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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

31/07/06 - Friday night the West Brom side got knocked out of Handicap Shield by Penn 'A'. At home we lost by 16 shots with only one winner, Jonathan Blakeman 21-10. At Penn, again only one winner - Mark Hadley 21-10 and losing by 18 shots. Overall we lost by 34 shots.

On Sunday the Smethwick 'A' side lost away at Halesowen RBL by 9 shots. Three winners: John Jones 21-4, Mick Barnwell 21-16 and Ollie Newman 21-18. At Broomfield, Smethwick 'B' beat The Wernley by 40 shots. Best winner Terry Jones 21-8. The Smethwick 'A' side have drawn Cradley Libs in the semi final of the S.F.Jones Cup. This match will be played at The Beeches on Sunday 13th August.

Oldbury Seniors won at home today against WBFS. Four winners with best cards coming from Billy Adams 21-5 and Frank Newman 21-9. Oldbury 'B' lost away at Moor Lane tonight by 110 shots. One winner, Denise Killion 21-17.

28/07/06 - Just in: W&W Premier side will play Ward End Cons in the Quarter Finals of the Premier Cup at Deers Leap B.C (off Queslett Road, Great Barr). This match will be played on Friday 11th August.

Around 25 players are expected to play in the Club Championship tomorrow. There will be a BBQ so please feel free to bring along friends and family. Hopefully the weather will be good for a day of bowling played in the right spirit. Please remember each individual represents Broomfield Bowls Club and we can't afford a repeat of the Pairs Competiton. Two months of the season are left with five teams still competing for league honours (Oldbury 'A' : 2nd, Smethwick 'A': 2nd, Dudley: 2nd, Smethwick 'B': 3rd, W&W Alliance: 1st). We are also still in four cup competitons (W&W Premier, Oldbury 'B', S.F.Jones 'A' and West Brom).

27/07/06 - Dudley team lost away to Dudley Dell 'B' tonight by 45 shots with only two winners. Dave Chilton won 21-15 and Nigel Francis 21-17. Next best cards came from Mark Healey and Tonia Hadley who both scored 18.

26/07/06 - The Oldbury 'A' side made it six wins running with a great victory at Netherton Cons tonight. We were never more than four shots ahead and came out with five winners, collecting eight points and winning by 5 shots. Best cards tonight came from Nigel Freeman 21-14, Ollie Newman 21-15, Jonathan Blakeman 21-16 and John Jones 21-17. Special mention to Mick Barnwell who was last on the green and came back to win 21-18 after being 6-17 down.

The Oldbury 'B' team had their best win of the season, beating Rowley Olympic by 27 shots at home. Winning cards tonight from Denise Killion 21-6, Karen Newman 21-8, Cameron Gurdas 21-10, Matt Wilkins 21-13, Maureen Wilkins 21-19 and Sam Fagan 21-19.

24/07/06 - Oldbury 'B' side go into final of the Knockout 'B' Cup after beating Old Cross 'B' tonight by 5 shots at The George. Karemjit Gurdas 21-6, Terry Jones 21-9, Maureen Wilkins 21-15, Andy Calvert 21-19, Nigel Francis 19-21, Tonia Hadley 15-21, Karen Newman 10-21 and Denise Killion 10-21. They will play Greets Green in the final on Monday 21st August, venue TBC.

Oldbury Seniors lost away at Dudley Dell by 26 shots. Two winners - Sheila Baker 21-16 and Malcolm Spencer 21-19.

24/07/06 - On Friday night we were knocked out the Arthur Mitchell Cup by West Bromwich Labour. A 21 shot win at home over six with wins from Phil High 21-5, Nigel Freeman 21-11, Mick Barnwell 21-12 and John Jones 21-17. At West Brom Labour we had two winners and lost by 26 shots (Matt Barnwell 21-7 & John Wilson 21-19). Overall losing out by 5 shots.

W&W Premier won at home on Saturday by 12 shots. Seven winners with best cards coming from Dave Chilton 21-8, Ollie Newman, John Wilson and Mick Barnwell - all 21-14. The Alliance sides game at the Bradford Arms was rained off. This fixture has already been rearranged for Sunday 6th August with normal start and practice times.

Yesterday morning the Smethwick 'A' side went into the semi finals of the S.F.Jones Cup with a 51 shot win over Halesowen RBL at Great Barr. Six winners: Mick Barnwell 21-8, Tony Rowley 21-9, Steve Blakeman 21-10, Jonathan Blakeman 21-13, Keith Lawlor 21-13 and Mark Healey 21-17. We join West Brom Labour, Beeches 'A' and Cradley Libs in the semi's.

The West Bromwich sides fixture at home to the Baggeridge tomorrow has been cancelled.

21/07/06 - The Oldbury 'B' cup side for the semi final this Monday has just been sent to me and can be viewed at the bottom of the team selection page.

Our green will be used on Sunday 13th August for the home leg of the Junior County semi final against The Potteries. This is the first time our green has been used by the Warwick & Worcester since the senior side lost the county final on it in 1996 against Staffordshire.

Click here to view photos from the weekend.

20/07/06 - Dudley side lost by 3 shots away to The George 'B' tonight. Three winners: Nigel Francis 21-12, Andy Calvert 21-17 and Terry Jones coming from 7-15 to also win 21-17. Mark Healey was 5-15 and scored 19 against Elliott McGuninness. Chris Chilton scored 18 and the other three cards were all 16-21.

19/07/06 - Tonight saw three Broomfield teams in action but the breaking news is that we have our first nomination for Arse Of The Year 2006... Steve Barnwell. Down to play at the Baggeridge, Steve firstly ended up at Buffery Park. Off he went to his next destination, thinking he had found the venue Steve then made an appearance an Wombourne B.C. Steve finally made it to the Baggeridge at 8:15pm. Something you might all want to know... Steve has sat nav in his car (i'll say no more).

Oldbury 'A' had a full house at home, beating Netherton Cons 'A' by 83 shots. Best cards: Matt Barnwell 21-4, Nigel Freeman 21-6, Chris Price 21-8 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-9. The West Bromwich side lost by 34 shots at the Baggeridge. Only one winner, John Wilson beating Steve Dicken 21-19. Oldbury 'B' also only had one winner tonight (Maureen Wilkins 21-15). They lost at Rowley Olympic by 82 shots.

18/07/06 - Yesterday afternoon the Oldbury Seniors had their second 1 shot win in the space of two weeks after beating Dudley Dell at Broomfield. Four winners: Sheila Baker 21-1, Chris Price 21-13, Frank Newman 21-20 and Bob Gurley 21-20.

It was also the W&W 4 man team first round last night. We lost to M&B by 15 shots. Results: Marc Hadley Jnr 31-16 vs Stan Brooks. Terry Jones 31-30 vs Graham Gilbert, Jonathan Blakeman 22-31 vs Alan Shingleton and Andy Calvert 11-31 vs Mick Bagnell. Thanks to the M&B supporters and WBFS member who marked the cards for us. At Broomfield WBFS beat Great Barr.

We have around 40 people for this years presentation. A dissapointment so far after having 100-120 in recent years. The presentation is open to the main club members and also friends and family of the bowlers so please let people know! Details of the presentation can be found here or you can speak to Denise Killion. A deposit of £10 is required asap.

17/07/06 - W&W Premier team lost at The Valley on Saturday by 66 shots. Four winners: Mick Barnwell 21-16, Chris Chilton 21-19, Dave Chilton 21-20 and Steve Barnwell 21-20. W&W Alliance team beat M&B at home by 70 shots. Eight winners with best cards from Nigel Francis 21-2, Mark Nemedi 21-9, Keith Underhill 21-9, Steve Blakeman 21-10 and Paul Newman 21-10.

Smethwick 'A' side lost at Moor Lane by 32 shots. Two winners: Ollie Newman 21-10 and John Jones 21-15. Smethwick 'B' side won at home against Great Barr by 27 shots. Five winners with best cards from Dave Chilton 21-7, Mark Nemedi 21-11 and Karemjit Gurdas 21-11.

The second round of the Arthur Mitchell Cup will be played this Friday against West Bromwich Labour. The following Friday (28th July) will see the West Bromwich side take on Penn 'A' in the quarter finals of the Handicap Shield. The Smethwick 'A' fixture away to W.B.F.S will be played on Friday 4th August.

13/07/06 - Dudley team made it five out of five for Broomfield this week with a 22 shot win over The George 'B' at home tonight. Six winners with the best card coming from Marc Hadley Jnr who beat Steve Wyton 21-8. Other winners tonight: Nigel Francis 21-14, Dave Chilton 21-14, Andy Calvert 21-16, Tonia Hadley 21-16 and Chris Chilton 21-18.

12/07/06 - Oldbury 'A' side recorded their third away win of the season at Somers tonight. A 31 shot win with five winners: Tony Rowley 21-7, Ollie Newman 21-8, Matt Barnwell 21-8, Nigel Freeman 21-13 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-16. This eight point win should take us into second place.

Oldbury 'B' played the league leaders Moor Lane and scraped home by two shots at Broomfield. Four winners: Frank Newman 21-2, Tracy Wilkins 21-5, Karen Newman 21-16 and Sam Fagan 21-17.

11/07/06 - The West Bromwich team had a great win at home to Penn 'A' tonight. A bad start with Mark Nemedi first card off losing 21-6 to Paul Butcher. Frank Newman took the deficit down to three shots with a 21-9 win. Jonathan Blakeman was 10-11 and went on to win 21-12. John Wilson was 13-18 and then run out to win 21-18 so after four ends we were nine shots up.

Keith Underhill was 16-11 but Penn captain Mark Stevens then ran out to win 21-16. Steve Blakeman beat Anthony Aldridge 21-18. Keith Lawlor sealed the game with a 21-14 win over last years young player of the year Dan Davies. John Hardman was last on the green but only scored 10 against Ian Charles. We scraped home by 3 shots but it was the 7 points that was pleasing after Penn had won this fixture the last three seasons running. This takes us 5th and five points off 2nd place but the majority of this weeks fixtures will be played tomorrow night.

The Dudley team have gone 2nd in Division 3, two points off top spot. They play 3rd placed George 'B' this Thursday. W&W Premier team have moved off the bottom of the table to 10th, an away win at The Valley would mean another chance of survival after The Richmond's recent poor form.

10/07/06 - The West Bromwich team have drawn the favourites Penn 'A' in the quarter finals of the Handicap Shield. We lost to Penn 'A' in the final two years ago and they also won the shield last year.

Terry Jones and Jonathan Blakeman have been drawn on The George next Sunday in the W&W Mens Pairs. Broomfield's green will also be in use. The qualifiers start at 2:00pm at each venue.

Oldbury Seniors won by 27 shots at home to Somers today. Three winners - Frank Newman 21-4, Billy Adams 21-13 and John Capewell 21-13.

08/07/06 - W&W Premier side won at home by 45 shots against The Valley, lifting us off the bottom of the table swapping places with The Valley themselves. Seven winners today with best cards from Nigel Freeman 21-2, Ollie Newman 21-4 and Steve Barnwell 21-5.

The Alliance teams eleven match unbeaten run came to an end at M&B today. We lost by eight shots and had six winners. Best cards from John Hardman 21-7, Mark Healey 21-9 and Dave Chilton 21-12.

07/07/06 - W&W Cup tonight. The Premier team beat W.B.FS at R.S.J.C by 25 shots. Two local teams travelled to Rubery to play on a terrible surface - (W&W trying to make the cup more attractive this year ?!?!?!?). We had six winners: John Wilson was 2-0 down to Rodney Ashford and won 21-2. John Jones beat Roger Bowker 21-14, Ollie Newman beat Jamie Beckett 21-15, Nigel Freeman beat Jamie Drain 21-17, Phil High beat Neil Jones 21-18, Keith Lawlor beat Lee Allen 21-19, Jonathan Blakeman lost to Pete Williams 21-13 and Tony Rowley lost to Ivan Smout, also 21-13.

The Alliance team found it tough playing Division 1 opposition. This was always going to be a tough fixture as our Alliance side have rarely been tested home or away this season. Only two winners tonight against the George at Romsley. Keith Underhill was 7-19 to John Emery and then ran out to win 21-19. The other winner for us was Mark Hadley Snr who beat former Broomfield player Dane Hopwood 21-20. Other cards: Nigel Francis lost 20-21 to Steve Wyton, Chris Chilton lost 18-21 to K.Rawlings, Dave Chitlon lost 15-21 to Terry Williams, John Hardman lost 14-21 to Chris Simpson, Andy Calvert lost 13-21 to Billy Chiswell and Mark Nemedi scored 9 against Darren Wood. Overall result was a 34 shot loss.

06/07/06 - Following the trend by The Wernley and The Bradford Arms websites, a new poll has been added to our site (bottom left of this page) to see who people think will win this years Club Championship.

06/07/06 - The Dudley side have just beaten Dudley Sports 'A', away from home by 15 shots. Six winners, nine points collected. Best cards from Tonia Hadley 21-7, John Wilson 21-14 and Mark Healey 21-16.

Oldbury 'A' team had six winners last night at home to Somers 'A'. A 24 shot win with best cards from John Jones 21-12, Ollie Newman 21-13 and Chris Price 21-15. The West Bromwich side suffered their worst defeat of the season, having no winners away at Penn 'A' and losing by 57 shots. Best card from Steve Barnwell 20-21. The Oldbury 'B' game at Moor Lane was cancelled.

03/07/06 - Broomfield's 111th match this season ended in a 1 shot win for the Oldbury Seniors today. They had three winners away to Somers - Bob Gurley 21-8, Frank Newman 21-13 and Sheila Baker 21-20.

02/07/06 - A typically mixed weekend for Broomfield. The W&W Premier team lost at home to Boldmere St Michaels by 3 shots. Our fourth home defeat, all by single figures but simply a case of not being good enough. Five winners with best cards from Chris Price 21-7 and Mick Barnwell 21-8.

The W&W Alliance side had a complete walkover at Lea Hall, beating them by 103 shots with eleven winners. Best cards from Keith Lawlor 21-1, John Hardman 21-5, Mark Nemedi 21-6 and Terry Jones 21-8. This takes our plus to 942 after only 12 games.

The Smethwick 'A' side had a good win this morning at home to 4th placed Moor Lane. A 64 shot win with seven winners. Four single figure cards - Keith Lawlor 21-5, Ollie Newman 21-7, Jonathan Blakeman 21-8 and Phil High 21-9.

Smethwick 'B' side lost away to Great Barr by 72 shots. One winner, Denise Killion 21-19.

Next sunday sees the preliminary round of the Alan Plant Charity Doubles. Broomfield pairs are drawn as follows:

LANGLEY - Tracy WIlkins & Joe Cooke. Mark Hadley & Tonia Hadley.

WEST BROMWICH LABOUR - Denise Killion & Phil High. Frank Newman & Tony Rowley.

LEA HALL - Keith Lawlor & Mark Nemedi.

DARTMOUTH - Jonathan Blakeman & Andy Calvert.

All players must be present at nominated green by 10:00am. All games 21 up, two pairs qualify from each green.