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06/06/10 - Broomfield officially relocated to Portland Road (M&B) on Sunday 30th May 2010. A hectic few days moving our belongings and working on the green but happy to say everybody at Portland Road has made us feel very welcome. The main aim will be to restore the green to a much improved condition. The social side of the club is already getting back on track and hopefully we have some happy times ahead after the misery we had to endure at Smethwick Cricket Club.

Now for a look back at the last seven days. On Bank Holiday Monday the green was verticut and cut with Steve Blakeman also visiting to put a plan in place for the next six months. The Broomfield committee met with the M&B (Bowls) committee on Tuesday to work through some of the obstacles we face (fixtures etc). Details from the meeting:

  • The Mick Bagnell Trophy (former Deers Leap Open) will be played on the Number 1 green meaning we can start our much needed green renovation as soon as our own fixtures are complete.
  • M&B's Northfield team (Sundays) will switch to the Number 1 green meaning our Smethwick 'A' & 'B' teams can play on the 'Broomfield' green immediately.
  • M&B's West Bromwich team will continue to use the Number 2 green for the remainder of the season. This means Broomfield's West Bromwich team will now play home games on Tuesday.
  • Going forward to 2011, M&B may struggle to field a West Bromwich team but if they do then they will play home games on a Tuesday on the Number 1 green.
  • Membership is usually £15.00, no charge for under 18's and £10.00 for OAP's. It has been agreed that anyone joining this year in connection with Broomfield can pay £12.00 As this is a social club membership it is also expected that wives and partners become members.
  • Any alcohol consumed on the premises much be purchased from the bar.
  • Broomfield are responsible for maintaining the surrounds of the Number 2 green.
  • As a welcome gesture, M&B Portland Road have waived the yearly rent for using the green.

After a two week break the Oldbury side got back into the swing of things with an 8 point away win on the Royal Oak. Five winning cards as Broomfield won by 16 shots: Dave Chilton 21-7, Mark Nemedi 21-13, Marc Wilson 21-14, Darren Griffiths 21-18 and John Wilson 21-20.

The Dudley 'A' faced M&B Portland Road on the Number 1 green and lost out by 24 shots. Three winners for Broomfield in Marc Wilson 21-11, Alan Parsons 21-20 and Dan Chilton 21-20. Dave Sankey was best card for Portland Road (21-8) making it 9 / 9 wins this season.

The West Bromwich and Dudley 'B' games were cancelled to allow players to practice the green.

The first official game for Broomfield on Portland Road was played on Saturday 5th June 2010. Broomfield (4th place) took on Kings Norton (2nd place) in W&W Premier Division 2. Paul Newman the first winner for Broomfield 21-13 followed by Mark Hadley Snr 21-20 but the home team were still 14 shots behind after the first four. Things went from bad to worse with no winning cards in the middle four and after the ninth end Broomfield were 44 shots adrift. The three remaining cards reduced the deficit to 21 (Ollie Newman 21-8, Chris Chilton 21-19 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-13) with last weeks away win at West Bromwich Labour now more valuble than ever.

A third away win for the W&W Alliance, this time winning on Forget Me Not by 21 shots. Seven winning cards: John Hardman 21-7, Dan Chilton 21-9, Denise Killion 21-13, Nigel Francis 21-14, Keith Underhill 21-16, Frank Newman 21-17 and Melissa Gurdas 21-19.

The Smethwick 'A' sides hopes of retaining the Division 1 title all but come to an end this morning after a dissapointing performance on Greets Green who had not won a game on Farley Park this season. Broomfield 'A' lost by 26 shots with two winning cards, Dave Chilton 21-15 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-17. League leaders Beeches 'A' won away on West Bromwich Labour by 1 shot.

A second win for the Smethwick 'B' side this morning beating Gate, Colley Gate by 29 shots at Portland Road. Impressive cards from Matt Barnwell 21-0 and Frank Newman 21-1, supported by Andy Calvert 21-18 and Chris Price 21-19.