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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

30/05/11 - With all members having access to the internet and smart-phone users always increasing we will trial updates via Twitter starting from today. The website will still be updated but Twitter users will receive quicker updates to news and results as well as brief information on cup competitions, table positions and selection news. It will also be used to keep members informed about events at the main club as Michelle needs as much support as possible to keep Portland Pavilion open. Twitter is a free app for iPhone users, internet only users can follow by using the link below. The trial will last until the end of July.

30/05/11 - Please view the photo section to see some new images added to the website recently. These date back to the 1980's and 1990's and come from the large collection of photos which we no longer have the space to display (some of these used to be in the pavilion at Broomfield). New additions include 1980's Part 2, The Rabbit Hat, 1991 S.F.Jones Cup Final, 1993 S.F.Jones Cup Final and restored photos from 1980 and 1986. More photos to follow in the near future.

30/05/11 - A wet and miserable Bank Holiday Monday but today is the one year anniversary of Broomfield's move to Portland Road. Many thanks to the M&B bowls section for the opportunity they gave us to keep Broomfield going as a club and to Michelle and all the staff at Portland Pavilion who have made us feel very welcome over the past 12 months.

Broomfield have invested heavily since the move and visiting sides have commented on the improvements made. The Midland Masters return to Portland Road in September and a successful competition could see the club awarded with the All England.

29/05/11 - Seven winners, one spilit jack and one lost mat as the Smethwick 'A' won their cup match with ease against Cradley Heath Libs at Langley this morning. No single figure winners but a 39 shot win: Dave Chilton 21-11, John Wilson 21-11, Chris Chilton 21-12, Ollie Newman 21-15, Mick Barnwell 21-15, Keith Lawlor 21-16 and Dan Chilton 21-20.

The Smethwick 'B' side lost their cup match by 35 shots to Lea Hall, the match was played at Boldmere Sports & Social. Two winners for Broomfield in Terry Jones 21-16 and Andy Calvert 21-19.

29/05/11 - One year ago today Broomfield left Smethwick Cricket Club. The club signed off on a positive note with the Alliance side playing the final match on "Broomfield" and winning by over 100 shots and the Premier side won away at West Bromwich Labour by 1 shot, a result which turned out to be the one that kept them in Premier 2 in 2011.

28/05/11 - The W&W Premier side travelled to Royal Austin British Legion having challenged at both Drakes Drum and Sutton Park this season. This game turned out to be the first where Broomfield did not challenge the home side. On a green which had good pace and a true surface the "RABL" made the early inroads with three single figure winners in the first four. Broomfield had one winner in Chris Price 21-20 but found themselves 39 shots behind. Winners were shared in the middle four (Jonathan Blakeman 21-12, Dan Chilton 21-20) but Broomfield were another 10 shots behind, the aggregate now 49 and the win well out of sight. The winners were again shared in the back four with Broomfield only dropping three shots. Mick Barnwell made it a winning return (21-15) and Darren Griffiths found a first win since the opening fixture, winning 21-20 at number 12. A mention must also go to Andy Calvert who bowled as well as anyone else to score 17 from 18-4 behind. Next Saturday the W&W Premier team take on the Brookhill at Portland Road. Last season this fixture was a lively one, Broomfield had five winners and lost by two shots with the match going to the final few ends.

The struggle in Division 1 continues for the W&W Alliance side. A sixth straight defeat, this time at home to Tanworth In Arden. Winners were shared but Broomfield lost by 20 shots with the best card being 21-17. There were comebacks for both Tracy Wilkins (14-18) and Paul Newman (14-20) who both ran out to win their games 21-18 and 21-20 respectively. Wins also for Denise Killion 21-17, Tonia Hadley 21-17, Keith Underhill 21-20 and Nigel Francis 21-20. Denise's team take on West Bromwich Labour next Saturday, the first time the teams have met in the Alliance league since June 2003. That day Broomfield lost out by 26 shots with best cards coming from Paul Newman 21-6 and Keith Underhill 21-8.

26/05/11 - An away win for the Dudley 'A' at Woodman Saltwells tonight. Five winners for Broomfield as they won by 10 shots: Chris Price 21-6, John Wilson 21-10, Nigel Francis 21-13, Dan Chilton 21-16 and Joe Wilson 21-18. The win takes the team from the bottom of Division 2 up to 9th.

The Dudley 'B' were less fortunate at home to the Wernley 'B'. Three winners in the first four put Broomfield 25 shots ahead (Ollie Newman 21-2, Jonathan Blakeman 21-3, John Hardman 21-20). The next three cards all went in the favour of the away side which left Matt Wilkins on the green 14-5 down with Broomfield trailing by 5 shots. Matt put a 14-shot break together and at 19-14 looked like he was going to snatch the victory for the team. Matt won his game 21-17 which left the final score at 125-126, but still a great card for Matt who kept his cool and bowled the corners very well.

25/05/11 - Eight points for the West Bromwich team tonight as they beat Greets Green by 35 shots at home. First wins for John Hardman 21-8 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-18. Wins also for Malcolm Spencer 21-11, Terry Jones 21-12, Marc Hadley Jnr 21-13 and Matt Barnwell 21-16. The win moves Broomfield up three places in Division 1 with two games in hand over most the teams above them.

No game for the Oldbury side as the George cancelled to play Chadsmoor in the Free Press Cup. This match will now take place on Tuesday 14th June. The day before Broomfield will take on Portland Road 'A' in the Oldbury Knockout Cup, this match will take place on the George, 7pm start with Broomfield to provide equipment.

22/05/11 - Former Lightwoods, Broomfield and M&B bowler Ernie Dent passed away in his sleep sometime on Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning. A county stalwart who spent most of his playing years with Lightwoods before moving to M&B in 2000. Ernie also had two spells with Broomfield. One in the mid 1970's where he formed part of an Oldbury side that won Division 1 three years running and later on in the late 1990's and early 2000's where he played for our pensioners team. Funeral details are as follows: the funeral procession will leave 128 Thimblemill Road at 2:45pm on Friday 27th May. The service will take place at Sandwell Valley Crematorium (West Bromwich) at 3:15pm followed by a celebration of Ernie's life at the Pheasant Inn, 273 Abbey Road Smethwick, Warley. All welcome.

22/05/11 - Defeats for both the Smethwick 'A' and 'B' teams this morning. A below par performance by the 'A' side saw them lose to West Bromwich Labour by 10 shots at home. Just three winners in Dan Chilton 21-13, Marc Wilson 21-15 and John Wilson 21-17. The 'B' side lost by 30 shots at W.B.F.S. but did manage three winners: Terry Jones 21-14, Chris Price 21-17 and Darren Griffiths 21-19.

21/05/11 - A very tight game today for the W&W Premier side who took on Royal Austin British Legion at home. A very quiet start which saw us 9 shots behind after the first four. One winner for Broomfield in John Wilson 21-19. Still 8 shots behind after the middle four where the winners were shared (Chris Price 21-17, Dave Chilton 21-17). Three winners in the back four saw Broomfield turn the game around (+26). Wins for Jonathan Blakeman 21-2, Dan Chilton 21-18 and finally Chris Chilton 21-14. 18 shots the difference and more importantly another two points on the board in Premier 2.

The W&W Alliance team slipped to their fifth straight defeat by 70 shots at Tanworth In Arden. Two winners for Broomfield in Cameron Gurdas and Keith Underhill - both 21-11.

20/05/11 - An early exit for Broomfield in the W&W Premier Cup. Taking on Acocks Green Legion at the British Oak, Broomfield had two winners in the first four and were only 4 shots behind (John Wilson 21-15, Chris Chilton 21-18). One winner in the back four (Chris Price 21-19) as Broomfield eventually ducked out by 18 shots.

19/05/11 - Five winners for the Dudley 'A' tonight as they beat Woodman Saltwells by 31 shots. Five winners: John Wilson 21-8, Nigel Francis 21-11, Mark Hadley Snr 21-11, Denise Killion 21-13 and Dan Chilton 21-16.

The Dudley 'B' had a great start away from home against the Wernley 'B'. Three winners in the first four put the team 32 shots in front. Carl Blakeman 21-0, Karen Newman 21-10 and Dave Childs winning in his first ever game 21-15. Three winners for the Wernley then reduced the margin to +3 but last man on Matt Wilkins gave Broomfield the victory, winning 21-13.

18/05/11 - After a two week break the Oldbury team returned to action tonight against the George 'A'. A very tight first four with three 21-20's and one 21-19. Two Broomfield winners in Mick Barnwell 21-20 and Chris Price who recovered from 2-15 to win 21-20. The George's winners were Paddy McGuinness 21-19 and Gary Peniket 21-20. Points were also shared in the second four with Ollie Newman 21-9 and John Wilson 21-10 for Broomfield and Mick McGuinness 21-17 and Martin McGuinness 21-18 for the George. 15 shots the final difference as Broomfield collected 6 points.

The West Bromwich team also returned to action after a two week break and travelled to Greets Green. Winners were also shared in this fixture but Broomfield ended on the losing side by 24 shots. Wins for Terry Jones 21-12, Keith Underhill 21-16, Dan Chilton 21-18 and Nigel Francis 21-19.

15/05/11 - The Smethwick 'A' won away at Greets Green this morning for only the second time in the last 5 seasons. 10 shots the difference with wins from Ollie Newman 21-4, Chris Chilton 21-16, Mick Barnwell 21-17 and John Wilson 21-19. Also a win for the 'B' team at home to Lea Hall by 8 shots, four winners for Broomfield: Darren Griffiths 21-7, Matt Barnwell 21-9, Chris Price 21-14 and Terry Jones 21-14.

14/05/11 - The W&W Premier side had a great start away at Sutton Park, 34 shots up after four ends. Wins for Jonathan Blakeman 21-7, Marc Wilson 21-10, Ollie Newman 21-15 and John Wilson 21-18 against a Sutton Park first four that included Steve Carter, Andy Nuttall and Dave Sadler. Despite a great atmosphere and support throughout Broomfield could not contain the lead and only managed one other winner in Mick Barnwell 21-19. Sutton Park had seven winners from the final eight games and clocked up 70 shots in the process. 44 shots the final difference.

The tough start to the season continues for Denise Killion's W&W Alliance team who lost at home by 17 shots to New Inns Four Oaks. Six winners yesterday for Broomfield: Malcolm Spencer 21-8, Jim Watkin 21-11, Frank Newman 21-12, Matt Barnwell 21-16, Cameron Gurdas 21-17 and Denise Killion 21-19.

12/05/11 - One winner on the Royal Oak for the Dudley 'A' team. Captain Joe Wilson won 21-20 with the team losing by 61 shots.

A tight win for the Dudley 'B' who had four winners at home to the Wernley 'A'. Jonathan Blakeman 21-4, Karen Newman 21-6, Tracy Wilkins 21-9 and Andy Calvert 21-14. Four former Broomfield bowlers featured for the opposition with wins for Karemjit Gurdas 21-6, Janos Nemedi 21-7 and Mark Nemedi 21-14. Not the only former Broomfield bowlers in action at Portland Road this week with Nigel Freeman (Coseley Athletic) and Phil High (RSJC) who played against M&B on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

09/05/11 - Four winners at home in the Free Press Cup tonight (+20) Darren Griffiths 21-6, Dave Chilton 21-10, Matt Barnwell 21-16 and John Wilson 21-19. At Bedworth (-66) Broomfield had one winning card (Dan Chilton 21-11) and five single figure losers.

08/05/11 - A comfortable home win this morning for the Smethwick 'A'. On a very sluggish green after the weekend rain, Broomfield 'A' won by 64 shots with six winners: Chris Chilton 21-4, Dan Chilton 21-5, John Wilson 21-6, Ollie Newman 21-7, Jonathan Blakeman 21-14 and Marc Wilson 21-16.

The Smethwick 'B' team lost by 1 shot away at Lea Hall. 14 shots behind after the first four with one winner (Chris Price 21-8). Three winners and a 17 loser in the back four: Denise Killion 21-20, Darren Griffiths 21-6 and Matt Barnwell 21-20.

The W&W Premier side take on Bedworth tomorrow in the first round of this years Free Press Cup. 7:00pm start.

07/05/11 - The W&W Premier side beat a good Sutton Park team by 23 shots at home. Six winners for each team, Broomfield up by 11 shots after four ends (John Wilson 21-6, Terry Jones 21-11) but went into the back four, eight shots behind. Four winners at the back added 31 shots to the aggregate: Jonathan Blakeman 21-13 followed by Ollie Newman 21-8, Dan Chilton 21-16 and finally Chris Chilton 21-16. The Park's best cards came from Stuart Threlfall 21-8 and Dave Sadler 21-14.

Three winning cards for the Alliance side who lost by 44 shots at New Inns, Four Oaks. Paul Newman 21-6, Malcolm Spencer 21-17 and Ted Wilson 21-18.

05/05/11 - Dudley 'A' lost at home to the Royal Oak by 22 shots. Three winners for Broomfield: Ollie Newman 21-6, Mick Barnwell 21-12 and John Wilson 21-20. The Dudley 'B' also had three winners, losing at The Wernley by 17 shots: John Hardman 21-6, Tracy Wilkins 21-14 and Barney Coleman 21-15.

03/05/11 - One month in to the 2011 season with mixed fortunes for Broomfield's eight teams:

W&W Premier (Premier Division 2, Captain: Darren Griffiths) - A positive start at home with a 26 shot win against the Drakes Drum. It was the first home win for the Premier side since 7th August 2010 when we beat Ye Olde Knowle by 50 shots. Best winners against the Drakes Drum were Ollie Newman 21-6, Marc Wilson 21-10, Jonathan Blakeman 21-10 and Daniel Chilton 21-10. In the reverse fixture the margin was also 26 shots. Broomfield on the losing side but six winning cards in Ollie Newman 21-9, John Wilson 21-12, Jonathan Blakeman 21-17, Daniel Chilton 21-19, Chris Chilton 21-19 and Chris Price 21-20. In the W&W Premier Cup Broomfield will play Acocks Green Legion on the British Oak on Friday 20th May. In the Arthur Mitchell Cup we face the Greville Arms 'B' with the match to be played by Sunday 29th May. On Monday 9th May the Premier team take on Bedworth in the first round of the Free Press Cup.

W&W Alliance (Alliance Division 1, Captain: Denise Killion) - A tough welcome back to Alliance 1 with defeats away and at home to Moor Lane. On the opening day of the season the side lost by 121 shots with one winner (Keith Lawlor 21-17). A 5 shot home defeat followed last Saturday with five winners: Malcolm Spencer 21-8, Paul Newman 21-11, Frank Newman 21-13, Cameron Gurdas 21-14 and Tonia Hadley 21-19. In the W&W Alliance Cup Broomfield have a bye into Round 2 where they will take on Hall Green. The Alliance side also have a bye in the Arthur Mitchell Cup and will play the Brookhill in Round 2.

Oldbury (Division 1, Captain: Marc Wilson) - Broomfield currently sit top of Division 1 with three wins from the opening four matches. Home wins of 65 shots (9pts) and 57 shots (8pts) against Woodman Saltwells and the Old Cross. Most recently an 18 shot away win against the Old Cross with six winning cards: Ollie Newman 21-9, Darren Griffiths 21-10, Marc Wilson 21-13, John Wilson 21-18, Mick Barnwell 21-20 and Dave Chilton 21-20. In the Cup Broomfield have a bye into the quarter finals and will take on Portland Road 'A' on Monday 13th June (venue still to be confirmed).

West Bromwich (Division 1, Captain: Terry Jones) - One win from four for Terry's team who sit 7th in Division 1. Last Wednesday the team recorded a 41 shot home win against Cradley Sports. Six winners: Malcolm Spencer 21-4, Nigel Francis 21-7, Dan Chilton 21-11, Terry Jones 21-14, Matt Barnwell 21-18 and Marc Hadley Jnr 21-20. Broomfield will play West Bromwich Labour 'A' in the first round of The Mick Edmunds Memorial Trophy. This is a 4 home, 4 away competition and the match must be played on or before Tuesday 7th June.

Dudley 'A' (Division 2, Captain: Joe Wilson) - Home wins and away defeats from the first four games but a total of 15 points puts Broomfield 'A' in 11th place. Four winners each last Thursday with a 17 shot win against Coseley Tavern. Winning cards from John Wilson 21-6, Cameron Gurdas 21-9, Alan Parsons 21-13 and Dan Chilton 21-15. In the Dudley Herald Cup the team were beaten by Dudley Dell by 59 shots, Chris Chilton the only winner 21-20.

Dudley 'B' (Division 6, Captain: Jonathan Blakeman) - Four straight wins for the Dudley 'B' with 8 points gained from each fixture. Last Thursday a genuine Dudley 'B' side was fielded with no need to select any senior players for the very first time. Therefore it was a great achievement for the team to then win away at the Baggeridge by 6 shots. Five winners in Barney Coleman 21-7, Melissa Gurdas 21-14, Pauline Broadhead 21-14, Danielle Newman 21-19 and Matt Wilkins 21-20.

Smethwick 'A' (Division 1, Captain: Ollie Newman) - A 70 shot home win opened the season against Great Barr with five single figure winners: Dave Chilton 21-6, Marc Wilson 21-6, Jonathan Blakeman 21-7, Ollie Newman 21-8 and Mick Barnwell 21-8. A narrow defeat followed at Great Barr (-6) with wins from Ollie Newman 21-14, Dan Chilton 21-14, Chris Chilton 21-16 and John Wilson 21-18. Yesterday the team won away at Cradley Heath Libs by 17 shots with six winners: Ollie Newman 21-8, Keith Lawlor 21-14, Marc Wilson 21-16, Mick Barnwell 21-16, Jonathan Blakwman 21-17 and Dan Chilton 21-19.

Smethwick 'B' (Division 2, Captain: Jim Watkin) - Wins both away and at home against the Glasscutters. The team won by 5 shots on the Glasscutters - Matt Barnwell 21-10. Yesterday at Portland Road the team had 5 winners and won by 31 shots: Matt Barnwell 21-6, Tonia Hadley 21-6, Darren Griffiths 21-10, Joe Wilson 21-18 and Jim Watkin 21-20.