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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

30/04/06 - Premier side lost away to the Richmond by 24 shots. 5 winners: Mick Barnwell 21-12, John Jones 21-14, John Wilson 21-14, Nigel Freeman 21-15 and Ian Tew 21-18. Other results in Premier Div 1: Kings Norton bt Valley by 99 shots, KGV bt Tanworth by 24 shots, Moseley CC bt Greville by 60 shots, Boldmere bt George by 8 shots.

Alliance team won at home by 96 shots against College Arms, no scores submitted.

28/04/06 - The photo section is now up and running in the Years Gone By section, click the photo below to take a trip down memory lane! Recognise anyone.....

This part of the site is still under construction but a good selection of photos have been uploaded.

27/04/06 - Dudley team beat Hilly House by 61 shots at home picking up 9 points. Best cards: Mark Nemedi 21-3, Nigel Francis 21-5 and John Wilson 21-8.

Website news: The averages for the first six years we were in the Warwick & Worcester (1978 - 1983) can now be viewed in the Years Gone By section - click here. The new photo section should be up and running by May. Also W&W Alliance averages from 1988 to 1994 will be archived on this site soon.

27/04/06 - Oldbury 'A' won at home by 83 shots, 6 winners, best card Matt Barnwell 21-5. West Bromwich side lost at Bilston Town by 52 shots, two winners - John Jones 21-11 and John Hardman 21-20. Oldbury 'B' lost at Churchfield Tavern, two winners - Karen Newman 21-15 and Maureen Wilkins 21-18. A full update of averages and results is now available.

Broomfield currently sit 8th in W&W Premier Div 1, Nigel Freeman is topping the league averages. The Alliance side are 2nd after the Beaufort won away for the second time this season. Not including this weeks results, our current league positions are as follows:

Smethwick 'A' - 2nd. Smethwick 'B' - 1st. West Brom - 8th. Dudley - 6th.

26/04/06 - The Oldbury seniors lost by 21 shots on the Old Cross on Monday. Two winners, Frank Newman 21-13 and Bob Gurley 21-14.

All cup draws are now updated including Free Press, W&W Premier, W&W Alliance, Arthur Mitchell and Oldbury Knockout.

23/04/06 - A very mixed weekend for Broomfield. In short, 2 wins and 2 defeats.

The Premier side suffered a home defeat to the Richmond. A poor performance with only 5 winners. Nigel Freeman recorded his third straight single figure win (21-7), also wins from Ian Tew 21-9, Jonathan Blakeman 21-10, Mick Barnwell 21-17 and Ollie Newman 21-18. We lost by 9 shots.

The Alliance side had 9 winners at the College Arms, a very comfortable win by 50 shots. Best winners: Karemjit Gurdas 21-6 and Marc Hadley Jnr 21-7.

The Smethwick 'A' side won by a massive 96 shots at home to The Gate. Jonathan Blakeman the only loser to keep us from the 100+ win! Best cards this morning came from Ollie Newman 21-3, Keith Lawlor 21-5 and Chris Price 21-5.

At Handsworth Hortic's the Sunday 'B' side had only 2 winners, losing by 34 shots. Tracy Wilkins (21-5), best card for Broomfield.

A busy week ahead with 8 teams in action, see team selection. Good luck to the beginners who start their Oldbury 'B' season away to Churchfield Tavern.

20/04/06 - Dudley side won away at Hilly House, 4 winners. Results and averages will probably be updated tomorrow. Best cards tonight came from Marc Hadley Jnr 21-8, Mark Nemedi 21-13 and Nigel Francis 21-15.

19/04/06 - West Bromwich team won by only 13 shots at home last night. Four winners, best card Frank Newman 21-9.

Free Press Cup Draw was sent through yesterday, we will face the George 'A'. The match must be played by 25th June.

17/04/06 - Oldbury Seniors lost at West Bromwich Labour this afternoon by 23 shots. Two winners both 21-19 - Billy Adams and a certain person on debut.... Chris Price!

After beating West Bromwich Labour 'B' on Friday in the Dudley Cup, we have drawn West Bromwich Labour 'A' in the next round. This 4 home 4 away fixture will take place on Friday 5th May.

17/04/06 - Smethwick 'B' lost by 15 shots in the first round of the cup. Three winners - Dave Chilton 21-10, John Jones 21-15 and Mark Nemedi 21-16.

Reminder for Dudley team this week that players need to meet at the club at 5:45pm (away to Hilly House).

15/04/06 - On Friday night we won by 99 shots in the first round of the Dudley Herald Cup. Best cards at home were Ollie Newman 21-3 and Jonathan Blakeman 21-6. At West Brom Labour best cards came from John Jones 21-6 and Tony Rowley 21-8.

We narrowly missed out at the Greyhound today losing by only 15 shots. Only four winners but we could not pull back from a bad card in the middle four. Wins from - Nigel Freeman 21-9, Tony Rowley 21-10, Ollie Newman 21-16 and Matt Barnwell 21-16.

The Alliance side got their first win of the season, beating Ye Olde Knowle at home by 92 shots. Ten winners, best cards Mark Hadley 21-4, Sam Fagan 21-5, Dave Chilton 21-5 and Steve Blakeman 21-6.

14/04/06 - At Romsley last night the Dudley side only managed to collect 1 point, losing by 54 shots. Nigel Francis marked his return to the side with a 21-8 win. Dudley cup is tonight, 4 home 4 away against West Bromwich Labour 'B'.

13/04/06 - The West Bromwich side picked up 3 points last night, losing to Greets Green away by 29 shots. Wins for Broomfield came from Frank Newman 21-13, John Wilson 21-18 and John Hardman 21-20.

It's been a case of one in and one out this week as we lost a bowler and then gained one. It was confirmed that Chris Thompson has opted not to bowl this season. Dave Jones will return by playing for the Oldbury Seniors. Dave is our most successful Alliance captain with an immaculate 4 year run:

1996 - Division 3, 3rd (Promoted) & Cup Winners

1997 - Division 2 Champions

1998 - Division 1 Runners Up & Cup Winners

1999 - Division 1, 3rd Place & Cup Winners

10/04/06 - Oldbury seniors started their season with a 33 shot win over West Bromwich Labour at Broomfield this afternoon. Best cards Frank Newman 21-3 and Sheila Baker 21-5.

The Smethwick 'A' side are through to the second round of the S.F.Jones Cup after the Towers 'A' forfeited the game.

09/04/06 - Warwick & Worcester season started yesterday. The Premier side back in Division 1 after a two year abscence, secured a 42 shot home win against the Greyhound. First card off was Keith Lawlor, beating John Freer 21-9. Going into the back four Broomfield were 5 shots down but then pulled 47 shots back: Nigel Freeman 21-8, Jonathan Blakeman 21-9, Ollie Newman 21-12 and Ian Tew 21-8.

The Alliance side found it difficult at Ye Olde Knowle losing by 30 shots. Despite 5 winners they could not carry 4 single figure losers. Wins on the day came from Chris Chilton 21-7, Dave Chilton 21-10, John Wilson 21-10, Terry Jones 21-11 and Steve Blakeman 21-16.

The Smethwick 'B' made it 2 out of 2 wins beating the Greyhound by 19 shots. Best cards Karemjit Gurdas 21-9 and Tracy Wilkins 21-10.

07/04/06 - The Dudley team got off to a good start in Division 3 with a home win against Romsley 'A'. Best cards on the night came from Mark Nemedi and John Wilson, both winning 21-9. Dave Chilton won his first game on Broomfield 21-16. In total we collected 8 points, winning by 41 shots.

02/04/06 - The 2006 season started yesterday with two friendly matches. The first team lost at home to Woodfield by 22 shots with only 4 winners : Mick Barnwell 21-10, Keith Lawlor 21-15, Ollie Newman 21-16 and John Wilson 21-19.

The second team lost away to Woodfield but no scores were submitted.

The Smethwick Sunday Morning league started today with wins for the 'A' & 'B' side. At home the Smethwick 'A' won by 26 shots with 5 winners, best card Matt Barnwell 21-5. The 'B' team won away at the Greyhound by 29 shots with 4 winners. In that game three single figure winners: Terry Jones 21-2, John Jones 21-5 and Phil High 21-9.

Next Sunday's Smethwick 'A' fixture at W.B.F.S has been cancelled. The Dudley season starts on Thursday and players are reminded that this game starts at 6:30pm not 6:45pm!