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Items listed below are news items that have appeared on the Home Page but may now be out of date...

29/01/06 - Nomads collected a 3 point win against Bearwood Sports this morning. Wins from Denise & Frank (18~5) and Chris & Jonathan (15~6) won't be enough to keep us top of the league as the Baggeridge collected 3.5 points after beating the George.


22/01/06 -  The AGM took place on Thursday, a seperate section of the site will show all the details of the meeting. See the link "AGM 2006" soon to be updated.

Nomads went top of the league today after another 4 point victory against Kynocks. Wins from Mick & Ollie (14-11), Chris & Jonathan (14-6) and Denise & Frank (13-8) mean we go top on plus.  Nomads and Baggeridge both have 43 points after 14 matches. The Baggeridge (aka West Brom Labour!) lost 3-1 to the Old Cross which now makes the title a two horse race!

Bonus ball numbers have been taken leaving only two spare! The names/numbers list has been updated.


21/01/06 - The Smethwick presentation was well attended tonight by Broomfield, no less than 20 of our bowlers being present.  Although we missed out on Division 1, Broomfield still collected more prizes than most:


Division 1 Runners Up
Division 1 League Average Winner (Ollie Newman)
Division 3 Champions
Division 3 League Average Winner (Matt Barnwell)
Individual Merit Runner Up (Mark Nemedi)
Doubles Runners Up (Chris Thompson & Tony Rowley)


16/01/06 - A 4 point win for the Nomads yesterday, the first time since the opening game of the season. All three pairs won; Frank & Denise (13-8), Ollie & Mick (14-6), Chris & Jonathan (14-7).  The total score against Kynocks was 41/21, the result probably keeps us in 2nd place.


12/01/06 - There are plenty of bonus ball numbers available. Members will be asked at the AGM if they would like to purchase any. Only 1 a week per number, see Sheila Newman.


One of the reasons for bringing the AGM forward is player availability. It is important that all players state which teams they are available for in 2006, especially as we plan to field 4 midweek sides.


08/01/06 - At Hadley Stadium today Nomads won both of their fixtures against the Londonderry. Over the two games Broomfield collected 6.5 points (75~59). Phil High played for the first time this season, winning both his matches with Denise Killion, 13~9 and 14~10. Best result came from Chris Price and Jonathan Blakeman (17~5).