Three 2's then saw MJ over the final hurdle, another winner and with the lead at 31 the game was done and dusted.

Mark Nemedi dropped on to his mark down the park side and not for the first time this season took a marathon lead (19-2). After a poor game on Broomfield the previous night, 'Nemo' deserved the single figure win and came off 21-7. 'Silver' at number 12 and with the earlier worries of a small lead his words to me were "Just let me get on with it and I'll be fine". Never one to flap, Nigel's display of ten 2's after being 7-2 down was brilliant. He beat Jonathan Hall 21-11 and took the aggregate to 55.

Fair play to the Oak who certainly took the game to us with their run of 5 winning cards away from home.   Looking back we were lucky today, because had we played one of the better sides in Division 2 we could have suffered a home defeat that would of put us in Division 3 for sure. As it stands we were the only side in the bottom five to play at home and we won, and we will keep playing catch up on our home games hoping that we can survive on plus.

02/08/08 - The W&W Alliance team lost by 1 shot away at M&B Portland Road. A tough result for the team to take after the two shot away defeat at Beaufort S&S. Seven winners this afternoon: Frank Newman 21-8, Tonia Hadley 21-13, Keith Underhill 21-14, Mark Hadley Snr 21-16, Joe Wilson 21-16, Karemjit Gurdas 21-18 and last on the green Malcolm Spencer, also 21-18.

01/08/08 - Another 9 points for the Oldbury 'A' side tonight, following there best away win earlier in the week a season best was recorded at home. Seven winners tonight against the Old Cross 'A' at Broomfield, 64 shots the difference. Chris Price put us 15 shots up, first card off 21-6 helped by a break of 10 at 4-4. Andy Calvert came into the side last minute and played the visitors best player in John Croft. A 0-3 start but soon recovering to win 21-11, his first Oldbury 'A' game since 2004. John Hardman playing only his fourth Oldbury 'A' game in six years was another who won in the first four. From 4-1 down to 10-4 up John was always in control eventually winning to 14. Just one loser tonight in Mark Nemedi who struggled from 8-2 ahead to score 15. 26 up after four ends.

Jonathan Blakeman flew into a 16-3 lead only to have a poor second half conceding four 2's, 21-13 in the finish. Ollie Newman had five consecutive 2's, opening with a break of 11-0. On for only 18 ends, Ollie was the nights second single figure winner, 21-8. Marc Wilson fairly level at 11-10 only conceded one more shot to wrap up his game 21-11. Last on the green, Mick Barnwell did not score until his fifth end but then remained firmly in control to win 21-14