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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

16/02/12 - You can now view fixtures for W&W Premier, W&W Alliance, Oldbury, West Bromwich and Dudley in the "Fixtures & Results" section of the website. For the three midweek teams (Oldbury, West Brom, Dudley) you will also be able to view the matrix. I have included these as some players like to know where other teams are playing towards the end of the season when promotion and relegation becomes of interest.

16/02/12 -The Oldbury and West Bromwich fixtures are now available (below). I will put these on the fixtures page along with the matrix in the next week or so. Dudley fixtures are also out, will try and get these online tonight. As you can see some big changes for the West Bromwich team in Division 1. They face four new teams this season, some of which we have not played for a good few seasons: Pheasant, Green Man, Church Hill and Hamstead. The only outstanding fixtures are the Smethwick League, this league is due to start before all others on Sunday 1st April.

14/02/12 - Please find below the revised Warwick & Worcester fixtures for Broomfield in 2012. These should not be subject to any further change:

13/02/12 - Smethwick AGM tonight where a number of proposals were put forward by the Beeches B.C. The majority of these were voted against including a proposal that would have forced the 'B' side to cancel before the 'A' side even if both teams were in the same division and squaded. The 2012 matrix will more than likely consist of five divisions, each with ten teams. A change back to "two up, two down" was passed.

Penn B.C. have withdrawn from the West Bromwich League which leaves just two divisions, each with twelve teams.

11/02/12 - Thanks to those that attended the second work party today (Frank Newman, Sheila Newman, Darren Griffiths, Joe Wilson). As you will see from the picture below it was another weekend lost in terms of work on the green and surrounds. Nevertheless a number of odd jobs were still completed.

Please make an effort to contribute to the pre-season work. The first home match is just six weeks away. Next Saturday (18th) the temperatures should be back up and the plan is to work on the trees but to make any worthwhile impact we will need 6-8 people to help.

Saturday 11th February 2012

06/02/12 -Please ignore the Warwick & Worcester fixtures which were published on Saturday. The league has decided to make changes following the news that West Bromwich Labour B.C. have folded. The Premier divisions will remain six divisions of twelve teams with The Bell Inn joining Premier Division 6. The Alliance league will now become one division of twelve and three divisions of ten. Fixtures could therefore change for both teams.

The news could also have a heavy impact on the West Bromwich League. With a possibility of only 25 teams the league may now look to make two divisions - one of 12 and one of 13 but this is yet to be confirmed.

Saturday 4th February 2012 @ 4:20pm (above)

04/02/12 - Green / Weather Update - As the West Midlands is put on an amber snow alert our progress on the green has come to a standstill. The green was cut last Saturday but we have had early morning frosts every day since 28th January with the green frozen solid since 30th January. Seven days of freezing weather has seen the frost reach deep into the soil and it will be a good while yet until that frost completely thaws out. Last night a temperature of -9 degrees was recorded in Birmingham although -1 is expected during the predicted 5cm (2") of snow.

Work Party - Many thanks to those of you who braved the cold weather today and attended the work party (Frank Newman, Sheila Newman, Joe Wilson, Dan Chilton, John Hardman, Pauline Broadhead, Carl Blakeman). The focus was the large outbuilding which needed clearing. Not a nice job but glad to say we now have a place to store materials with ample room for a winter workshop and store (benches, boards etc). Since losing the use of a container base in the summer we have really struggled for secure storage space so thank you for your help today, much appreciated and we intend to carry out further work (ie, roof repairs) over the next couple of weeks. Also an important thank you to Dave Southall for supplying a much needed pot of tea to the workers.

West Bromwich League - A recent update confirmed only 27 teams now make up the league. The only worthwhile combination is three divisions of nine teams which will mean a 16-game season.

Warwick & Worcester - The 2012 fixtures have been released. The season starts on 14th April and will end on 22nd September. Two free Saturdays this year with no W&W fixtures on 28th July (BCGBA Senior Individual Merit a.k.a. "The All England") and 18th August (BCGBA Junior Individual Merit Final hosted by W&W). The following dates can still be subject to change:

03/02/12 - Rigby Taylor have supplied our green materials for 25 years and recently announced a sponsorship deal to help fund the popular Talkingbowls forum. Rigby Taylor provide Broomfield with a free advisory service and form an integral part of bringing our new green back to a quality condition. Talkingbowls is the best place to learn of results, competitions and anything else related to crown green bowls.

01/02/12 - The committee met on Sunday afternoon along with both Smethwick (Sunday) Captains. The reason being that both teams could not operate a squaded system in Division 1. Ollie Newman's choice of ten players left Jim Watkin with only five regular players - four of which were in attendance at the meeting. After discussion it was unanimously decided to ask the league to keep the 'B' team in Division 2 with all 10 members present voting in favour. This will now free up two more players for the 'B' side, it will still be a struggle but we must aim to keep two Sunday teams going.

01/02/12 - The draw for the 2012 Tony Pagett Open at Cradley Libs has now been made with five Broomfield players featuring out of the 256 entries. All Broomfield players are playing in the morning sessions as follows:

Saturday 10th March Jonathan Blakeman vs Ben Harris (Great Barr)
Saturday 10th March Darren Griffiths vs David May (Derby)
Sunday 11th March Chris Chilton vs Andy Spragg (Old Whittington)
Saturday 17th March Ollie Newman vs Paul Lamb (North Midlands)
Saturday 17th March Mick Barnwell vs Stuart Goodwin (S.M.R.B.L)