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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

29/05/12 - Apologies for the lack of updates over the past 12 days, did not have an internet connection until this morning. Will start small match reports again from 1st June. Averages and results are updated and online.

Two years ago today (29.05.2010) the final match was played on Broomfield before relocating to Portland Road on 30.05.2010.

17/05/12 -The first round of the Free Press Cup against Ward End Cons (6 home, 6 away) has been arranged for Friday 1st June.

16/05/12 - Broomfield made the short trip in Oldbury Division 1 to take on the George 'A' tonight. After four ends the scores were level at 74-74 and Broomfield had three points in the bag with wins for Mick Barnwell 21-14, Darren Griffiths 21-19 and Ollie Newman 21-20. One more point in the back four (Jonathan Blakeman 21-13) as the George had three winners themselves and won the match by 15 shots. The result puts the George 'A' on 43 points after 6 games with Broomfield in second place on 40 points with a game in hand.

Five winners for the West Bromwich side at home, beating the Green Man by 42 shots (159-117). Welcome back to Malcolm Spencer who played his first game of the 2012 season winning 21-4. Also wins for Jake Dancer 21-8, Matt Barnwell 21-10, Alan Parsons 21-13 and Keith Underhill 21-19. Elsewhere in Division 1 Rowley Labour (8pts) won away at Hamstead 'A' (3pts), WBFS 'A' (6pts) won at home vs Cradley Sports (4pts) and Coseley Tavern (6pts) also won at home against The Stile 'A' (4pts).

13/05/12 - Top spot remains with Broomfield 'B' in Division 2 of the Smethwick league after a second away win of the season, this time against West Bromwich Football Supporters Club (WBFSC). Four winners in a 22 shot victory: Paul Newman 21-5, Denise Killion 21-6, Matt Barnwell 21-9 and John Hardman 21-10.

The Smethwick 'A' game at home to Cradley Heath Libs was cancelled because the W&W Junior Individual Merit Finals were being held on the Portland Road green. Eddie Wakeman of WBFSC won the competition.

12/05/12 - The W&W Premier team put last weeks disappointment behind them with 11 winners at home to Boldmere Sports & Social. In a 94 shot victory Andy Calvert (21-6) and Chris Price (21-9) recorded single figure wins. Terry Jones won 21-12 on his 100th game in the W&W Premier side. There were also wins for Jonathan Blakeman 21-10, Darren Griffiths 21-11, John Wilson 21-11, Dan Chilton 21-11, Chris Chilton 21-13, Ollie Newman 21-13, Joe Wilson 21-15 and Mick Barnwell 21-20. Broomfield remain in 3rd place after Woodbourne beat M&B at home by 81 shots and the Royal Oak won by 38 shots away at the Bradford Arms.

Four winners for the W&W Alliance side who lost by 48 shots at Sutton Park. Wins for Keith Underhill 21-11, Jim Watkin 21-11, Mark Hadley Snr 21-13 and Tonia Hadley 21-20. Sheila Newman played her first game for nearly 16 years to ensure that the team did not go one short.

11/05/12 - Broomfield are out of the W&W Arthur Mitchell 'Bomber' Cup after a 50 shot defeat to Kings Heath Park. In a 6 home 6 away match Broomfield had one winner at each venue. At home the team lost by 31 shots with Andy Calvert winning 21-15. At Kings Heath Park Broomfield lost by 19 shots with Dan Chilton the only winner 21-13.

10/05/12 - Six winners for the Dudley team against the Wernley 'A' tonight. Winning cards for John Wilson 21-3, Joe Wilson 21-3, John Hardman 21-8, Denise Killion 21-11, Carl Blakeman 21-14 and Pauline Broadhead 21-16. Final scores 158-97 (+61 & 8pts).

09/05/12 - The Oldbury side continued their good home form with a 58 shot win against the George 'A'. Three winners in the first four, Chris Chilton 21-7, John Wilson 21-13 and Ollie Newman 21-17. Four winners in the back four added another 38 shots to the aggregate: Darren Griffiths 21-7, Chris Price 21-10, Jonathan Blakeman 21-12 and Dan Chilton 21-17. Seven winners was the best home result against the George 'A' in Oldbury Division 1 in over a decade. Broomfield are now one point behind the George with a game in hand but history shows that the away fixture will be much tougher, Broomfield only averaging 1.3pts a game over the past six seasons.

At the Green Man the West Bromwich team had four winners but lost the match by 12 shots. Winning cards for Keith Lawlor 21-11, Terry Jones 21-13, Jake Dancer 21-16 and Joe Wilson 21-16 who made it three wins from three, all away from home.

08/05/12 - In the first round of the Mick Edmunds Memorial Trophy the West Bromwich team completed a convincing win against second placed Hamstead 'A'. In a 4 home 4 away match it was a full house at Portland Road with wins for Joe Wilson 21-6, Terry Jones 21-7, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-18 and Matt Barnwell 21-19. The home score 84-50 (+34). At Hamstead the scores were tied at 74-74 with wins for Keith Underhill and John Hardman - both 21-16.

07/05/12 -The first local derby of the season resulted in a tight win for Broomfield, 17 shots the victory margin for the W&W Premier side against M&B in Premier 3. Eight winners with best cards coming from Joe Wilson, John Wilson and Ollie Newman (all 21-12). In the return fixture on M&B last Saturday Broomfield went down by 23 shots as winners were shared. One stand out card for Broomfield in Andy Calvert (21-2) who made it three wins out of three this season, all of which have been single figures.

After a 90 shot bashing away at Great Barr the W&W Alliance team have recovered well with wins both away and home against the Drakes Drum. In the away fixture Broomfield won by 14 shots with seven winning cards. A single figure win for John Hardman (21-8). The match was tighter at Portland Road, only five winners in an 18 shot victory - four of which were single figures: Carl Blakeman 21-5, Dave Childs 21-6, Mark Hadley Snr 21-8 and Keith Lawlor 21-9.

The Oldbury fixture away at Gate, Colley Gate was rained off on 25th April. One week later Broomfield recorded their best Oldbury result since moving to Portland Road in 2010. All eight winners (10pts) in a 105 shot victory. Single figure wins for Jonathan Blakeman 21-1, Ollie Newman 21-2, Darren Griffiths 21-5, Mick Barnwell 21-6 and Dave Chilton 21-9. The team sit 2nd in Division 1, nine points adrift of the George with a game in hand.

Two close results for the West Bromwich side against the Pheasant with winners and points shared equally over the home and away fixtures. At Portland Road Broomfield won by 10 shots. Four winners with single figure cards for Keith Underhill 21-5 and Matt Barnwell 21-6. At the Pheasant one week later Broomfield had the first four losers but recovered in the back four to gain four points with wins for Keith Lawlor 21-14, Jake Dancer 21-15, Joe Wilson 21-16 and Marc Hadley Jnr 21-20. Broomfield lost the game by 16 shots but the result does see the side in 3rd place in Division 1.

Only 5 points recorded for the Dudley team over the past two weeks with losses away from home against Cradley Sports and the Wernley 'A'. At Cradley the team were defeated by 58 shots, winning cards for Denise Killion 21-13 and Carl Blakeman 21-20. At the Wernley the result was a little closer (-20) with wins for John Wilson 21-1, Melissa Gurdas 21-14 and Cameron Gurdas 21-20.

Ollie Newman's Smethwick 'A' side remain undefeated in Division 1 but the away fixture at Greets Green was rained off on 29th April. At Cradley Heath Libs the team had seven winners in a 35 shot victory. Best cards coming from Chris Chilton 21-8 and Dan Chilton 21-13.

The Smethwick 'B' team beat Woodman Saltwells at home by 55 shots. The league tables suggest this was the only fixture in the Smethwick league that beat the rain on 29th April. Four winners and one walkover for Jim Watkin's side. Single figure cards from Keith Lawlor 21-4 and Terry Jones 21-8. Another win followed at Portland Road this Sunday but the team only had two winners against W.B.F.S.C. and won the match by 5 shots. The two winners were both single figures: Terry Jones 21-2 and Matt Barnwell 21-5.

07/05/12 - Some match reports to follow later for games played over the past two weeks, but for now all averages and results are updated and April's news is now archived. Thanks to all of you that supported the website in April, the 2679 page loads was the highest activity for a single month since August 2006.