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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

20/03/11 - The green opened yesterday with eight members practicing the green on a fine and sunny day. Still just under three weeks until the first league game. I will aim to have the various fox holes repaired by the end of the month. Seven were repaired on Friday. The holes have been left open during the winter on purpose to try and prevent further damage. A lot of work has taken place on the green this week including cuts on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. It will now be rested until Wednesday. For members wishing to practice the green next weekend (Chesterfield trip on Saturday) we will try our best to get the green cut for you on Friday.

(please click here to view photos of the green when we moved to Portland Road)

The newest addition to our surrounds is Dan & Joe's bench which has been made by Carl Blakeman:

The indoor season came to an end on Friday with Broomfield finishing runners up to West Bromwich Labour. Many thanks to all those took part: Frank Newman, Graham Gilbert, Pat Gilbert, Darren Griffiths, Alan Parsons, Carl Blakeman, Ollie Newman, Joe Wilson, Barney Coleman, Mick Barnwell and Manjeet Panesar.

The draw for the Midlands Team Challenge has taken place and is as follows:





The competition starts at 10:30am

13/03/11 - Starting to sound like a broken record but thanks again to Frank Newman, Sheila Newman and Malcolm Spencer for their hard work during the week. Between them they have now given a second coat of paint to the striker boards with just one side of the green left to do. On Saturday the weed-killing of the paths was finished - this should take effect in time for the start of the playing season. If any of you can lend a hand during the week or weekend (even if only an hour) it really does make a difference. We could still do with some help getting the plastic seating cleaned in time for the Midland Team Championships on Sunday 17th April.

The green is looking very thin but hopefully last nights rain will kick-start some growth. Hoping to cut the green in the week and on Saturday and then open the green for practice. It will be bumpy until it thickens up but we should be ok with league games not starting until 6th April.

For those of you struggling to access the website i think the problem is some links are still using "" or "". Neither of these work although i used to have them re-directed to this site. I have asked Paul Hickman if he can implement the re-direction but the easiest solution is to save your bookmarks as - this is the domain name that is paid for yearly.

10/03/11 - First committee meeting of 2011 took place yesterday. The final list of players for 2011 totals 39 with 3 non playing members. Nigel Francis has confirmed he will still be bowling for Broomfield this season. The only other change was John Capewell who has moved next door to M&B Portland Road.

Player Profiles are now online, only statistic based for now with write-ups to follow. Each players profile contains season-by-season information since 2005, club competition wins, awards and positions held at the club. If you would like to add information to your page then please email me - for example the names of your former clubs.

Could the following players please pay their bowls section membership as soon as possible: Daniel Chilton, Nigel Francis, Jim Watkin, Joel Wilkins, Matthew Wilkins, Tracy Wilkins and Marc Wilson.

Cup competition entries for each team this season are as follows:

  • W&W Premier : W&W Premier Cup, Arthur Mitchell (Bomber), Free Press
  • W&W Alliance: W&W Alliance Cup, Arthur Mitchell (Bomber)
  • Oldbury: Division 1/2 Knockout Cup
  • West Bromwich: Mick Edmunds Memorial Trophy
  • Dudley 'A' : Dudley Herald Cup
  • Smethwick 'A' : S.F.Jones
  • Smethwick 'B' : S.F.Jones

The trip to Chesterfield takes place on Saturday 26th March. The likely line up to play The Britannia: Darren Griffiths, Chris Price, Mick Barnwell, Jonathan Blakeman, Daniel Chilton, Terry Jones, Joe Wilson, John Wilson, Dave Sankey, Graham Gilbert, Pat Gilbert, Paul Rolls, Karen Rolls and Manjeet Panasar.

06/03/11 - Fixtures for all 8 Broomfield teams now online, click here to view.

06/03/11 - Thank you to Terry Jones for his help yesterday, joining myself, Frank and Sheila for the work party. We didn't get all the jobs done that were listed in Darren's last email but there is only so much four of us can do. Also thanks again to Malcolm Spencer for his work during the week. Some of the jobs completed over the past few days:

  • The 3 remaining wooden benches have been painted.
  • Notice boards, certificates, pictures and honours board all back up in the bowls pavilion.
  • Two paths around our green weed-killed.
  • Mower pavilion gutters cleared out.

Work was carried out on our green also:

  • Wednesday - Spiked
  • Thursday - Cut and sprayed for worms.
  • Friday - Lawn sand applied.
Unfortunately we had kids running on the green Friday night (footballers race night in the main club) which was the worst possible timing because the lawn sand had been applied only a few hours earlier. The result Saturday morning was around 500+ black scorch marks in the shape of footprints. These should recover in 3-4 weeks time, hopefully before the season starts. The green will now be left for several days for the lawn sand to take effect. We will then give the green another week to recover and thicken up as the lawn sand does thin out the surface initially. Myself and Darren are on Cradley next Saturday so we will look to cut the green a couple of times between the 13th and 18th March and weather permitting open the green for practice on Saturday 19th March.
Work on the green will be ongoing throughout the season as we try to improve the surface and achieve 100% grass cover (at the moment we are at about 90%). Re-seeding of the bare patches and thin areas will take place at the end of March / start of April. A granular fertiliser will be applied mid-April (probably after the Midlands Team Championships) because we are trying to use any old stock before we start this years new products. Thereafter you shouldn't really have any disruption as treatments will be chemical based only until mid-September.
Having looked at some of the photos taken in May 2010 when we moved to Portland Road i can certainly say its now a very different green. The feedback so far has been very positive but there's a long long way to go and it will only get better as the season progresses.