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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

26/04/10 -Nigel Francis is the man in form... click here to read

25/04/10 -Boldmere St Michaels was the venue for the W&W Premier team on Saturday for the first time since 2006. Only three players remain from the team that lost by 64 shots four years ago. Broomfield gave a positive display yesterday on a firm Boldmere green that run well off the crown. After four ends we were 11 shots behind, Marc Wilson the only winner 21-6. John Evans kept Boldmere ahead with a fine peformance to win 21-4. One winner in the middle four (Mark Nemedi 21-10) but two great close games for Andy Calvert (20-21) and Darren Griffiths (19-21) who both had big leads but found that home bowlers can come back from nowhere. Chris Chilton won 21-11 in the back four to bring the difference down to 23 shots. Only three winning cards but Broomfield were in this one going into the back four. Two away wins in Premier 2 mean that Kings Norton and West Brom Labour have made early progress towards the promotion spots.

A ridiculous 217 shot win for the W&W Alliance after Ward End Social only turned up with eight players at Broomfield. 84 shots in walkovers in addition to the eight single figure wins recorded. Best cards came from Nigel Francis 21-1, Tracy Wilkins 21-2 and Joe Wilson 21-2. The result will only stand if Ward End Social play the whole season.

Broomfield 'A' vs Glasscutters for the first time in Smethwick Division 1 this morning. Only two shots dropped as Broomfield won by 55 shots. Seven winners with best cards from Jonathan Blakeman 21-9, Chris Chilton 21-10, Keith Lawlor 21-12 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-12. Beeches 'A' are the surprise league leaders after winning away for the second time this season, this time by 5 shots at Greets Green.

The Smethwick 'B' team are still to get off the mark in Division 1, going down at Cradley Libs by 33 shots. Two winners on a flying Cradley Libs green, both by stand in players Nigel Francis 21-16 and Frank Newman 21-19. A tough couple of fixtures coming up for the 'B' side who travel to Moor Lane 'A' on 16th May followed by West Bromwich Labour 'A' at home on 23rd May.

23/04/10 -Wins for all four midweek teams including the very first Broomfield Dudley 'B' fixture.

Darren Griffiths' Oldbury team did enough to stay top of Division 1 with a 4 shot away win at Langley. On a bitterly cold evening it was not a great start, just one winner in the first four in John Wilson 21-7. Three winners in the back four secured a total of 7 points - Marc Wilson 21-12, Darren Griffiths 21-14 and Mark Nemedi 21-17.

The West Bromwich side weighed in with another healthy home victory, beating Langley by 67 shots on Broomfield. The first 'brush' of the season was recorded with Nigel Francis winning 21-0. Six winners in total with single figure cards also coming from Terry Jones 21-5 and Matt Barnwell 21-6. Penn 'A' are again the early pace setters in Division 1 with away wins at Penn 'B' and Woodfield.

Home form continued on Thursday with a 10 point and 63 shots win for the Dudley 'A'. Eight winners against Gate, Colley Gate 'B' with best cards coming from Tonia Hadley 21-2, Dan Chilton 21-5 and Alan Parsons 21-12.

Nine years after Broomfield entered the Dudley Thursday League, last night saw the first Dudley 'B' game for Broomfield. Like the Dudley 'A' who started in Division 7 with a mixture of beginners and experienced players, this team will give less experienced players a chance to play at a suitable standard.

With no emphasis on results the game was enjoyed by all. Three Oldbury 'B' players from 2008 returned, Melissa Gurdas 21-8, Matt Wilkins 21-14 and Danielle Newman 20-21. Joel Wilkins played his first competitive game, managing a credible 7 - well done Joel. Carl Blakeman was another returning having last played in Dudley Division 4 in 2004, Carl managing 17 on the night. Thanks to Darren Griffiths and Chris Price for the support and encouragement they gave and also to Frank, Sheila, Eddie, Maureen and Terry who also supported on the night

18/04/10 - Not so great the morning after as both the Smethwick 'A' and 'B' sides crashed to defeats following yesterdays success. The 'A' side were never in with a shout away to the Beeches 'A' after falling 30 shots behind after the first four. The back four managed to claw back a couple of shots with wins from John Wilson 21-16, Marc Wilson 21-17 and Dan Chilton 21-19. 28 the difference.

A dissapointing home defeat for the Smethwick 'B' team who only managed three winners against Greets Green. Chris Price recovered from 2-9 to win 21-12, stand in captain Joe Wilson won 21-14 and Denise Killion 21-15. 7 shots the difference. The 'B' side travel to Cradley Libs next Sunday.

17/04/10 - Eight winners for the W&W Premier team as they kicked off the season with a 54 shot home win against the Richmond. A tight start, 5 shots ahead after four ends with wins from John Wilson 21-10 and Paul Newman 21-19. All four winners in the middle four: Dave Chilton 21-7, Andy Calvert 21-9, Mark Nemedi 21-10 and Darren Griffiths. Two winners in the back four in Ollie Newman 21-5 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-18.

A massive 55 shot away win for the W&W Alliance at the Colebrook. Nine winners and two 21-20 losers. Best cards from Alan Parsons 21-4, Chris Price 21-10, Keith Lawlor 21-11 and Marc Hadley Jnr 21-12.

15/04/10 - On a cool evening the Dudley team dropped only one shot as they beat the Royal Oak 'A' by 69 shots at home. Seven winners with best cards from Nigel Francis 21-8, Denise Killion 21-8 and Marc Wilson 21-9. Also a mention to 'AP' Alan Parsons who recorded his first win for Broomfield, 21-16.

14/04/10 - A win by 107 shots tonight for the Oldbury side who took on Netherton Cons 'A' at Broomfield. The first time the Oldbury have recorded a +100 result in over five seasons. A maximum 10 points collected in the process with single figure wins from Mark Nemedi 21-1, John Wilson 21-2, Jonathan Blakeman 21-5, Darren Griffiths 21-6, Marc Wilson 21-8 and Ollie Newman 21-8.

The West Bromwich side lost away at the Green Man by 9 shots. Three winners in Nigel Francis 21-10, Keith Underhill 21-11 and Frank Newman 21-12.

11/04/10 - The 2010 season is now well underway with all but two sides having played their first games. The Alliance team just missed out by 7 shots away to the Beaufort on 3rd April. Yesterdays Alliance game against the Richmond was cancelled by the away team. The W&W Premier side start next Saturday at home to the Richmond.

A postive start for the Oldbury side in Division 1, winning away at Netherton Cons by 14 shots. Five winning cards in Marc Wilson 21-6, John Wilson 21-13, Jonathan Blakeman 21-15, Mick Barnwell 21-16 and Darren Griffiths 21-16. It was also a winning start for the West Bromwich team who beat the Green Man by 77 shots at home. The first time Broomfield had been used for league action this season with the green running really well. Seven winning cards on the night: Dan Chilton 21-5, Nigel Francis 21-6, Andy Calvert 21-8, Terry Jones 21-12, Keith Underhill 21-12, Dave Chilton 21-13 and Joe Wilson 21-13.

Joe Wilson's Dudley 'A' side took on Royal Oak 'A' away. Two winners for Broomfield in Mark Hadley Snr 21-8 and Nigel Francis 21-10. The team lost by 32 shots in total. On Friday night the Dudley team progressed to the next round of the Dudley Herald Cup after beating Dudley Sports 'A' by 47 shots in a 4 home 4 away contest. A full house at Broomfield with wins for Dan Chilton 21-3, Marc Wilson 21-11, Denise Killion 21-15 and Joe Wilson 21-20. At Dudley Sports three winners in Nigel Francis 21-9, Frank Newman 21-14 and Dave Chilton 21-17.

It was Broomfield 'A' vs Broomfield 'B' this morning in Smethwick Division 1 for the first time since 2002. The 'A' side had three winners in the first four going 23 shots ahead. It was the same with the back four, three winners for the 'A' side and another 23 shots added to the aggregate. Scorecard as follows:

M.Barnwell Jnr
Dan Chilton
Dave Chilton
John Wilson
M.Hadley Snr
M.Hadley Jnr
Joe Wilson

After a few website problems during the past month i am now hoping to keep the website updated weekly. Could all captains please ensure they contact me with the result if i am not present at the game. A call, text or email will do. Thanks - Blakey.