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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

19/05/16 - Averages and results updated.

17/05/16 - Mark Hadley will be placing an order for club shirts on Monday 23rd May. Colours available are the traditional dark/navy blue and also pink. Sizes: S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL. Shirts are priced at £15.00 each and an order of at least 10 in total is required to cover the carriage charge. Please contact Mark on 07912 076 849 or

17/05/16 - Broomfield awarded next W&W Senior County fixture - On Sunday 5th June we will host the home leg of Warwick & Worcester vs Cumbria. Broomfield last hosted a senior county fixture back in July 2000 whilst we were still based at Smethwick Cricket Club. For a senior county fixture at Portland Road it has been a much longer wait, 31 years to be precise. In June 1985 Warwick & Worcester faced Cumbria and won the home leg by 51 shots.

The home team has been confirmed as:

  1. Ryan Prosser (King George V)
  2. Neil Clarke (Tanworth In Arden)
  3. Elliott McGuinness (George)
  4. Stewart Meddings (Royal Oak)
  5. Andrew Saunders (W.B.F.S.C.)
  6. Paul Gamsby (Kings Heath Park)
  7. Jon Palmer (Kings Heath Park)
  8. Tom Pritchard (King George V)
  9. Greg Smith (W.B.F.S.C) - Captain
  10. Justin Hemmings (Kings Heath Park)
  11. Paul Hemming (George)
  12. Chris Bergin (King George V)

Reserves: Adam Patrick (Moor Lane), Jack Whitehead (Moor Lane)

17/05/16 - Averages and results updated.

02/05/16 - "Remembering Joe Russell" - Click here to read an article on former Club Captain Joe Russell who sadly passed away in April aged 89.

01/05/16 - Averages and results updated.

26/04/16 - Another first for Broomfield at Portland Road, this time a W&W Junior County match on Sunday 8th May. W&W take on Cheshire, the home team on Broomfield as follows:

  1. Adam Patrick (Moor Lane) - Captain
  2. Lucas Hall (Great Barr)
  3. Matthew Grundy (Boldmere Sports)
  4. Callum James (Sutton Park)
  5. Shannon Kernick (Baldwin)
  6. Matthew Parkes (Great Barr)
  7. Dawson Rose (Royal Oak)
  8. Jack Newsome (Baldwin)
  9. Emily Kernick (Baldwin)
  10. Reece Maskell (Colebrook)
  11. Jordan Bradbury (New Inns, Four Oaks)
  12. Jack Whitehead (Moor Lane)

Reserves: Ben Pritchard (King George V), Joshua Handley (Hamstead Social), Harry Davis (Royal Oak), Ryan Hocknull (WBFSC), Chris Pollard (Sutton Park).

26/04/16 - Averages and results updated.

26/04/16 - On Friday 13th May the first round of the W&W Premier 'A' Cup takes place. Broomfield will play Tanworth In Arden on the British Oak. There is no game on the Broomfield green but Boldmere St Michaels and the Baldwin face each other on the M&B green. Broomfield have a bye in the new W&W Alliance / Business Houses Cup and will play the Baldwin in Round 2 on Friday 17th June.

24/04/16 - Averages and results updated.

15/04/16 -Read Brian Halford's article on the Edgbaston Foundation Sports Ground, published on on Thursday 14th April. Both Broomfield and M&B bowling club get a mention.

14/04/16 - The funeral of Joe Russell, life member and our first W&W captain will take place on Tuesday 19th April. The family welcomes past bowling friends and those that remember him from his time at Broomfield.

  • 1:15pm - Church service at St Huberts, Wolverhampton Road
  • 2:30pm - Powke Lane Cemetery, Rowley Regis
  • 4:00pm - Drinks at Edgbaston Palace Hotel, Hagley Road

11/04/16 - Averages now online for the opening fixtures of the 2016 season.

28/03/16 - Fixtures for the 2016 season are now on the website for all eight teams. See "Fixtures & Results".

28/03/16 - The league tables section of this website has been updated to ensure any links direct to the various league websites. If a direct link to a leagues tables is not available you will be directed to that particular leagues statistics page or homepage.

28/03/16 - Please see the team selection page for updated details concerning the 2016 season.

28/03/16 - Timelines for the 2015 season and 2016 so far have been updated in the history section of this website.

28/03/16 - The first round of the Dudley Herald Cup takes place on Friday 8th April. Broomfield have a bye and will play in the second round on Friday 29th April.

In the Oldbury Cup both Broomfield 'A' and Broomfield 'B' have received byes. The 'A' team will face George 'A' in the first round in a 4-home 4-away tie to be played by Wednesday 1st June. The 'B' team feature in the Division 3 & 4 Knockout Cup and will play the winner of Thimblemill Recreation Club and R.S.J.C. 'B'.

27/03/16 - The season kicks off next Saturday (2nd April) with a pre-season friendly at home to Ward End Cons, 3:00pm start. On Sunday 3rd April the Smethwick 'B' team are in action on Coombs Wood vs Towers 'A' in the prelimiary round of the Consolation Cup. At 1:00pm on the same day the first selection meeting will take place at the club.

27/03/16 - See calendar for a full list of April's league and cup matches. 2016 membership list updated.

15/03/16 - Junior trials for the WWCBA will take place at Broomfield on Sunday 10th April, 1:30pm for a 2:00pm start. There is no lower age limit.

10/03/16 - The green opens on Saturday 12th March and Sunday 13th March, opening fully from Saturday 19th March onwards. A working party has been organised for Saturday 19th March between 9:30am and 1:00pm.