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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

30/06/06 - For the second time this season the Dudley side had eight winners at home, collecting the maximum ten points. Last night they beat Dudley Sports 'A' by 66 shots. Best cards from Nigel Francis 21-5 and Marc Hadley Jnr 21-6.

The Alliance fixture this Saturday is 12:30pm start, not 3:30pm as shown on team selection. Next weeks Oldbury 'B' fixture against Moor Lane has been cancelled.

28/06/06 - Oldbury 'A' side won away at The Gate by 32 shots. Six winners with best cards from Ollie Newman 21-10 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-11. Special mention for Nigel Freeman who came back from 2-18 to win 21-20, comeback of the season by far.

Oldbury 'B' lost by 4 at home to Thimblemill Rec. Best cards Karen Newman 21-5 and Maureen Wilkins 21-8. Congratulations to Eddie Wilkins who won his first game for Broomfield tonight 21-16.

28/06/06 - W&W Cup draw just received... Premier side face WBFS at RSJC, Alliance side face The George (4th time this year in Cups) at Romsley. Both matches Friday 7th July starting at 7:00pm. W&W 4 Man Team (T.Jones, A.Calvert, J.Blakeman & M.Hadley Jnr) face M&B at WBFS on Monday 17th July starting at 6:45pm.

27/06/06 - West Bromwich side beat Cradley Libs by 46 shots at home. Eight points collected with six winners. Best cards from Keith Underhill and Mark Nemedi, both 21-7.

We have a possible date for the second round of the W&W Arthur Mitchell Cup against West Bromwich Labour : Friday 21st July (TBC). There are now 8 numbers free on our Bonus Ball Fundraiser, please contact Sheila Newman if you would like to purchase a number.

26/06/06 - Oldbury Seniors won away at Greets Green by 7 shots this afternoon. Four winners, best card Frank Newman 21-13 and three 21-17 winners in Bob Gurley, Billy Adams and John Capewell. Dudley team are 4th in Division 3 after their 9 point win last Thursday. 8 points off top spot with two games in hand.

Results and averages are now updated for W&W Premier, W&W Alliance, Smethwick 'A', Smethwick 'B' and Oldbury Seniors.

26/06/06 - W&W Premier side lost away at Boldmere St Michaels by 64 shots. Two winners: Nigel Freeman and Ollie Newman, both 21-19. W&W Alliance team had 12 winners at home beating Lea Hall by 168 shots. Seven single figure winners with best cards from John Hardman 21-0, Mark Healey 21-3 and Karemjit Gurdas 21-3.

Smethwick 'A' side beat Cradley Libs at home by 35 shots. Six winners with best cards from John Jones 21-2, Keith Lawlor 21-7 and Phil High 21-9. Smethwick 'B' side lost away at The Bell Inn by 47 shots with one winner, Terry Jones 21-19.

22/06/06 - Dudley side had seven winners at home tonight, beating Stourbridge Labour 'B' by 51 shots. Best cards came from Nigel Francis 21-4, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-9 and Andy Calvert 21-11. Terry Jones came from 14-2 down to win 21-19 and make it his seventh straight win in the Dudley league.

22/06/06 - Three matches last night. The Oldbury 'A' had seven winners at home to the Gate, winning by 73 shots. Best cards from Nigel Freeman 21-2, Ollie Newman 21-4 and John Wilson 21-8. The Oldbury 'B' side were away at the Thimblemill Rec and lost by 52 shots. Two points collected with wins from Karen Newman 21-14 and Denise Killion 21-16.

The West Bromwich team played at Cradley Libs and lost by 46 shots. Two winners - John Hardman 21-13 and Keith Lawlor 21-17.

Three players kept their unbeaten record last night, Ollie Newman (Oldbury 'A' 9/9), John Hardman (West Brom 9/9) and Denise Killion (Oldbury 'B' 8/8).

21/06/06 - W&W Alliance result now available from the league website. We won away at Tally Ho! by 62 shots with nine winners. Best cards came from Keith Lawlor, Andy Calvert and Terry Jones - all 21-9.

20/06/06 - The West Bromwich side made it through to the last eight of the Handicap Shield with a 66 shot win over Brades Village tonight. At home best cards came from Steve Blakeman 21-2 and Keith Lawlor 21-6 in a 60 shot win. The away side had two winners, Keith Underhill 21-7 and Phil High 21-11.

20/06/06 - The following parts of the site have been updated: W&W Premier averages & reuslts. Oldbury Senior averages & results. Oldbury 'A' Knockout Cup. The Oldbury 'B' side have drawn Old Cross 'B' in the next round of the cup, this match will be played on The George on Monday 24th July at 7:00pm.

The sample Broomfield drill top was handed out on Thursday 8th June but never returned. If anyone has it can you please return it asap to myself or David Banks.

19/06/06 - The Oldbury Seniors collected full points for the first time this season with a 60 shot home win against Greets Green this afternoon. Six winners - Sheila Baker 21-3, Frank Newman 21-4, Chris Price 21-12, Malcolm Spencer 21-13, Billy Adams 21-14 and John Capewell winning his first game this year 21-20.

19/06/06 - Current league positions are as follows: W&W Premier: 11th. W&W Alliance: 1st. Oldbury 'A': 3rd. Oldbury 'B': 5th. Oldbury Seniors: 5th. West Bromwich: 5th. Smethwick 'A': 1st. Smethwick 'B': 2nd.

14/06/06 - Oldbury 'A' lost away at the Old Cross by 35 shots. Two winners, Ollie Newman 21-8 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-18. Oldbury 'B' lost at home by 10 shots. Three winners, Denise Killion 21-2, Karen Newman 21-12 and Maureen Wilkins 21-15.

Dudley team played their match one day early. They travelled to Stourbridge Labour and lost by 53 shots. Three points collected with wins from Marc Hadley Jnr 21-15, Terry Jones 21-18 and Dave Chilton 21-20.

13/06/06 - Warwick & Worcester Alliance team beat Tally Ho! by 136 shots at home. Eleven winners with six single figure cards. Best winners: Chris Price 21-2, Keith Underhill 21-2 and Tony Rowley 21-4.

13/06/06 - Oldbury 'A' side lost in the second round of the cup to the George 'A' on the Gate last night. Two winners, Ollie Newman and John Wilson both 21-11. Oldbury 'B' side won at Langley, beating the Londonderry by 10 shots. Four winners with best cards from Tonia Hadley 21-8 and Terry Jones 21-15.

The West Bromwich team have drawn Brades Village in the second round of the Handicap Shield. This match will take place on Friday 23rd June (TBC).

Oldbury seniors lost away at Coombswood on Monday afternoon. One winner, Chris Price 21-12.

11/06/06 - W&W Premier side lost at Moseley CC on Saturday morning by 99 shots. One winner, Matt Barnwell beating John Sturdy 21-18. Smethwick 'A' side lost away at Cradley Libs by 77 shots with no winners. Best card John Jones 17-21. Smethwick 'B' won at home by 25 shots with five winners. Best cards from Karemjit Gurdas 21-10, Chris Price 21-13 and Dave Chilton 21-13.

Premier & Alliance teams won in the cup on Friday night. Click the links to view the scorecards.

08/06/06 - The Oldbury 'A' won at home last night by 59 shots against the Old Cross. Six winners with four single figure cards: Ollie Newman 21-3, John Wilson 21-8, Jonathan Blakeman 21-9 and John Jones 21-9. The Oldbury 'B' lost at Colley Gate by 47 shots with two winners, Maureen Wilkins 21-5 and Denise Killion 21-17.

On Monday the Oldbury Seniors lost in the second round of cup to Dudley Dell on Langley. No winners with the best card coming from Chris Price 20-21. Oldbury Seniors lost at home on Tuesday to Coombswood by 5 shots. Best card Frank Newman 21-8. Malcolm Spencer made his return after seven years away from bowls, winning 21-11.

06/06/06 - We lost in the first round of the Free Press Cup tonight. At home only two winners, Mick Barnwell 21-13 and Ollie Newman 21-15 winning by 7 shots. At The George only one winner, Chris Price 21-15 and the team lost by 29 shots. In total a 24 shot loss, click here to view the scorecard.

05/06/06 - Click here to view the proposal for the 2006 presentation.

04/06/06 - Club pairs was won by Nigel Freeman and Frank Newman yesterday. They beat Mark Hadley Snr and Mark Nemedi in the final, view all the games by clicking here. It was the best turn out in years with 30 entrants.

Smethwick 'A' side won at home this morning, beating the Beeches by 51 shots. Six winners with best cards from Mick Barnwell and Jonathan Blakeman, both 21-8. The 'B' side had only one winner at The Towers in Great Barr, Mark Nemedi 21-16. The team lost by 43 shots.

01/06/06 - Oldbury 'A' lost at W.B.F.S. last night by 10 shots. Three winners, all of whom remain undefeated in the Oldbury League - Ian Tew 21-6, Matt Barnwell 21-9 and Ollie Newman 21-9. The Oldbury 'B' won at home by 23 shots. Five winners with best cards from Sam Fagan 21-2, Denise Killion 21-5 and Maureen Wilkins 21-6. Congratulations to Cameron Gurdas who won his first game for Broomfield last night 21-16.