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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

16/06/11 - One winner for the Dudley 'A' side who lost by 43 shots at Coombswood (John Wilson 21-5).

Winners shared in the first four for the Dudley 'B' team who took on a strong Woodfield outfit at Portland Road. Ollie Newman ran out from 7-9 to beat Claire Pugh 21-9 while John Hardman beat young Joe Dicken 21-7 (one for the future with a great temperament). Broomfield were 1 shot ahead after four ends as Woodfield had wins of 21-3 (Lyndon Hazelhurst) and 21-14. In the back four Broomfield had one winner (Melissa Gurdas 21-15) and went on to lose the match by 36 shots. Woodfield had winners of 21-2 (Rob Ferguson - the immaculate delivery!), 21-5 and 21-13 from the man with pink bowls, John Newey.

15/06/11 - Three matches in three days for the Oldbury team, this time taking on RSJC at home. Five winners for Broomfield and losing cards of 18, 19 and 19 resulted in a 36 shot win and 7 points. Wins for Jonathan Blakeman 21-5, Marc Wilson 21-11, Ollie Newman 21-13, Darren Griffiths 21-15 and John Wilson 21-19. The George had eight winners away at Coombswood.

Five losing cards for the West Bromwich team put them 47 shots adrift away at The Stile tonight. It was therefore a decent end result for Broomfield with the back three all winning and reducing the deficit to 29 shots. Three points gained with wins for Matt Barnwell 21-13, Mark Hadley Snr 21-14 and Terry Jones 21-18.

14/06/11 - With a result needed to keep hopes of a Division 1 title chase alive for the Oldbury team it was not the best of starts for Broomfield. In the first four the George put in wins of 21-3, 21-6, 21-9 and 21-15 which put them 51 shots ahead. Broomfield had one winner in the back four (Ollie Newman 21-18) and lost the match by 74 shots.

13/06/11 - The quarter finals of the Oldbury Div 1&2 Knockout Cup took place tonight with Broomfield taking on M&B Portland Road 'A' at the George. Broomfield had the start with Ollie Newman beating Karen Rolls 21-9. John Wilson beat Dave Sankey 21-16 and Darren Griffiths came back from 5-15 to beat Alan Shingleton 21-18. M&B had one winner in the first four, Graham Gilbert 21-16. Another three winners for Broomfield in the back four sealed a 33-shot victory: Matt Barnwell 21-7, Jonathan Blakeman 21-13 and Mick Barnwell 21-17. Broomfield face the George 'A' in the semi finals with RSJC taking on the Wernley 'A'.

12/06/11 - The Smethwick 'A' had six winners at home to Cradley Libs and won by 29 shots: Jonathan Blakeman 21-3, Marc Wilson 21-7, Ollie Newman 21-14, Mick Barnwell 21-19, John Wilson 21-20 and Keith Lawlor 21-20 (from 5-15). The Smethwick 'B' won away on Hilly House by 25 shots with six winners and also had the first five ends as winning cards: Mark Hadley Snr 21-5, Matt Barnwell 21-9, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-11, Terry Jones 21-13, Chris Price 21-16 and Alan Parsons 21-17.

11/06/11 - A much improved performance by the W&W Premier team who had five winners on the Brookhill and ducked out by 18 shots. Wins for Mick Barnwell 21-13, Jonathan Blakeman 21-14, Darren Griffiths 21-14, Chris Price 21-14 and Ollie Newman 21-16. The result does however put us in the bottom three for the first time this season. No match for the W&W Alliance today (W.B.Labour at home) as Broomfield were unable to field a side.

09/06/11 - An away draw for the Dudley 'A' who picked up 7 points at the Old Cross. Scores level at 149-149 and five winners for Broomfield: Tonia Hadley 21-15, Denise Killion 21-16, Paul Newman 21-17, Nigel Francis 21-19 and Frank Newman 21-19.

A comfortable 36 shot home win for the Dudley 'B' against Dudley Sports 'B'. Six winners: Jonathan Blakeman 21-4, Tracy Wilkins 21-12, Danielle Newman 21-13, John Hardman 21-15, Karen Newman 21-15 and Dave Childs 21-16.

08/06/11 - Four winners for the Oldbury team who beat the Beeches at home by 21 shots: Chris Price 21-8, Mick Barnwell 21-8, Marc Wilson 21-9 and John Wilson 21-17. The West Bromwich side won away on the Green Man by 5 shots, despite only having three winners: Matt Barnwell 21-8, Jim Watkin 21-8 and Malcolm Spencer 21-14.

05/06/11 - History repeated itself this morning and not for the first time as the Smethwick 'A' won away on West Bromwich Labour after losing the home fixture two weeks ago. It was fairly tight from the start with two winners for each side in the first four. For Broomfield Ollie Newman 21-11 and Mick Barnwell 21-19. For the Labour, Steve Evitts 21-8 and Kirk Stevens 21-15. Seven shots behind after four. Eight shots up after five (Jonathan Blakeman 21-6) and then one shot up after seven with Chris Chilton 11-19 left on the green. Chris then put a 10 break together to run out 21-19 and see Broomfield win the game by 3 shots. The result should put the 'A' side back at the top of Division 1 and keeps hopes alive of a 17th Division 1 title, but what would be a first at Portland Road.

Three defeats in four for the Smethwick 'B' and a first home defeat this season. WBFS were the visitors as Broomfield lost by 11 shots. Four winners for each side. Chris Price 21-15, Tonia Hadley 21-15, Matt Barnwell 21-19, Joe Wilson 21-19.

04/06/11 - The W&W Premier side suffered an embarassing 49 shot home defeat to the Brookhill. In a game where Broomfield never got going, the Brookhill were loud and confident and put us 37 shots behind after the first four. John Wilson (21-17) was the sole Broomfield winner in the first four with the Brookhill clocking up wins of 21-2, 21-9 and 21-11. Things went from bad to worse in the middle four with the visitors extending the lead to 71 after 7 ends. Andy Calvert became Broomfields second winner (21-18) which then left the back four on the green 68 shots behind. Three winners reduced the final margin to 49 with wins for Jonathan Blakeman 21-7, Dan Chilton 21-14 and Darren Griffiths 21-20.

Four winners for the W&W Alliance who lost by 54 shots at West Bromwich Labour. 32 shots down with no winners in the first four. Two winners for Broomfield in the middle four (Nigel Francis 21-16, Jim Watkin 21-18) and two winners in the back four (Alan Parsons 21-9, Frank Newman 21-20).

03/06/11 - The Twitter updates seem to be worthwhile so far. Eight members have signed up to follow and another eight or so are following just by using the link. Updates will continue (mainly results) as 16 / 40 members is a positive enough response just one week in. The link ( will remain at the bottom of the homepage (see below).

02/06/11 - Three consecutive wins for the Dudley 'A' now after a 40 shot win against the Old Cross at home tonight. Six winners: Dan Chilton 21-6, Joe Wilson 21-13, Cameron Gurdas 21-14, Nigel Francis 21-14, Paul Newman 21-17, Frank Newman 21-18.

Three winners for the Dudley 'B' team who lost out by 17 shots away at Dudley Sports. Winning cards from John Hardman 21-10, Pauline Broadhead 21-10 and Melissa Gurdas 21-12.

01/06/11 - A second away win for Marc Wilson's Oldbury side tonight, which sees the team still only defeated once this season. At the Beeches it was points shared in the first four, two winners each with Broomfield trailing by 13 shots. Wins for Marc Wilson 21-12 and John Wilson 21-19. The Beeches then doubled their lead to 26 shots courtesy of a 21-8 card from Ian Head. Broomfield then turned the game around by 47 shots with the final three all winning single figures: Ollie Newman 21-2, Daniel Chilton 21-7 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-7. Final result: +21, 8pts. The latest league table shows Broomfield in 5th place, 15 points adrift of 1st placed Portland Road but with 3 games in hand.

The West Bromwich team also moved into 5th place with a 10 point win against the Green Man. Eight winners in a 72 shot victory: John Hardman 21-8, Keith Underhill 21-9, Joe Wilson 21-10, Malcolm Spencer 21-12, Mark Hadley Snr 21-13, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-14, Matt Barnwell 21-14 and Nigel Francis 21-14.