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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

06/03/10 - A big thank you to those of you who helped out down the green today. Nine people in total formed the work party and considering our current membership number it was a really good turnout. Thanks to Darren Griffiths, Mark Hadley, Terry Jones, Dan Chilton, Joe Wilson, Ollie Newman, Paul Newman and Melissa Gurdas.

The work started on Friday with the Lawn Sand finally being applied by Steve. This will now help to control the moss, firm the green up a little whilst also keeping disease and worm casts at bay. Darren swept the ditches out then going on to help Terry with the painting of the kitchen.

Today's effort stretched nearly 8 hours starting at 8:30am working through to 4:00pm. So much achieved and it just goes to show what a few pairs of hands can do:

  • Pavilion: toilets, kitchen and main room all painted.
  • Top of park-side wall coated with anti-vandal paint.
  • Outdoor toilet cleaned out.
  • Outside of green shelter painted, two coats.
  • Striker boards painted.
  • All 9 benches painted.
  • Plastic seating outside cleaned.
  • 6 cigarette bins refilled with fresh sand.
  • Green mesh reattached on cricket and bowls side of fencing.
  • Barbed wire repaired at rear of mower shed.
  • Area in between the green shelter and outdoor toilet given a general tidy up.
  • Last, but not least... the George Foreman is now fit to cook your breakfast on (Well done Joe!)

With so much done in one day it leaves only a few tasks for the next work party:

  • 7 advertising boards / banners to put out (4 given to us by Stewart Meddings on Friday).
  • Fridges to be cleaned.
  • Kitchen floor to be painted (floor paint donated by Cads).
  • General tidy up of the outdoor surrounds and Roy Freeman Garden.
  • General tidy up of the pavilion, windows cleaned, floor mopped etc.

Carl Blakeman has offered to work on the brick chimney / fireplace area in the corner of the kitchen - this is where we will be keeping the smaller fridge. The move around in the kitchen has given us much more space.

Thanks to those of you who have donated materials and equipment over the last week or so. Also thanks to Steve for supplying the spreader and lawn sand free of charge. The treatment keeps us off the green until next Thursday, we will then recommence with the work and have a good idea of whether we can open the green earlier than 20th March.

The only other area in need of work is the back fence. We may have to look at a temporary fix to improve what is now the most unsightly part of the bowls area. Next Saturday we can probably get all the work done in 2-3 hours with the help of 4-5 people. There is a good chance that some of the work will be carried out during the week. Many thanks again to those of you who helped on Friday and today, it really is appreciated.

06/03/10 - Welcome back to Danielle Newman who after a year away has rejoined us in 2010 to play in the Dudley 'B' side.

01/03/10 - The video below is a first attempt at using YouTube videos on this website. If anyone would like photos from the presentation then contact me because about 30% of the quality is lost when they are uploaded to YouTube. Bare with me and hopefully the videos will get better through the season. Hope you all enjoyed Saturday, if you would like your photo removed then let me know and i'll delete the video from the site.