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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...


30/06/08 - Oldbury Seniors lost away to Royal Oak 'A' by 25 shots. Two winners - Sheila Baker 21-5 and Frank Newman 21-12.

29/06/08 - Smethwick 'A' side lost by 4 shots away at Greets Green. Four winning cards: Marc Wilson 21-14, Terry Jones 21-15, Dave Chilton 21-18 and Mark Nemedi 21-20. The 'B' side won at home by 41 shots against Dartmouth. Six winners with best cards from John Wilson 21-4, Phil High 21-6 and Andy Calvert 21-8

28/06/08 - W&W Premier team lost by 40 shots away at Ward End Social. Three winners in Nigel Francis 21-6, John Wilson 21-14 and Marc Wilson 21-6. The Alliance team swept aside the Royal Oak by 90 shots at Broomfield. Nine winners with single figure cards from Tracy Wilkins 21-4, Dave Chilton 21-5, Dan Chilton 21-6 and Karemjit Gurdas 21-7.

27/06/08 - Broomfields first win since Tuesday tonight as the West Bromwich side made it through to the quarter finals of the Handicap Shield. A close game where we eventually edged past W.B.F.S. by 2 shots. At home the worst of starts as Nigel Francis found himself 5-19 to Rachel Bennett. He recovered with a break of 16 to win 21-19, Mark Hadley Snr won 21-14. After two ends at home +9

A similar start away as Keith Underhill beat Mark Cash 21-13 and Dan Chilton beat Steve Fagan 21-20. Overall we were 18 shots ahead with four ends to play. Andy Calvert scored 10 against Scott Nicholls away and John Hardman beat Steve Bennett 21-13 at Broomfield. With John Wilson left at home 15-20 and Terry Jones 9-20 to Alan Bentley at W.B.F.S. the game was heading in favour of the Supporters.

The outcome was 17 for John Wilson and 12 for Terry Jones, enough to win the game by 2 shots. Four winners a piece on a cold Friday evening.

26/06/08 - A second home defeat for the Dudley team as Gate Colley Gate won by 16 shots on Broomfield. The result has put us bottom of Division 2. Just three winners tonight in John Wilson 21-16, Dave Chilton 21-17 and Tracy Wilkins 21-20. Only four of the original side turning up for the start of the game. For Gate CG there were wins for Gary Peniket 21-12, Pete Williams 21-13, Terry Meddings 21-17 and Tim Bastock 21-20.

25/06/08 - Three sides in action tonight but unfortunately no wins to report. The Oldbury 'A' team had two winners on The George losing out by 46 shots, Darren Griffiths 21-14 and Chris Price 21-20. The Oldbury 'B' lost by 38 shots at home to The Gate 'B'. Two winners in Melissa Gurdas 21-5 and Matt Wilkins 21-13. Ted Wilson scored 20.

The West Bromwich side lost by 11 shots away to Penn 'B' but still managed to take 5 points from the game. A good start with three out of four winners in the first four, taking a lead of 4 shots: Andy Calvert 21-12, Terry Jones 21-18 and John Hardman 21-18. Two winners in the back four, John Wilson 21-19 and Nigel Francis 21-17. Fifth placed Bell Inn had five winners at home to third placed Cradley Libs so Broomfield extend the gap at second place to eight points.

24/06/08 - Broomfield came out on top in the second round of The Free Press Cup tonight. A quarter final place now booked against The Gate as we beat M&B Cheslyn Hay by 12 shots. At home three out of four winners: Jonathan Blakeman 21-7, John Wilson 21-8 and Darren Griffiths 21-20. +25 the difference at home. Just one winner away in Chris Price 21-17 but good cards from Mark Nemedi 19-21 and Marc Wilson who scored 17 against David East. The aggregate just -13 away.

23/06/08 - All Averages and Results have been updated upto and including Monday 23rd June 2008.

23/06/08 - Our very own Cads put himself as the front runner for the Arse Of The Year 2008 yesterday. Playing at West Bromwich Labour in the Smethwick Individual Merit, Mark found himself locked in the club toilets after the Steward locked up and went home. Cads had won his first game and was due to go back on the green to play Kirk Stevens of Dartmouth. As 90 minutes passed the police and the fire brigade were called as Mark was confined in what he described as 'Alcatraz'.

Mark finally finished his game just after 6pm! Well done to Marc Wilson who was the only Broomfield qualifier and congratulations to Cads on his possible piece of silverware!

23/06/08 - A close call for the Oldbury Seniors at home this afternoon to Coombswood 'A'. Three winners and three losers as they won by just 5 shots collecting 5 points. Best card came from John Hardman whos 21-1 put him top of the averages. Sheila Baker won 21-10 and Frank Newman ran out from 3-11 to win 21-11.

22/06/08 - Not the best of mornings for the Smethwick 'A' and 'B'. The first team lost out by just 6 shots on Langley. Four winning cards in Dave Chilton 21-10, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-17, Mark Hadley Snr 21-19 and Marc Wilson 21-20. The 'B' side suffered a home defeat for the third season running, this time to The Gate by 7 shots at Broomfield. Five winners was not enough to carry a losing card of 4. Best winner was Andy Calvert 21-12, Dan Chilton beat Greg Smith 21-17. Three 21-19's in Phil High, Tonia Hadley and Frank Newman who came from 2-10 to beat Rob Smith.

22/06/08 - Plenty of new information available on the Oldbury League website with details of the Cup Draw for the Oldbury 'A' and Oldbury 'B', G.T.Wilson Pairs draw with five Broomfield pairs in action and also updated League Tables.

21/06/08 - A drizzle filled afternoon saw the W&W Premier team record their worst result of the season. Just three winners as we lost out by 46 shots away at the Richmond. John Wilson got the game off to a good start, his 21-10 was also his 5th straight win on a Saturday. No winners in the middle four as the difference climbed to 46. Two winners in the back four kept the score the same with Jonathan Blakeman 21-14 and Chris Chilton 21-17.

The W&W Alliance team recorded a season best 95 shot win at home to the Richmond. The first four brought the games two best cards as Andy Calvert (21-1) scored eleven 2's and Marc Hadley Jnr won 21-3. A full house in the middle four with a single figure win for Keith Underhill 21-9. Another three winners followed in the back four, best of which came from Frank Newman 21-4. 10 winners in all and the teams aggregate is at its best so far this season (+99).

20/06/08 - On a very pacey Coseley Tavern green the West Bromwich teams run of good form came to an abrupt end. A loss which gave us just one point and a minus of 83. Captain Terry Jones grafted out a 21-20 but other games saw scores of 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10. Despite the result Broomfield still sit comfortable in 2nd place, 6 points clear of Cradley Libs. Penn 'A' are 23 points clear at the top of Division 1 winning 10 / 11 games.

19/06/08 - Dudley team managed two winners away at The Gate, Colley Gate. 44 shots the difference with wins from Mark Hadley Snr 21-9 and John Wilson 21-16.

18/06/08 - The Oldbury 'A' were lucky to gain a win over the George by 1 shot, just three winners in all. Helped mainly by Mark Nemedi's 21-2. Darren Griffiths 21-11 and Chris Chilton 21-16 were the other winners. The result means we fall to 5th place in Division 1.

The Oldbury 'B' went down by 60 shots against the Gate 'B' at Rood End. One winner in Joe 'Ted' Wilson 21-19. Next best card came from Diane Kazmierowski 20-21.

17/06/08 - It's now 34 points from their last 4 games as the West Bromwich team trounced Penn 'B' by 80 shots at Broomfield tonight. A great start as Keith Underhill 21-3 and Terry Jones 21-4 came off at the same time to open up a 35 shot lead. One more winner in the first four in Dan Chilton 21-17. The second four all won, started by a 21-4 victory for Andy Calvert. Nigel Francis followed with the nights fourth single figure card, 21-5. Chris Price 21-13 and John Hardman 21-19 finished off as Broomfield collected 9 points and firmly established themselves in 2nd place with a game in hand.

15/06/08 - A much needed high plus at home this morning for the Smethwick 'A' team. They beat Greets Green by 78 shots with six winning cards. First cards off were Marc Wilson 21-2, Jonathan Blakeman 21-4 and Dave Chilton 21-5. Mickey Clarke Jnr beat Keith Lawlor 21-18 to leave the game 49 shots in our favour after four ends. Another three winners in the back four: Marc Hadley Jnr 21-8, Mark Hadley Snr 21-10 and Mark Nemedi 21-14 who after being 12-1 down managed a break of 15 at 6-14. Broomfield 'A' 163 - Greets Green 85.

Smethwick 'B' side lost by 41 shots away at Dartmouth. One winner in Phil High 21-4.

14/06/08 - The W&W Premier team claimed a vital win at home today but not before some controversy at Broomfield. Marc Wilson got a winning start with a 21-13 victory over Mark Gamsby. Two winners for Kings Heath Park saw them take a 1 shot lead after three ends. In the game of the day and staring defeat at 8-20 Mark Hadley Snr found form to produce a break of 13 and leave the game level after the first four.

Keith Lawlor was faced with an unfortunate situation after a lack of sportsmanship from John Palmer but at 0-13 managed a vital 15 shots to come off 15-21. Paul Gamsby was the visitors best card with a 21-9 win against Dave Chilton. Terry Jones was always in front of Tom Gamsby and registered a 21-13 victory. The second four was complete when Malcolm Spencer reduced the deficit to 2 shots with a confident 21-13.

Jonathan Blakeman ran out from 12-10 to put the team 9 shots ahead. Darren Griffiths pulled back 5 important shots to score 18 from being 13-20 down. That left Mark Nemedi and Chris Chilton on the green both needing to score 19. Mark Nemedi took a 17-13 lead but Brian Evans came back to win 21-19. Chris Chilton passed the 17 mark to secure the home win and just missed out against Carl Fielding 20-21. Broomfield won the game by 3 shots with just 5 winning cards.

The Alliance team faced a tough test away at league leaders Moseley Cricket Club. Just two winners in their 61 shot defeat. John Hardman won 21-4 and Frank Newman 21-9. Next best cards come from Dan Chilton and Marc Hadley Jnr - both 20-21.

13/06/08 - At Kings Norton the W&W Alliance side beat the British Oak by 2 shots in thw second round of the Alliance Cup. Four winning cards and two 20 losers: Frank Newman 21-10, Dan Chilton 21-18, Keith Underhill 21-18, Denise Killion 21-19, John Hardman 20-21 and Tonia Hadley 20-21.

12/06/08 - On a dismal night and a terrible green, the Dudley team lost by 31 shots at D.M.B.E.C. Only two points collected with Nigel Francis 21-7 and Marc Wilson coming back from 11-17 to win 21-18.

11/06/08 - Three teams in action tonight. The Oldbury 'A' pulled back a bad start to miss out by only 5 shots on M&B Portland Road. Four points collected with wins from Jonathan Blakeman 21-12, Chris Price 21-15, Chris Chilton 21-18 (running out from 12-18) and Darren Griffiths 21-20. Also a good card from Dave Chilton who recovered from 3-12 and 13-19 to score 20 against Mark Atkins.

The West Bromwich team moved onto 63 points with an 11 shot away win on Greets Green. Five winning cards: Terry Jones 21-11, Nigel Francis 21-14, Keith Underhill 21-15 (from 13-15), Andy Calvert 21-18 and John Hardman making it 9 wins out of 9 with a 21-19 victory. The result keeps the team in second place but after next weeks home match they face three consecutive away games.

The Oldbury 'B' secured a third straight win for the first team since rejoining the league. Four winners tonight as they beat Rowley Olympic by 16 shots. Mark Wharton (21-6) and Leigh-Anne Nemedi (21-8) both recorded their best scores of the season. Also wins from Melissa Gurdas 21-12 and Danielle Newman 21-17.

10/06/08 - The West Bromwich team weighed in with their best performance of the season at Broomfield tonight. They beat Coseley Tavern by 60 shots and had 7 winners, collecting 9 points. Some good performances and plenty of games worth a mention.

First card off was the only loser (14), but it was all one way there after. Nigel Francis ran out from 14-10 to win 21-10. He was followed by Dan Chilton who with the help of a 7-0 start beat Martin Bennett 21-16. To round off the first four, captain Terry Jones recorded a single figure win of 21-8. 22 shots up after the first four.

Keith Underhill got the back four off to the perfect start when at 8-5 he ran out with a break of 13 which included six consecutive 2's to win his game 21-5. The final three ends were on for a lot longer as the sun set on Broomfield and the pace of the green changed. At 3-8 Malcolm Spencer had had a poor start but then put in a display of 18-1 to come off 21-9 and extend the lead to 50 shots. Andy Calvert ran out from 16-17 to win 21-17 and he was quickly followed by John Hardman who had also ran out from 15-15 to win 21-15 and take the final aggregate to 60 shots. The 9 point win puts Broomfield in 2nd place with a game in hand.

09/06/08 - A fightback from nowhere at M&B Portland Road tonight saw the Oldbury 'A' team progress to the semi final of the knockout cup. Against the Gate 'A' the game got off to the worst possible start with 4 losers in the first 4. 29 shots down with the game all but gone. The back four turned the game round by 40 shots with Marc Wilson 21-5, Darren Griffiths 21-12 then Mick Barnwell 21-19 followed by Jonathan Blakeman 21-8. End result, Broomfield 139, Gate 128, +11.

There was a no show by Queens Park in the Oldbury 'B' cup match at the Gate. The team also go through to the semi finals.

The Oldbury Seniors team have now cancelled out their early home defeat by winning away on the Royal Oak this afternoon. 12 shots the difference with 7 points collected for the third week running. Winning cards from John Hardman 21-10, Sheila Baker 21-12, Malcolm Spencer 21-17 and Frank Newman 21-20.

08/06/08 - Smethwick 'A' side beat West Bromwich Labour by 22 shots at Broomfield this morning. Six winning cards: Mark Nemedi 21-7, Marc Wilson 21-15, Keith Lawlor 21-16, Jonathan Blakeman 21-16, John Wilson 21-20 and Chris Chilton 21-20 who battled back from 3-12 and 17-20.

This afternoon in a re-arranged fixture the W&W Alliance team lost by 29 shots away at Ward End Cons. Four winning cards: Karemjit Gurdas 21-12, John Capewell 21-14, Denise Killion 21-16 and Darren Griffiths 21-18.

Congratulations to Tracy Wilkins who won her Dudley Ladies county game today against Cheshire. At Langley B.C. Tracy beat Karen Lawler of The Navigation 21-6.

07/06/08 - 26 players turned out for the 38th William Purcell Club Pairs today. John and Joe Wilson beat Ollie Newman and Jonathan Blakeman 21-13 in the final. A good day and a healthy competition. Full report, scores and photos to follow.

05/06/08 - The Dudley team improved on last weeks home shambles with a 56 shot win over D.M.B.E.C. 'A'. Seven winning cards taking the home tally to 24 winners out of the 30 individual games on Broomfield this week. Best cards tonight came from Dan Chilton and Andy Calvet, both 21-5. Also four 21-15's - Jonathan Blakeman, Mark Hadley Snr, Jim Watkin and Karemjit Gurdas.

04/06/08 - Another 8 point win at Broomfield tonight as the Oldbury 'A' team beat M & B Portland Road by 32 shots. M & B certainly had the momentum early doors with Dave Chilton 13-0 down and Mark Hadley Snr 18-7 down. All games in the first four went to the wire. Dave Chilton battled back from a bad start and again from 17-20 to win 21-20, Mark Hadley Snr also fought back only to lose 21-20 on the final end. Mick Barnwell beat Karen Rolls 21-20 and at 15-16 Darren Griffiths ran out to beat Stan Brooks 21-16. 6 shots up after 4 ends.

Jonathan Blakeman had two breaks of 8 in a 21-5 win over Alan Shingleton. Marc Wilson took an 8-1 lead on his way to a 21-12 victory over former Broomfield bowler Mark Atkins. James Dugmore starred for the visitors 21-16 and final card off was Mark Nemedi 21-15.

The Oldbury 'B' side enjoyed a rare away win at Rowley Olympic, picking up 7 points in a 7 shot victory. Four winning cards in Sam Fagan 21-7, Frank Newman 21-8, Joe Wilson 21-11 and Matt Wilkins 21-16.

03/06/08 - After a 3 week gap the West Bromwich team returned to winning ways with a comfortable home performance against Greets Green at Broomfield. Chris Chilton was first off with a 21-7 victory, quickly followed by Andy Calvert 21-9 and Dan Chilton 21-12. After the first four we were 28 shots up. The second four also started with three winners in Nigel Francis 21-11, Keith Underhill 21-11 and John Hardman who beat Martin Dunn 21-12. The end margin was 53 shots with Broomfield picking up 8 points.

02/06/08 - Five winners at Broomfield this afternoon as the Oldbury Seniors beat the Royal Oak 'B' by 27 shots. Best card was John Capewell 21-10, Malcolm Spencer stayed undefeated 21-14. Other winners: John Hardman 21-12, Frank Newman 21-13 and Sheila Baker 21-14.

01/06/08 - Smethwick 'A' team lost by 39 shots away at West Brom Labour this morning. Three winners in Dave Chilton 21-16, Marc Wilson 21-18 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-20.