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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

27/02/11 - The work party was down to just four people this weekend (myself, Frank, Sheila and Darren) but we are getting down to the smaller jobs now before the season starts. Thanks to Malcolm Spencer and Marc Wilson who both helped with some of the painting during the week. Unfortunately the weather was against us on both Saturday and Sunday (rain) which means the lawn sand will have to wait another week. The lawn sand (once applied) keeps us off the green for seven days, if we can get it applied next Friday or Saturday then we may look to open the green on Saturday 19th March. Everything is weather depending and our own working hours limit us to weekend work until the clocks change. The green has had just one cut this month and ideally we need some growth and another 6-8 cuts to get the surface in a condition suitable for play.

During the past week Frank and Sheila have painted the inside of the pavilion and also fitted all sides of the green with wooden blocks which support and strengthen both the inner boards and striker boards. On Saturday the plastic seating was bolted to the concrete slabs and these are now situated along two sides of the green. The seven green gorilla tubs are back out, cleaned and filled with fresh sand. We have also managed to clear a decent amount of rubbish from both inside and outside the bowls pavilion and the place is starting to look tidy and very nearly ready for the coming season. Work was also carried out inside the pavilion on Saturday but we are hoping M&B will help with the rest of the painting, noticeboards and certificates

We would still like to continue the work over the next two weekends before the green opens. Frank would like a second coat of paint applied to the striker boards and three of our wooden benches are still to be painted. Now the seats are fixed in we can bleach / clean them and Michelle would like us to tidy the border where we erected a fence last season. That then leaves three jobs: clearing the area in front of the mower pavilion, repairing the roof of the mower pavilion and cleaning out the water tank.

Thanks to all of you that have helped, we have held six work parties since 15th January and the work carried out has really transformed the place. The feedback from the main club is that non bowlers are commenting on how good the place looks. We have spent money on the green and the trees and the coming months should start to show a very different green to the one we moved to only 9 months ago.

The picture below shows the green yesterday. As you will see we still have a number of thin areas to bring back but this type of recovery won't start until April / May with re-seeding taking place at the end of March.

20/02/11 - Thanks again to all those that attended the work parties on the 12th and 19th February and those that have contributed during the week: Frank Newman, Sheila Newman, Joe Wilson, Dan Chilton, Malcolm Spencer, Paul Newman, Ollie Newman, Chris Price, Alan Parsons, Terry Jones and Carl Blakeman. Your help really is appreciated and the hard work is starting to pay off.

Over the past two weeks a number of jobs have been completed which include fitting the striker boards and inner boards, painting benches, clearing paths and sorting the mower shed and container base. The painting of the bowls pavilion started yesterday and this will be finished next Saturday. The green had its first treatment on the 12th Feb but the rain since then has limited us to brushing only.

A road sweeper is due on Tuesday to clear the paths and the plastic seating should be fitted next Saturday. Jobs for the next four weekends are now down to:

  • Painting inside of bowls pavilion.
  • Painting benches (3 to do).
  • Painting striker boards (2nd coat).
  • Clear area in front of mower shed.
  • Roof repair (mower shed).
  • Clean plastic seating (once fitted).

20/02/11 - Two sets of lignum vitae bowls (both 2lbs 7ozs) that belonged to Sid Overfield are for sale. Both are hand varnished with red mounts and come complete with leather cases. A price of £25.00 per set is being asked for (or nearest offer). Please contact Malcolm Spencer if you are interested. Malcolm also has an unused bowls bag for sale which takes four woods (Riley Greenmaster). Asking price = £10.00 or nearest offer.

06/02/11 - Many thanks to all those who turned out for the work party yesterday: Darren Griffiths, Frank Newman, Sheila Newman, Joe Wilson, Marc Wilson, Paul Newman, Ollie Newman, Mark Hadley Snr, Alan Parsons and Chris Price. Lots more ticked on the to do list as the season fast approaches. During the week Frank and Sheila started work on the borders and also cleared and levelled two of the ditches. Thanks to Marc Wilson who moved the new boards from the rear car park to the side of our green.

Yesterday the remaining logs were moved from the borders, the wood chippings were spread across the borders and a few repairs were made to the stone walls. 39 boards were painted (another big job out the way). The inside of the pavilion was stripped, notice boards, score boards, pictures and certificates all removed ready for painting. Unfortunately the strong winds meant the green wasn't treated, three weeks now since we have been able to carry out any decent work. We are confined to weekend work with the green (until the clocks go back) so please be patient in terms of progress with the green and its opening date.

The green excluded, jobs to do are now as follows:

  • Install stiker boards and steel pegs.
  • Re-paint boards that require a second coat.
  • Paint benches.
  • Install inner boards to underneath edge of green.
  • Bolt plastic seating to slabs (after road sweeper has been in).
  • Paint inside of pavilion (in conjunction with M&B).
  • Tidy border inbetween our green and the old floodlit green.
  • Repair roof of mower shed to prevent leaks.
  • Paint outside of bowls pavilion (TBC - in conjunction with M&B)

02/02/11 - WORK PARTY THIS SATURDAY (5TH FEBRUARY) 9AM ONWARDS. A positive response so far for the next work party (around 12 expected at the moment). The trees along our two sides of the green have now been pollarded (see picture below). The striker boards have now been delivered and the paint will arrive before Saturday (just bring a paint brush!). The idea is to paint all boards and then start to fix them around the green. The wood chippings from the tree work also need to be spread along our surrounds in the borders. We then plan to weed kill every month to keep our area looking tidy.

If the weather allows then i am looking to spray the green on Saturday to give it a much needed kick and help fend off the disease. Temperatures have increased this week but rain is forecast between Thursday and Sunday. Darren is still waiting for the floodlights quote - more news on this soon hopefully.

Warwick & Worcester fixtures are now out, the season starts on Saturday 17th April. The Premier team starts with fixtures against two teams relegated from Division 1, Drakes Drum (Home then Away) followed by Sutton Park (Home then Away). The Alliance team are now in Division 1 and start the season away at Moor Lane.

The draw for the Tony Pagett Open at Cradley Libs was made a couple of weeks ago. Six Broomfield players in action as follows (all in the morning sessions of play):

Sat 5th March John Wilson vs Simon Parsonage (Castlefields)
Sat 5th March Marc Wilson vs Chris Jenkins (Railway, Congleton)
Sat 12th March Darren Griffiths vs Steve Pratt (Coventry)
Sat 12th March Jonathan Blakeman vs Gordon Hawkins (Victoria Park)
Sat 19th March Mick Barnwell vs Phil Lee (Richmond)
Sat 19th March Ollie Newman vs Bob Jones (Drakes Drum)

The indoor team continues to perform well in the Friday league at Hadley Stadium. 10 wins from 12 now with the next fixture against M&B this Friday. A win would put Broomfield in third place with 4 games in hand. Graham and Pat Gilbert lead the averages for Broomfield who are undefeated over the last 10 matches. Many thanks to the 12 who have played so far, the most recent addition being Barney Coleman who started with a 17-6 win with partner Frank Newman.

Marc Wilson has submitted information about this seasons Dudley league and believes that the format will change to six divisions of 12 teams. Although this would not see the 'B' team promoted from the bottom division, it would increase the teams matches from 18 to 22.

The Members and Officers pages have been updated. Player Profiles will be uploaded soon.