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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

31/08/06 - Needing a full house tonight the Dudley team played Coombswood 'B' at home. The end result was a 20 shot win with only four winners, second place a certainty but its very unlikely that Stourbridge Labour had six losers at home tonight. The winners tonight were Nigel Francis 21-7 (1-7 down), Chris Chilton 21-8, Terry Jones 21-13 and Andy Calvert 21-14. Silver's win means he should win the Division 3 league averages after winning 15 out of 18 matches with a plus of 132. The Dudley team continue to climb the leagues, they will compete in Division 2 in 2007 after starting in Division 7 in 2001.

31/08/06 - The Oldbury 'A' beat The George 'A' at home last night by 9 shots. Four winning cards: John Jones 21-8, Chris Price 21-11, Keith Lawlor 21-12 and John Wilson 21-12. The West Bromwich team were also in action last night at the Green Man. They lost by 28 shots with three winners: Mark Healey 21-11, Mark Hadley Snr 21-18 and Frank Newman 21-19.

The Oldbury seniors game next Monday against Langley 'A' has been cancelled. Next week the West Bromwich team will have three games: Green Man (Home, 5/9), Wednesbury Cons (Away, 7/9) and the Baggeridge (Home, 8/9).

29/08/06 - Oldbury 'A' beat the George 'B' by 34 shots at home with five winning cards. Keith Lawlor 21-5, John Wilson 21-7, Mick Barnwell 21-12, Chris Price 21-15 and Ollie Newman 21-20.

29/08/06 - Team selection is now online. Averages and results have been updated. This week sees seven matches with some of them vital. The Oldbury 'A' team will need to pick up as many as 17 points against the George 'A' & 'B' when they play them both at Broomfield this week. The Dudley team go into their final game in 2nd place with 114 points. Stourbridge Labour are on 118. Both teams are at home this week. The W&W Alliance side travel to the Colebrook knowing a win will win them the league. Sunday morning is the S.F.Jones Cup Final. It has been 7 years since we last won this cup. The Smethwick 'A' team play West Bromwich Labour at Dartmouth Central and dress code will apply, no shorts, jeans or tracksuit bottoms.

28/08/06 - BROOMFIELDBC.COM is one year old today!!! We have received nearly 22,000 page loads in the past 12 months and over 6000 visitors. 25 of our players use the site on a regular basis with ex Broomfield bowlers and other local bowlers also taking time to visit the site each week. I hope this site is worthwhile, if not - it hasn't cost the club a penny!

27/08/06 - Smethwick 'A' won by 43 shots at home against Greets Green this morning. Six winners with best cards from Ollie Newman 21-4, Phil High 21-5, Chris Price 21-9 and John Jones 21-10. Ollie Newman's win means he has wrapped up the team averages and his plus of 118 puts him in with a chance of the Division 1 league averages for the third time in four years.

The Smethwick 'B' side suffered a heavy defeat at Langley by 51 shots. Only one winning card, Karemjit Gurdas beating Sarah Jones 21-17. We have now slipped to third place and an away win at Colley Gate may be required if we are to gain promotion to Division 1.

The Janice Freeman Club Handicap was won by Dave Chilton. 16 players turned up and the competition was played in good spirits. Mark Hadley Snr was the runner up and played well beating Sam Fagan 23-9, Terry Jones 23-10 and Chris Chilton 23-18. Dave Chilton beat Diane Kazmierowski 21-18, Jonathan Blakeman 21-12, Tracy Wilkins 21-13 and then nailed the green in the final to beat Mark 21-4 in only 17 ends.

It was a fun day with food ordered in and ended by a 19 person game of killer in which Keith Lawlor took the winnings. Well done to Dave Chilton winning this competition in his first season with the club.

26/08/06 - W&W Premier team lost away at Kings Norton by 49 shots. Not much to take out of this season but Ollie Newman's 21-4 victory against Terry Moss will certainly go down as a highlight. It was also great to see Frank Newman winning 21-12, his first game in the Premier team this season and only his fifth game of a Saturday. Our only other winner was Keith Lawlor who came back from 10-18 to win 21-18.

W&W Alliance side won at home by 92 shots, it was Broomfield's 100th win this season. Nine winners with seven of them single figures: John Hardman 21-5, Nigel Francis 21-6, Karemjit Gurdas 21-6, Terry Jones 21-7, Andy Calvert 21-7, Steve Barnwell 21-7 and Marc Hadley Jnr 21-8. The team averages are headed by Terry Jones (27pts) but the league averages will also go down to the wire with eight Broomfield bowlers on a plus of 100 or more: Nigel Francis (131), John Hardman (128), Terry Jones (123), Keith Lawlor (117), Mark Healey (107), Mark Hadley Snr (101), Mark Nemedi (100) and Keith Underhill (100). Only one more victory needed to wrap up the Division 3 title.

25/08/06 - The 49th Club Handicap competition takes place this Sunday at 2:00pm. It is the second time the competition will played for in memory of Janice Freeman, our past life member and first ever President. As always it will be a 1:45pm sign, players who are certain they will be playing can call, text or email and i will include them in the draw. Player handicaps are on the notice board in the hut but can also be viewed by clicking here. We have gone back to the format where the knockout is played on the same day from start to finish so hopefully turnout will be better than the past couple of years.

24/08/06 - The Dudley team lost at Coombswood tonight by 23 shots. Only two points collected with wins from Nigel Francis 21-10 and Mark Healey 21-14. Silver's win means he has won the Dudley team averages and is still in with a chance of the league averages which are based on games won. Our hopes of winning the league faded tonight, we have to hope that Dudley Sports did well at home to Stourbridge Labour.

On Monday afternoon our Oldbury Seniors won away at The Gate by five shots. Two winners - Bob Gurley 21-2 and Chris Price 21-9. The West Bromwich game on Wednesday was rained off.

23/08/06 - Oldbury 'A' match against George 'B' was abandoned after half an hour. Only one match completed, Jonathan Blakeman losing 12-21 to Paul Richards. The remaining seven ends will be completed at a later date.

22/08/06 - We lost in the final of the Oldbury 'B' Cup last night at the Royal Oak. Greets Green beat us by 43 shots, we had one winner. Tonia Hadley 21-13. Other cards: Terry Jones 20-21, Andy Calvert 16-21, Nigel Francis 15-21, Karemjit Gurdas 14-21, Maureen Wilkins 13-21, Denise Killion 10-21 and Paul Newman 8-21. Captain Denise Killion would like to thank everyone who turned up to support the side.

Oldbury Seniors played at The Gate yesterday but no result received. I will update results and averages by Wednesday (Dudley, W&W Prem, W&W Alliance, Smethwick 'A', Smethwick 'B', Old Seniors).

21/08/06 - Difficult to make this report positive after one of our worst weekends this season. The W&W Premier team had eight losers at home, losing by 31 shots to The Greville. Winning cards from Matt Barnwell 21-3, Chris Chilton 21-10, Keith Underhill 21-16 and Ollie Newman 21-19. Certainly the worst team atmosphere i've played in, hardly any pre match practice yet we still blamed the green for losing. The Greville adjusted to the pace and got on with the job - just one of the differences between us and a Division 1 team. We went into that game saying we would lose and thats exactly what happened. Next weeks team sees many changes with the return of Paul Newman, Frank Newman and Keith Lawlor. Club captain and vice captain (Phil High, Nigel Freeman) are away while John Hardman and Andy Calvert have both been dropped.

The W&W Alliance team had seven winners away at The Raven and won by 25 shots. Best cards coming from Terry Jones 21-4, Frank Newman 21-7 and Paul Newman 21-12.

Smethwick 'A' team lost away to Greets Green by 33 shots with only two winners: Ollie Newman 21-11 and John Wilson 21-17. The league was also lost this morning after West Bromwich Labour won away at West Bromwich Football Supporters.

The Smethwick 'B' side saw their promotion chances take a blow after losing at home to Langley 'A'. Again only two winners (Tracy Wilkins 21-14 & Terry Jones 21-16) losing by 32 shots.

Morale is at its lowest ebb and we seem to lack confidence and team spirit. It's gutting the way this season is turning out but we need to keep our heads up and move on to this weeks games. Hopefully we wil start our week with a cup final win over Greets Green at the Royal Oak tonight. I've heard two very true statements this week which are worth remembering. Firstly at The George, "believe you can do it, it helps" and then by a Greville player on Saturday "at the end of the day its only a hobby, we all have to go to work Monday morning". A little bit of belief, a little perspective - its amazing what a difference it can make. Good luck to all nine teams in action this week.


17/08/06 - Dudley team beat Woodman Saltwells by 70 shots at home tonight. Nine points collected with seven winners: Terry Jones 21-6, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-9, Karemjit Gurdas 21-9, Frank Newman 21-11, Nigel Francis 21-11, old Mark Healey 21-11 and Chris Chilton 21-14. With Stourbridge Labour away to Romsley tonight, their is a good chance this win will put us top of the league with two games remaining.

17/08/06 - Exactly one month left of the 2006 season. W&W Premier side will almost certainly be relegeated back to Division 2. The Alliance side will finally move out of the bottom division and play Division 2 next year if the league keep the same format. The Oldbury 'A' side look likely for another runners up place in Division 1. The West Bromwich team have had improved home performances this year and this will see them finish mid table. Dudley side go into their final fixtures in 2nd place but winning Division 3 is still a possibility. The Oldbury 'B' team have already finished, they won 6 out of 16 matches with five beginners in the side. The Smethwick 'A' side now need to win their final four games to have a chance of catching West Brom Labour, 2nd place seems likely for a second season running. The Smethwick 'B' side also sit 2nd but will need to win both of their home matches if they are to return to Division 1 after a four year abscence. The Oldbury Seniors have done well on their return to Division 1, the top two places now out of reach but 3rd spot will still be a good achivement for this new look team. Early exit in most the cups although we have made it into two finals: S.F.Jones Cup (Smethwick 'A') and Oldbury 'B' Knockout (Oldbury 'B').

167 games played so far with 33 remaining in the next 32 days. Lets have a positive finish, one bad season for one team in the strongest division we can compete in does not make us a poor club.

16/08/06 - At The George tonight the Oldbury 'A' sides eight week unbeaten run came to an end. Although we were never in front, it was a close game losing out by 14 shots to The George 'B'. First card off Keith Lawlor losing 5-21 to Paul Richards. Mick Barnwell got our first point with a 21-13 victory over Bill Chiswell. Ollie Newman was beaten for the first time in this league this season, losing 17-21 to John Deakin. John Jones scored 17 against Darren Wood. Chris Price continued his good form beating Chris Baker 21-15. John Wilson had our third 17 of the night, he played Gary Newman. Jonathan Blakeman took a 7-1 lead but Matt Beaman came back to win 21-16. Nigel Freeman was last on the green and came from 7-15 down to beat Terry Williams 21-16. Three points collected, three games to go.

Cup scorecards for the W&W Premier Cup Quarter Final and Smethwick S.F.Jones Cup Semi Final are now online.

15/08/06 - A solid performance from the West Bromwich team tonight with their best win of the season. Nine points collected with a 66 shot win over Wednesbury Cons at home. Seven winners: John Hardman 21-4, John Wilson 21-4, Jonathan Blakeman 21-6, Keith Lawlor 21-8, Mark Nemedi 21-12, Denise Killion 21-12 and Tracy Wilkins 21-20.

15/08/06 - Oldbury Seniors won at home yesterday by 20 shots. Five winners - Sheila Baker 21-9, Bob Gurley 21-13, Malcolm Spencer 21-14, Sid Overfield 21-17 and Frank Newman 21-19. Ray Turner was the Gate's only winner beating Billy Adams 21-8.

The West Bromwich game on Friday is a 6:45pm start, not 7:00pm as shown on team selection. A dissapointing show on Sunday before and after the Junior County game with all the cleaning left to Frank and Sheila. It should not be left to the same 4 or 5 people to take on all the jobs within the bowls section. Maybe this is something our members should take into consideration before we find ourselves in a mess next season.

14/08/06 - Friday night we lost in the quarter finals of the W&W Premier Cup to Ward End Cons by 29 shots at the Deers Leap. Two winners - John Jones 21-19 and Phil High 21-20. On Saturday the first team lost away at The Greville by 98 shots. Only one winner, John Hardman 21-19. Despite the Greville having a poor season by their own standards they still boast five county bowlers: Nigel Freeman 16-21 Gareth Herbert, Chris Price 3-21 Anthony Bracken, Andy Calvert 13-21 Steve Wallace, Ollie Newman 9-21 Roy Woolley and Matt Barnwell 16-21 Wayne Curran.

The second team had yet another walk over with their seventh 100+ win of the season. They beat The Raven at home by 148 shots with eleven winners. Nine single figure cards with best scores from Frank Newman 21-1, Mark Nemedi 21-1, Paul Newman 21-2 and Terry Jones 21-4.

Sunday morning was the semi final of the S.F.Jones Cup. We beat Cradley Libs by 6 shots at West Bromwich Labour. Three winners - Chris Price 21-5, Mick Barnwell 21-13 and last on the green with the scores level, Ollie Newman 21-15. We will play West Bromwich Labour in the final on Sunday 3rd September, venue TBC. It is the first time we have reached the final since 1999.

11/08/06 - Dudley team lost away at Woodman Saltwells last night by 28 shots. Three points collected with wins from Dave Chilton 21-14, the greying Mark Healey 21-15 and Chris Chilton 21-18.

10/08/06 - Broomfield's second draw of the season came at Portland Road last night with the score 137-137 against M&B in Oldbury Division 1. Six points were collected with wins from John Wilson 21-8, Nigel Freeman 21-9, Chris Price 21-17 and Ollie Newman 21-19.

The Oldbury 'B' sides season came to an end with an 18 shot win over New Inns at home. Five winners: Denise Killion 21-6, Matthew Wilkins 21-9, Maureen Wilkins 21-10, Karen Newman 21-17 and Sam Fagan 21-19. Leigh-Anne Nemedi had her best card of the season, scoring 17. Congratultions to Karen Newman on winning the averages with 23 points. Karen won 13 of her 16 matches and had a plus of 87.

At Langley on Tuesday night the West Bromwich team lost out by 8 shots. Two winners, John Hardman back to winning ways (21-8) and Frank Newman 21-17.

07/08/06 - Sorry for the delay, team selection is now online. For those of you who have problems viewing the pages, please refresh the page or delete your temporary internet files. When you have the previous weeks teams showing it is because the names are an image, not text and your computer has saved the image from the last time you viewed it. Refreshing the team selection page should load the new teams.

Oldbury Seniors lost away at WBFS this afternoon by 40 shots. No winners with the best card coming from Sheila Baker 19-21. Spike failed to catch a rabbit for the first time this season.

Averages and results from all nine games since last Wednesday should be online by 2:30pm tomorrow.

06/08/06 - W&W Alliance side won away at the Bradford Arms by 13 shots this afternoon. We had seven winners in this rearranged game with best cards from oldie Mark Healey 21-4, Mark Nemedi 21-10, Keith Lawlor 21-13 and Nigel Francis 21-14.

Smethwick 'A' side had eight winners at home this morning, beating Halesowen RBL 'A' by 75 shots at Broomfield. Four single figure cards: Chris Price 21-4, Ollie Newman 21-5, Keith Lawlor 21-5 and Phil High 21-7. The Smethwick 'B' side won away against The Wernley 'B' by 9 shots. Five winners with best cards from John Wilson and Dave Chilton - both 21-11.

05/08/06 - W&W Premier team lost away at Tanworth In Arden by 83 shots. Only one winner, Phil High beating Phil Holmes 21-16. The Alliance side won at home by 146 shots against the Bradford Arms with twelve winners. Best cards from Nigel Francis 21-1, Keith Lawlor 21-2, Chris Price 21-3 and Terry Jones 21-4.

04/08/06 - Smethwick 'A' side lost away at West Bromwich Football Supporters tonight in a rearranged game. A poor performance with little support and too much sulking on the sidelines. Wins from Keith Lawlor 21-9, Ollie Newman 21-17 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-20 were not enough as we lost out by 14 shots. We now need to win all our remaining games to try and win the league. The Smethwick 'A' cup semi final venue has been moved to West Bromwich Labour Club.

03/08/06 - Dudley team won by 69 shots at home tonight, collecting eight points from their match against Dudley Dell 'B'. Best cards came from Chris Chilton 21-1 and oldies Mark Healey 21-4 and Nigel Francis 21-7.

02/08/06 - Oldbury 'A' side beat M&B by 15 shots at home tonight. Only five winners with best cards from Matt Barnwell 21-3, Ollie Newman 21-11 and Chris Price 21-15. The Oldbury 'B' lost away to New Inns but no scores have been submitted.

Congratulations to Matt Barnwell on beating John Wilson 21-20 in the final of the 2006 Roy Freeman Club Championship. It was Matt's fourth appearance in the final but the first time he has won the competition.

02/08/06 - Roy Freeman Club Championship 2006 - Report

Twenty players entered this years competition which was an increase on last year but ten less than the Pairs in June. Nigel Freeman and Matt Barnwell started the competition as favourites. With no Ollie Newman, Mick Barnwell, Steve Barnwell or Paul Newman there was a chance for new, young and 'B' team players to make progress in this years knockout. Our beginners were unlucky in that of the four first round matches that needed to be played, Matt Wilkins, Cameron Gurdas and Leigh-Anne Nemedi all found themselves drawn at this early stage. The highlight of the first round was no doubt the game between Mark Hadley Snr and Keith Lawlor. Tiger took an early lead of 9-2 but Mark came back to 17-11. With the hard work done, Cads found himself 20-15 up but Tiger then ran out on the gulley winning 21-20.

Andy Calvert, Keith Lawlor, Tonia Hadley and John Jones were the winners from Round 1, joining the already drawn 12 players in Round 2. The second round did not see one match go to 30 ends with all games being completed fairly quickly.

The shock of Round 2 was the favourite Nigel Freeman losing 21-14 to newcomer Dave Chilton. Andy Calvert also caused an upset beating Keith Lawlor 21-12 and i managed to keep up my record of never winning a game in this competition, losing to Chris Chilton 21-10.

The Quarter Finals saw five first team bowlers and three young second team players. Andy Calvert bowled well but John Jones' striking was ruthless and successful and helped him to a 21-12 win. Matt Barnwell came from 13-15 against Chris Chilton to run out at 21-15. Dave Chilton had a lead of 13-5 over John Wilson but Wils battled back to win 21-18. Terry Jones beat Sam Fagan 21-8 to book himself his first semi final place.

The first semi final went past 30 ends giving us the second 21-20 of the day. Matt Barnwell was always ahead in this game but John Jones scored five 2's in the second half of the match and took the score to 20-20. Archie won the next end taking him to his fourth club championship final. In the other semi, John Wilson took a commanding 15-3 lead over Terry Jones. Terry managed to claw back to 15-18 but Wils came through 21-15 to make his way to the final in his first season for Broomfield.

The final was not a classic but it was the fourth time in the past eight years that the score ended 21-20. John Wilson made the early progress with the score 14-5 in his favour after 14 ends. Matt then scored seven 2's in nine ends and found himself 20-16 ahead and only one shot off a first championship title. Wils took the game to 20 across but was two yards through with his lead on the gulley. Archie took advantage and Wils' second bowl was well short. Well done to Matt Barnwell winning his first Club Championship after appearing in the final in 1998, 1999 and 2004 as runner up. Congratulations are also in order to John Wilson who made it to the final in his first season for Broomfield.

We also keep up a trend that has seen a Freeman, Newman or Barnwell in every final for the past 11 years!

01/08/06 - West Bromwich team beat Langley at home by 27 shots tonight. Eight points with wins from Jonathan Blakeman 21-10, Keith Lawlor 21-12, Mark Hadley Snr 21-12, Mark Nemedi 21-14, Keith Underhill 21-17 and Frank Newman 21-19.

01/08/06 - The Oldbury 'B' Cup Final will be played at The Royal Oak (Quinton) on Monday 21st August against Greets Green. The West Bromwich team will play their home fixture against The Baggeridge 'A' on Friday 18th August.

The draw for The Roy Freeman mixed pairs sees Denise Killion and Phil High on M&B. Keith Lawlor and Tracy Wilkins, Jonathan Blakeman and Maureen Wilkins have been drawn on Langley. The preliminary rounds will take place on Sunday 20th August.