The Uplands, Smethwick. Est. 1898

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Club Emblem


The Broomfield emblem was designed using part of the Smethwick Coat Of Arms (see above). First used by Smethwick Cricket Club, the bowls section then followed. The gold badge was often seen during the 1950's ~ 1980's on club ties, blazers and jumpers. The club colours were also taken from the coat of arms - blue and gold.


The Smethwick Coat Of Arms

Smethwick became a municipal borough by a charter of incorporation in 1899 and following a petition in 1905 Smethwick was constituted a County Borough on 1st April 1907. In 1966 the coat of arms became redundant when Smethwick lost its status as a single County Borough and was absorbed into the new County Borough of Warley in Worcestershire. In 1974 Smethwick became part of the newly created Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands.

The latin 'Labore Et Ingenio' means 'Work and Invention'


Smethwick Cricket Club later modified there emblem. The blue and gold colours were used and the Staffordshire knot retained.


Broomfield Bowls Club stuck with the original emblem.