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30/04/08 - The West Bromwich team had three winners away at Cradley Libs and lost by 13 shots: John Hardman 21-9, Terry Jones 21-12 and John Wilson 21-15. The Oldbury 'A' match at the Beeches was rained off at 7:15pm. One winner at home for the Oldbury 'B' (Danielle Newman 21-18) as they lost at home to Coombswood 'B' by 59 shots.

28/04/08 - Oldbury Seniors won by 28 shots at home to Highfield Park 'A'. Five winning cards: John Hardman 21-8, Sheila Baker 21-15, Malcolm Spencer 21-16, Jean Willetts 21-17 and John Capewell 21-19.

27/04/08 - Smethwick 'B' lost by 46 shots away at the George this morning. One winner, John Wilson 21-13.

26/04/08 - W&W Premier team suffered a second home defeat, this time by 40 shots to West Bromwich Labour. First five cards off were losers, then 48 shots down with two left on the green. Four winners on the day, first wins for Terry Jones 21-16 and Keith Lawlor 21-20, the other two winners were Mark Nemedi 21-16 and Chris Chilton 21-18.

The Alliance team lost by 22 shots away at the Bell Inn. Four winners: John Hardman 21-4, Frank Newman 21-6, Jim Watkin 21-12 and Keith Underhill 21-19.

25/04/08 - Yet another close call at Broomfield tonight as the match went to the final game on the green. The Smethwick 'A' side took on Cradley Libs in a re-arranged fixture from the game snowed off on 6th April. The first four saw two winners and two losers, Jonathan Blakeman 21-11 and Keith Lawlor 21-12. For the visitiors it was two former Broomfield bowlers who won in Brian Male 21-17 and Keith Gaynham 21-18. 12 shots up after 4 ends.

Cradley had two winners in the back four including a 21-6 card from Mandy Pagett, that left us 8 shots behind with two ends left on the green. Chris Chilton won 21-15 to bring the deficit down to 2 shots. Dave Chilton played well to come off winning 21-10 and the game was won by Broomfield by 9 shots.

24/04/08 - The Dudley season started with a close match at home to Stourbridge Labour 'A' tonight. Four winners a piece as we won the game by 6 shots. Winning cards: Marc Wilson 21-4, John Wilson 21-11, Karemjit Gurdas 21-15 and Jim Watkin 21-17.

Warwick & Worcester tables show the Premier team in 10th place and the Alliance team in 9th place. The closing date for entries into the Harry Jones 5 person team competition has been extended to Monday 5th May.

23/04/08 - An average home performance at Broomfield tonight saw the closest the Beeches have ever pushed us at home. The Oldbury 'A' won by 25 shots with four winners. A stand out card from Darren Griffiths 21-5, others winners: Mark Nemedi 21-10, Mark Hadley Snr 21-13 and Mick Barnwell 21-15.

The Oldbury 'B' finally got their season underway. Just one winner away at Coombswood in Melissa Gurdas 21-19, as the side lost by 55 shots.

22/04/08 - The West Bromwich team made it 3 / 3 with an 8 point win over Cradley Libs at Broomfield tonight. Six winners with best cards from Dan Chilton 21-5, Keith Underhill 21-10 and John Hardman 21-13. Best winner for Cradley Libs was former Broomfield bowler Keith Gaynham 21-11.

The Oldbury Seniors lost at home yesterday to W.B.F.S. by 20 shots. Despite 4 / 6 winners they could not carry losses of 21-2 and 21-10. Winning cards from John Hardman 21-16, Sheila Baker 21-18, Malcolm Spencer 21-20 and Jean Willetts on debut, also 21-20.

21/04/08 - The Free Press Cup draw sees what i think is a first for Broomfield, a trip to M&B Cheslyn Hay. This competition has been changed to a 4 home 4 away format. We are into the second round and the game needs to be played by Sunday 29th June.

First Round - George 'A' v Great Barr, West Bromwich Labour 'A' v George 'B', W.B.F.S. v Coombswood.

Second Round - Royal Oak v W.B.F.S. / Coombswood, M&B Portland Road v The Bell Inn, West Bromwich Labour 'B' v Moor Lane, Broomfield v M&B Cheslyn Hay, Gate v Pheasant, Woodfield 'B' v Dudley Dell, Woodfield 'A' v Cradley Libs.

Well over 100 page loads on the site today, most daily activity since 11th December 2007.

20/04/08 - Unfortunately not many positives to report from this mornings games. The Smethwick 'A' team were knocked out of the S.F.Jones Cup in the preliminary round for the first time since 2000. Just two winners against Coombswood 'A' at the new Cradley Heath Liberal 'green' - Mark Hadley Snr 21-6 and Marc Wilson 21-15. Final score: 138 / 147 -9

The Smethwick 'B' lost by 66 shots at the Bell Inn with four single figure losers. Two winning cards though, Mark Hadley Jnr 21-16 and a first win for Joe Wilson 21-20

Congratulations big head

19/04/08 - W&W Premier team lost away at New Inns Harborne by 36 shots. Three winning cards from Tracy Wilkins 21-15, Mark Nemedi 21-15 and Chris Price 21-16. Other results from Premier 2 at time of writing: Richmond won at home by 6 shots against Forget Me Not, Ward End Cons won away at the British Oak by about 17, Kings Norton won at home by 33 shots against Ward End Social.

The Alliance team had a close call at home beating the Beaufort by 5 shots. Seven winners with best cards from John Hardman 21-5, Karemjit Gurdas 21-9 and Malcolm Spencer 21-12.

17/04/08 - Two wins last night, the Oldbury 'A' had a close game with W.B.F.S. , just coming out on top by 8 shots at Broomfield. Four winners a piece: Mick Barnwell 21-9, Jonathan Blakeman 21-14, Mark Nemedi 21-17 and Mark Hadley Snr 21-18.

The West Bromwich team became one of four sides to make it two wins out of two this season (along with Penn 'A', Bell Inn and Cradley Libs). After four ends at Langley we had zero points and found ourselves 29 shots behind. The back four all won , pulling back 41 shots to win the game by 12 shots and collect 7 points. Winning cards from John Wilson 21-6, Denise Killion 21-10, Marc Wilson 21-11 and John Hardman 21-16.

15/04/08 - Second round draw for the Dudley Herald Cup: To be played on Friday 23rd May, 6:45pm start, 4 home 4 away. Broomfield vs George 'B' . The Smethwick 'A' home fixture against Cradley Libs which was cancelled because of snow will now be played on Friday 25th April, 7:00pm start.

14/04/08 - An early exit tonight in the preliminary round of the W&W Arthur Mitchell Cup. Moor Lane won the game by 65 shots. At home a 15 shot loss with 3 / 6 winning cards: Nigel Francis 21-17, Mark Hadley Snr 21-18 and Tracy Wilkins 21-20. Just one winner at Moor Lane in John Wilson 21-16.

A bizarre start for the Oldbury Seniors this afternoon. Having 5 / 6 winners away at W.B.F.S. but ducking out by 2 shots. Winning cards from Frank Newman 21-17, Chris Price 21-18, Malcolm Spencer 21-20, John Hardman 21-20 and Sheila Baker, also 21-20.

13/04/08 - A tough weekend with 3 losses and 1 win. The W&W Premier team lost at home to Kings Norton with only five winning cards: Dave Chilton 21-12, Mark Hadley Snr 21-15, Jonathan Blakeman 21-16, Chris Chilton 21-16 and Mark Nemedi 21-20. 21 the difference in the end against a good Kings Norton side. The Alliance team lost away at the Greville by 41 shots with four winners: Malcolm Spencer 21-11, John Hardman 21-12, Tonia Hadley 21-13 and Denise Killion 21-19.

The Smethwick 'A' team lost by 23 shots at Cradley Libs this morning. Three winning cards: Jonathan Blakeman 21-13, Mark Hadley Snr 21-18 and Keith Lawlor 21-20. The 'B' side beat the Bell Inn 'A' by 32 shots at home: Jim Watkin 21-3, Mark Nemedi 21-8 and John Wilson 21-9.

11/04/08 - Dudley Herald Cup result: Broomfield beat Hilly House 'B' by 77 shots in a 4 home 4 away match. At home: Marc Hadley Jnr 21-4, Mark Healey 21-8, Jonathan Blakeman 21-9 and Malcolm Spencer 21-11. At Hilly House: Mark Hadley Snr 21-7, Dan Chilton 21-8 and Marc Wilson 21-11.

10/04/08 - Draw for S.F.Jones Cup (Smethwick League). Preliminary round, Broomfield 'A' vs Coombswood at Cradley Heath Libs / HBL.

09/04/08 - The Oldbury 'A' side lost out by 11 shots at W.B.F.S. tonight. A positive first performance with four winners. Mick Barnwell 21-13, Dave Chilton 21-17, Darren Griffiths 21-18 and Chris Price 21-18. Well done to 'Sumo' (Darren Griffiths) tonight who played his first away game since 2003 and beat Alan Bentley 21-18.

The Arthur Mitchell Cup match will take place on Monday 14th April. 6 home 6 away against Moor Lane, 6:45pm start.

08/04/08 - A good start for the West Bromwich team against Langley tonight. Six winners with best cards from Marc Wilson 21-8, Jonathan Blakeman 21-12 and Dan Chilton and Denise Killion - both 21-13. Also a mention for John Hardman trailing 7-15 and winning 21-16. 8 points collected with a plus of 30.

06/04/08 - Both of this mornings Smethwick fixtures were cancelled because of the snow. Todays team selection is now online.

02/04/08 - Warwick & Worcester Cup draw: W&W Premier side will play Ward End Social at Moor Lane on Friday 16th May, 8 a side, 7:00pm start. The W&W Alliance team received a bye into Round 2 where they will play the British Oak on Friday 13th June. Venue TBC. The W&W Premier team were one of only 10 teams to be drawn in the preliminary round of the W&W Arthur Mitchell Cup. We face Moor Lane in a 6 home 6 away match to be played by Sunday 27th April.