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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

31/05/06 - West Bromwich side won last night, beating W.B.F.S 'A' by 59 shots. Seven winners with best cards from John Hardman 21-5, Chris Price 21-9, Mark Nemedi 21-9 and Steve Blakeman 21-10.

29/05/06 - The highlight of the weekend came on Saturday when the W&W Premier team took on The George at Broomfield. First card off was Paul Newman losing 21-5 to Paul Rolls. Matt Barnwell scored nine 2's against Paul Richards, beating him 21-15 and bringing the deficit down to 10 shots. The match then became all about The George. Phil High lost 21-15 to Paddy McGuinness. John Wilson beat Dane Hopwood 21-16 but then Mick Barnwell only lasted 16 ends, losing 21-2 to Steve Darling. When Keith Lawlor came off against Paul Greene losing 21-14, Broomfield found themselves 37 shots down after six ends.

The comback started with Steve Blakeman's game against Mick McGuninness, coming back from 13-17 to win 21-18. A similar story with Chris Chilton who came back from 14-20 to beat John Emery 21-20. So with the last four to go on we were 33 shots behind.

Nigel Freeman pulled four shots back beating Phil Clinton 21-17. Jonathan Blakeman ran out at 14-9 to beat Bob Jones 21-9 and leave the difference at 17 shots. Only a couple of ends later Ollie Newman came off winning 21-9 against Martin McGuinness. This left Ian Tew on the green 12-11 up against Ray Broadfield needing to win at least 21-15 to win the match. Ian bowled across the green and also into his corners. At 20-15 to Ian, Ray Broadfield's last bowl was tight and short. Ian won 21-15 and was congratulated on the green by Ollie Newman. Broomfield had pulled back a 37 shot defecit, beat The George by 1 shot and kept their season alive.

The Alliance side made it seven in a row by winning away at the Beaufort Sports & Social by 22 shots. Eight winners with best cards from John Jones 21-4, Dave Chilton 21-11, Chris Price 21-12 and Nigel Francis 21-13.

Sunday morning, Smethwick 'B' side beat The Towers at home by 33 shots. Five winners with three of those single figures - Dave Chilton 21-5, Chris Chilton 21-7 and Mark Nemedi 21-7. The Smethwick 'A' side were beaten for the first time this season, going down at the Beeches by 46 shots, only one winner - Jonathan Blakeman 21-13.

Good news for the Dudley team who after Thursday's result now find themselves top of Division 3. The Dudley team have challenged our West Bromwich team to a game and this will take place on Thursday 8th June.

Club Pairs this Saturday, 1:30pm sign in and 2:00pm start. A BBQ will be held during the competition and hopefully a 42" screen will be installed to watch the England vs Jamaica game in the main clubhouse. Please make every effort to attend our club competitions and make them worth while!

25/05/06 - The Dudley side recorded a 10 point home win tonight for the first time in two years. They beat Gornal & Sedgley by 90 shots. The best of the eight winning cards came from Phil High 21-2, Nigel Francis 21-4 and Terry Jones 21-9.

25/05/06 - The provisional date for the first round of the Free Press Cup is Tuesday 6th June (TBC). The draw for the second round of the Oldbury Knockout Cup is now online.

24/05/06 - Three games tonight. The Oldbury 'A' side had five winners at home, beating W.B.F.S by 27 shots. Best cards tonight came from Jonathan Blakeman 21-8 and Chris Price 21-10. Ollie Newman beat Pete Williams 21-17 and Nigel Freeman lost out to Ivan Smout 18-21.

West Bromwich side drew at W.B.F.S. Winning cards from John Hardman who beat Jamie Drain 21-12, Keith Underhill 21-16, Mark Nemedi 21-16 and John Jones 21-20.

The Oldbury 'B' team had three winners at the Pheasant, losing by 12 shots. Terry Jones 21-7, Denise Killion 21-8 and Karen Newman 21-14.

23/05/06 - Oldbury seniors beat the Old Cross at home today by 17 shots. Four winners with best cards from Billy Adams 21-6 and Sheila Baker 21-10.

21/05/06 - Smethwick 'A' side won away at Coombswood by 32 shots with six winners. Best cards from Phil High 21-12, Mick Barnwell 21-13 and Keith Lawlor 21-13. The 'B' side only had three winners at home but still managed a 10 shot win over the Old Cross. Best card Karemjit Gurdas 21-7.

20/05/06 - Premier team lost at The George by 40 shots. Three winners: Ollie Newman 21-14 vs Steve Darling, Nigel Freeman 21-16 vs Paddy McGuninness and Matt Barnwell running out from 11-18 to beat Bob Jones 21-18.

The Alliance side played 2nd place Beaufort at Broomfield and won by 113 shots with 10 winners. Best cards from Andy Calvert 21-4, John Hardman 21-6 and John Jones 21-6.

19/05/06 - The W&W 'B' team lost in the Arthur Mitchell Cup tonight. At home we won by 8 shots, Keith Underhill beating Paul Jackson 21-10 and Nigel Francis winning 21-12 against Lee Dicken. At the George we lost out by 22 shots with only one winner, John Jones 21-15. Total score 205/219, lost by 14 shots.

18/05/06 - Dudley team lost away at Gornal & Sedgley tonight by 17 shots. Three winners, Dave Chilton 21-5, Chris Chilton 21-16 and Terry Jones 21-20. An improvement on last years visit when we had a 10 point thrashing. Also good cards tonight from Tonia Hadley 20-21 and Nigel Francis 18-21.

17/05/06 - Oldbury 'A' side lost away at West Bromwich Labour by 19 shots. Four winners: Ian Tew 21-13, Nigel Freeman 21-16, Mick Barnwell 21-18 and Ollie Newman 21-20. Oldbury 'B' side won at home by 1 shot against Queens Park. Winning cards from Frank Newman 21-9, Denise Killion 21-10, Karen Newman 21-16, Matt Wilkins 21-16 and Sam Fagan 21-17.

16/05/06 - West Bromwich side beat The Bell tonight by 41 shots at home. Six winners with best cards from Steve Blakeman 21-3, John Jones 21-6 and John Hardman 21-8.

Yesterday afternoon the Oldbury Seniors won by 16 shots at home to the Royal Oak. Three winners: Bob Gurley 21-5, Frank Newman 21-6 and Sheila Baker 21-8.

15/05/06 - Oldbury knockout cup tonight. 'A' side beat W.B.F.S at M&B Portland Road by 13 shots. Wins from Ollie Newman 21-8, Mick Barnwell 21-11, Ian Tew 21-12 and John Wilson 21-14. The 'B' team beat Weoley Castle by 2 shots at the Old Cross. Three winners: Nigel Francis 21-7, Denise Killion 21-12 and Terry Jones 21-18.

14/05/06 - A new look Premier team went to Kings Heath Park yesterday. After the first four ends we found ourselves level, Steve Barnwell beating Carl Fielding 21-19, Phil High winning 21-19 and Chris Chilton on debut beating Josh Palmer 21-16.

The middle four then gave us a 7 shot lead with wins from Matt Barnwell, beating Mark Gamsby 21-8 and Mick Barnwell who won 21-19 against Dave Sheppard. The back four then dropped 24 shots with only one winner - Jonathan Blakeman last on the green coming back from 13-19 to beat Paul Gamsby 21-20.

It was an improved performance as a team and spirit and support was good throughout. We have now lost 5 out of 6 matches but our aggregate is only -29. Six winners yesterday with 3 players beating people away who had not lost a game this season.

The Alliance team beat Ward End Social at home by 113 shots with 10 winners. Seven single figure cards, the best of which came from John Hardman 21-3 and John Jones, Keith Lawlor and Nigel Francis - all 21-5.

The Smethwick 'A' side won at home this morning, beating Coombswood by 74 shots with 7 winners. Steve Blakeman made it 4 out of 4 with the games best card, 21-5. Mick Barnwell and John Jones both won 21-7.

At the Old Cross the Smethwick 'B' side played poorly and lost out by 49 shots. Three winners: Phil High 21-17, Dave Chilton 21-18 and Mark Nemedi 21-19.

The Smethwick 'A' side have drawn Halesowen RBL 'A' in the quarter finals of the S.F.Jones Cup. The match will be played at Great Barr B.C on Sunday 23rd July.

13/05/06 - West Bromwich side beat Penn 'C' in the first round of the Handicap Shield last night, winning by 83 shots. At home best cards came from Jonathan Blakeman 21-1 and Steve Blakeman 21-10. Away the best cards were Tony Rowley 21-3 and Keith Underhill 21-10.

12/05/06 - Dudley team beat Green Man Harborne by 43 shots last night. Six winners with best cards from Andy Calvert 21-3, John Wilson 21-12 and Terry Jones 21-12.

11/05/06 - Three teams in action last night. The Oldbury 'A' won at home against West Bromwich Labour by 53 shots. Seven winners with best cards from Nigel Freeman and Tony Rowley, both 21-10. At The Bell in Harborne the West Bromwich side lost by 37 shots. Two points collected with wins from John Hardman 21-19 and John Jones 21-18.

The Oldbury 'B' team put in a good performance away from home. They lost out by only 10 shots at Queens Park. Four winners - Maureen Wilkins 21-3, Denise Killion 21-14, Karen Newman 21-16 and Sam Fagan 21-19.

10/05/06 - Website news: A new poll has been added (bottom left corner of main page). The topic is our poor start to the season in W&W Premier Division 1. Slightly different to previous polls in that it will accept multiple votes. Whether you bowl for Broomfield or not, feel free to vote. Lets see what people really think needs to change in order for us to survive relegation!

09/05/06 - Website news: Photo section is now finished, if you can help with any of the missing names then please email me.

08/05/06 - We are pleased to announce that Frank and Paul Newman will both be back bowling for Broomfield on a Saturday. 'Spike' has transferred from Dartmouth and Paul came through his first roll up on Sunday after his hand injury.

07/05/06 - Five changes have been made to the W&W Premier team for next Saturday after our 4th straight defeat yesterday. Team selection is now online.

Another home defeat for the W&W Premier team means we face a very difficult task to try and survive in Division 1. We lost by 6 shots with 7 winners. Best cards: Ollie Newman 21-13 and Mick Barnwell 21-14.

The Alliance team won away against third place Ward End Social. Best card Steve Blakeman 21-9. 20 shots down after the first four ends, the last seven out of eight ends won to win the game by 19 shots and collect 3 points.

The Smethwick 'A' side won by 50 shots this morning, beating Netherton Cons 'A' on Cradley Libs in S.F.Jones Cup. Seven out of eight winners with best cards coming from Jonathan Blakeman 21-9 and Keith Lawlor 21-10. View the full result here.

06/05/06 - We were knocked out the Dudley Herald Cup last night, losing to West Bromwich Labour 'A' both home and away. At home Ollie Newman (21-7) and Jonathan Blakeman (21-16) won but overall we lost by 8 shots. At West Brom Labour our best card was John Jones (19-21) and we lost by 32 shots. View full scorecards here.

04/05/06 - Dudley team lost at the Green Man Harborne tonight by 49 shots. Two winners: Nigel Francis with his 4th straight win 21-15 and Terry Jones 21-19. It was Terry's 100th Dudley game for Broomfield, the first player to reach this landmark since we joined in 2001.

04/05/06 - Last night the Oldbury 'A' won at the Royal Oak by 25 shots. Best cards Ollie Newman 21-8, Matt Barnwell 21-12 and Keith Lawlor 21-13. The Oldbury 'B' side won at home to Churchfield Tavern by 24 shots with wins from Karen Newman 21-9, Matt Wilkins 21-11, Maureen Wilkins 21-12 and Denise Killion 21-17.

02/05/06 - The West Bromwich side won by 55 shots tonight at home to Bilston Town. Six winners with best cards from John Hardman 21-6 and Phil High 21-9. Earlier on in the day the Oldbury Seniors won their cup tie against Baggeridge 'B' at West Bromwich Labour by 13 shots. Four winners with best cards from Bob Gurley and Frank Newman, both 21-12.

01/05/06 - Yesterday morning the Smethwick 'A' side won on the Gate in a very close encounter. 4 winners with the best card Steve Blakeman 21-6, we won by 6 shots. The Smethwick 'B' side won by 47 at home to Handsworth Hortics. Best card was Phil High 21-3. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend.