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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

27/06/12 - Three winners at home for the West Bromwich side tonight who returned to action against Cradley Sports (Libs). Terry Jones' team needed a good win after slipping down to 6th place in Division 1. Four 21-20's tonight but unfortunately three were not in Broomfield's favour. Winning cards for Jake Dancer 21-4, Terry Jones 21-11 and Matt Barnwell 21-20. "20's" for Marc Hadley Jnr, Keith Lawlor and Keith Underhill. Final scores 152-140 (5pts).

No match for the Oldbury team who have now had their byes in Division 1. League leaders the Beeches 'A' had five winners (8pts) on Langley and won by 12 shots. Second placed George 'A' collected 9 points with a comfortable win over Royal Oak 'A'. Broomfield return to action next Wednesday at home to Royal Oak 'A'.

21/06/12 - On a very wet and miserable evening a makeshift Dudley team travelled to top of the table Woodfield. No winners in the first four but only 20 shots behind with cards of 15, 16, 16 and 17. A further 16 shots were dropped in the back four although the conditions did improve and Broomfield collected 2 points with winning cards for John Hardman 21-14 and Keith Underhill 21-20. Many thanks to those who stepped in and enabled us to field a team: Keith Lawlor, Frank Newman, Dave Chilton, Malcolm Spencer and Keith Underhill.

17/06/12 - This afternoon in a game brought forward the W&W Premier team beat Ye Olde Knowle at home by 56 shots. The result puts Broomfield back on top in Premier 3 having now played one more game than the Royal Oak and Woodbourne. Ten winning cards today: Dan Chilton 21-8, Chris Price 21-10, Joe Wilson 21-13, Andy Calvert 21-13, Mick Barnwell 21-14, Matt Barnwell 21-17, Dave Chilton 21-18, Ollie Newman 21-18, Paul Newman 21-18 and Terry Jones 21-19.

17/06/12 - Three away wins for the Smethwick 'A' side, this time a 15 shot victory on the Greyhound. Five winning cards for Broomfield: Darren Griffiths 21-5, Chris Chilton 21-9, Chris Price 21-15, Keith Lawlor 21-16 and Dan Chilton 21-17. The Beeches 'A' had all eight winners at home to Greets Green 'A' which keeps them top of Division 1 on plus:

+ / -

Seven wins from ten for Jim Watkin's Smethwick 'B side who continue to challenge for Division 2 alongside the Royal Oak. Six winners this morning against the Glasscutters who have failed to win a match this season. 59 shots the winning margin for Broomfield: Mark Hadley Snr 21-2, Joe Wilson 21-7, Matt Barnwell 21-9, Jake Dancer 21-12, Denise Killion 21-14 and Jim Watkin 21-19.


16/06/12 - The W&W Premier side travelled to the Royal Oak knowing that an away win would keep them at the top of Division 3. It was the start Broomfield wanted with three winners in the first four. 15 shots up with wins for Joe Wilson 21-11, Dan Chilton 21-16 and Ollie Newman 21-17. The Royal Oak hit back in the middle four with three winners themselves, Dave Chilton the only winner for Broomfield 21-13. The difference still in Broomfield's favour by 9 shots heading in to the back four. 27 shots were dropped over the final four games with the home team adding another three winners to win the match by 18 shots. Paul Newman the fifth and final winning card for Broomfield running out from 15-20 to win 21-20. Woodbourne's away win on Boldmere Sports means Broomfield drop from 1st to 3rd place.

A comfortable home win for the W&W Alliance beating Royal Austin British Legion by 50 shots. Nine winners in all with three winning cards in each four. John Hardman 21-10, Jim Watkin 21-12 and Frank Newman 21-14 in the first four. Dave Childs 21-6, Jonathan Blakeman 21-18 and Keith Underhill 21-18 in the middle four. Malcolm Spencer 21-10, Keith Lawlor 21-12 and Denise Killion 21-16 in the back four. The result takes Broomfield to 2nd place in Alliance Division 2 although most teams do hold games in hand.

15/06/12 - Last night in the pouring rain the Dudley side took on top of the table Woodfield at Portland Road. Winners were shared but Broomfield lost the match by 14 shots: Pauline Broadhead 21-13, Dan Chilton 21-14, Dave Childs 21-16 and John Hardman 21-17.

14/06/12 - Oldbury side beat the Beeches 'A' at home by 16 shots with five winning cards: Ollie Newman 21-4, Darren Griffiths 21-12, Dan Chilton 21-14, Chris Price 21-17 and Chris Chilton 21-19.

The West Bromwich team had three winners away at Church Hill but lost the match by 13 shots: Keith Underhill 21-11, Jake Dancer 21-17 and Joe Wilson 21-19.

13/06/12 -Finally up and running again but updates will now be limited to averages and results pages. All averages are now online including any games played up to 12/06/12.