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2010 – (February) Phil High and Mark Healey confirm they will not be bowling for the club in 2010.
2010 – (27/02/10) Presentation for the 2009 season held at The Abbey Hotel, Redditch.
2010 – Paul Newman becomes Club Captain for a record seventh time, overtaking Joe Russell’s six seasons as Club Captain (1978-1983).
2010 – Enter a ‘B’ side in the Dudley & District (Thursday) League, captained by Jonathan Blakeman.
2010 – Alan Parsons joins Broomfield from the White Horse B.C.
2010 – The Free Press Cup is run by Broomfield bowler Jonathan Blakeman.
2010 – (10/04/10) Broomfield B.C. put on a live band “Three Card Trick” and a curry night at Smethwick Cricket Club.
2010 – (27/04/10) Broomfield B.C. are informed they are no longer welcome to use the main club. Smethwick Ex-Servicemen’s Club allow us to use their club after matches.
2010 – (11/05/10) Issued with invoices for use of the bowling green at a charge of £85.00 per game although the invoices were not issued by the owners of the ground (Sandwell M.B.C.)
2010 – (17/05/10) Broomfield meet with Mitchells & Butlers B.C. and Thimblemill Rec B.C. about possible relocation after considering and ruling out Smethwick Ex’s and the Londonderry P.H.
2010 – (18/05/10) Despite issues with the locks being changed on the main gates, Broomfield pull off one last memorable result beating M&B Cheslyn Hay in the Free Press Cup.
2010 – (22/05/10) The neighbouring Hollybush P.H. allow us use of a room for drinks and food after bowls matches.
2010 – (26/05/10) E.G.M. held at the Hollybush P.H. where it was agreed the club would relocate to the number two green at Mitchells & Butlers B.C. Portland Road (32 votes for, 0 against, 1 abstained)
2010 – (29/05/10) Final game for Broomfield on a green they had used for over 100 years – Frank Newman sends the final bowl. On this day the W&W Premier team win by 1 shot away against local rivals West Bromwich Labour Club.
2010 – (30/05/10) Broomfield B.C. officially relocate to Mitchells & Butlers B.C. Portland Road.
2010 – (05/06/10) Paul Newman becomes the first winning card on our new green 21-13 (W&W Premier fixture vs Kings Norton).
2010 – (24/07/10) First Club Championship on the Portland Road green: John Wilson 21-19 Daniel Chilton.
2010 – W&W Alliance Division 2 Champions, captained by Denise Killion. Malcolm Spencer league average winner +159, Nigel Francis league average runner up +151.
2010 – Most individual games in a season: 95 (Jonathan Blakeman)
2010 – (20/11/10) Presentation held at Portland Pavilion (M&B)
2010 - Club Person Of The Year: Jonathan Blakeman & Darren Griffiths.
2010 – Presidents Award: Alan Parsons. Played 85 games in his first season and organised two quiz’s.

2011 – Chairman and Club Captain: Darren Griffiths.
2011 – Mark Hadley’s final year as Secretary having fulfilled the role 13 times since 1991.
2011 – Dave Childs’ first season for Broomfield.
2011 – (09/04/11) Friendly fixtures at Portland Road: Broomfield’s first team beat M&B by 15 shots at ‘home’.
2011 – Final season for the Dudley ‘B’ team after only 2 seasons.
2011 – Death of Wilf Robins.
2011 – Death of former player Ernie Dent.
2011 – (30/07/11) Chris Price aged 67 rolls back the years to win his first Club Championship since 1984 beating John Hardman, Joe Wilson, Malcolm Spencer then Daniel Chilton in a 21-20 final.
2011 – (21/08/11) Jonathan Blakeman retains the Club Handicap.
2011 – (07/09/11) Broomfield write to the W&W expressing their wish to hold the 2013 All England.
2011 – (18/09/11) The Midland Masters are held on the greens of M&B B.C. and Broomfield B.C.
2011 – (23/11/11) Having been informed that Portland Pavilion will close on 05/12/11, Broomfield B.C. , M&B B.C. , Sport 4 Life and Warley A.B.C. meet with Persimmon Homes about the future of the site.
2011 – (24/11/11) Marc Wilson informs the club he will be joining the George B.C. in 2012.
2011 – (08/12/11) Death of David C Bryant MBE aged 80.
2011 - Club Person Of The Year: Mick Barnwell.

2012 – Frank Newman’s final year as Secretary having fulfilled the role 9 times since 1995.
2012 – Chairman and Club Captain: Darren Griffiths.
2012 – (March) M.Barnwell Services agree 3 year sponsorship of the bowls section.
2012 – Kevin March and Mick Fitzgerald join Broomfield from Mitchells & Butlers B.C.
2012 – Death of former players Lou Marks and Tommy Ellis.
2012 – Mark Hadley Snr wins his 4th Club Championship (1986, 2007, 2009, 2012).
2012 – Smethwick ‘A’ Division 1 Champions for the 17th time and a first on the Portland Road green, captained by Ollie Newman.
2012 – Oldbury Cup Winners, captained by Jonathan Blakeman.
2012 – The greens at Portland Road host the following in 2012: Midlands Team Challenge, W&W Junior Individual Merit Finals, 50th Northfield League Individual Merit Finals, Oldbury Cup Finals, Debbie Williams Ladies Individual Merit Finals and the Tom Ellis Memorial.
2012 - Ollie Newman wins all three “A” team averages  for the 4th time (W&W Premier, Oldbury, Smethwick ‘A’).
2012 – Frank Newman creates history by collecting the Arse Of The Year toilet trophy for the 4th time!

2013 – (17/01/13) Andy Killion resigns as Treasurer having held the position since 2007.
2013 – Club Captain: Joe Wilson.
2013 – (February) Mick Haydon joins Broomfield having previously played for the Pheasant B.C. and Mitchells & Butlers B.C.
2013 – (March) Death of former player Chris Mullis.
2013 – (06/04/13) Presentation for the 2012 season held at Portland Pavilion.
2013 – (03/07/13) Warwickshire County Cricket Club hold a public consultation at Portland Pavilion to show their plans for the site.
2013 – (27/07/13) Broomfield host the BCGBA Senior Merit “The All England” at Portland Road – won by W&W player Greg Smith.
2013 – (August) Portland Road greens host all four Warwick & Worcester Cup Finals.
2013 – Death of Mark Wharton.
2013 – (19/09/13) Birmingham City Council grant planning permission to Warwickshire CCC for the M&B Sports Ground.
2013 – Jonathan Blakeman and Daniel Chilton win the Bewdley Open Pairs, the first Broomfield pair to do so since Roy Freeman and Paul Freeman.
2013 – Darren Griffiths’s final year as Chairman having held the role since 2009 and also in 1998 and 2000.
2013 – (02/11/13) Presentation at the Edgbaston Palace Hotel, Hagley Road.
2013 – Club Person Of The Year awarded to Mitchells & Butlers B.C. for their help with hosting the All England.
2013 – (02/11/13) Presidents Award: Pauline Broadhead.
2013 – (15/11/13) B.C.G.B.A. President Merv Edwards holds a Thank You BBQ at Portland Pavilion for those involved with staging the 2013 B.C.G.B.A. Senior Merit (“The All England”)
2013 – (02/12/13) Paul Newman informs the club he will not be playing in 2014.
2013 – (AGM 02/12/13) Shireland P.H. discussed as possible after-match venue for the 2014 season.
2013 – (08/12/13) Broomfield resign from the West Bromwich Midweek Bowling League after 34 seasons.
2013 – (December) Death of Stan Cresswell, first team scorer for Smethwick CC 1981-1999 who took over from Fred Freeman and was a member of the bowling section in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

2014 – Chris Price takes on the role of Chairman for the ninth time whilst also being President for the ninth consecutive year.
2014 – (06/01/14) Closure of Portland Pavilion.
2014 – (15/01/14) Thimblemill Recreation Centre (formerly G.K.N.) discussed as possible after-match venue for the 2014 season.
2014 – (05/02/14) Smethwick Conservative Club is chosen as the after-match venue for 2014.
2014 – (February) Andy Calvert informs the club he will be having a season off in 2014.
2014 – Membership of 37 with a further 5 former bowlers registered for emergency purposes.
2014 – (29/03/14) The first Graham Gilbert & Adam Rose Memorial is played as a round robin competition between both clubs and both greens at Portland Road.
2014 – (April) Midlands Alliance County Championships held. W&W beat Staffordshire in the final.
2014 – Manjeet Panesar, Paul Hentrich, Dave Griffiths and Katy Lang join Broomfield.
2014 – (24/08/14) All 4 Warwick & Worcester Cup Finals are held at Portland Road for the second year running.
2014 – Ollie Newman and Jonathan Blakeman win the Oldbury League Gerald J Wilson Pairs.
2014 – Oldbury Cup Winners for the 7th time and Division 1 Runners Up, captained by Ollie Newman.
2014 – Worst W&W Premier season with only 5 wins from 22 matches.
2014 – (20/09/14) Chris Price’s President’s Bash is held at the Red Lion P.H. as in 2009.
2014 – Warwickshire County Cricket Club officially become owners of the old M&B Sports Ground, Portland Road (November)
2014 – Sheila Newman’s final year running the Bonus Ball fundraiser (10 years: 2005-2014) and is awarded with the Ray Law Club Person Of The Year and an engraved watch “Step into my office”.
2014 – (06/12/14) Presentation held at Somers, Halesowen.
2014 – (06/12/14) Presidents Award: Darren Griffiths

2015 – Katy Lang takes on the running of the Bonus Ball fundraiser
2015 – (January) Resign from the W&W Alliance league and apply to the W&W Business Houses
2015 – (January) Chris Price enters a 10th term as Chairman and a 10th term as Honorary President
2015 – (January) Chris Price becomes W&W Association Secretary whilst also being made a Vice President
2015 – (26/02/15) A 3 year lease is signed between the club and Warwickshire County Cricket Club
2015 – Three new members confirmed: James Dugmore, Luke Fagan and Helen Williams
2015 – (19/04/15) The Bowls4U Team Challenge takes place on the greens of Broomfield B.C. and M&B B.C.
2015 – (06/06/15) W&W Ladies Individual Merit finals at Broomfield, won by Jan Pratley of the George B.C.
2015 – (28/06/15) W&W Mens Individial Merit finals at Broomfield – first time at Portland Road since 1985
2015 – (11/07/15) Club Photograph taken by John Hardman – the first since 1995
2015 – (25/07/15) His sixth appearance in the final, Malcolm Spencer wins his first Club Championship
2015 – (28/08/15) 10 year anniversary of the launch of
2015 – Ollie Newman wins all three ‘A’ team averages in the same season for the fifth time (2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015)
2015 – (11/10/15) The Smethwick ‘A’ team reach the S.F.Jones Cup final for the first time since 2009 but lose out to Dudley Dell by 5 shots

2016 – (05/01/16) Lisa Griffiths takes on the running of the Bonus Ball fundraiser
2016 – (January) After 18 seasons for Broomfield, Mick Barnwell informs the club he is retiring after more than 50 years in the game
2016 – (24/01/16) At the AGM an associate membership is re-introduced and the club adopts a new constitution
2016 – (15/02/16) Mark Hadley becomes Secretary of the Smethwick & District S.M.B.L. replacing Colin Grove who had served from 1990 to 2015
2016 – (27/02/16) Presentation Evening held at The Eaton Hotel, Hagley Road
2016 – The club welcomes several new members: John Capewell, James Faulkner-Jones, Ben Chapman, Leigh-anne Nemedi, James Tudge, Sam Fagan, Mick Clarke Jnr and Steve Evitts
2016 – (30/03/16) Death of Life Member Joe Russell aged 89, first W&W Club Captain 1978-83
2016 – For the first time in over 35 years Broomfield do not enter a team in the Free Press Cup
2016 – (08/05/16) Another first for Broomfield at Portland Road: W&W Junior County vs Cheshire
2016 – (05/06/16) W&W Senior County vs Cumbria at Broomfield. The first senior county match at Portland Road since 1985
2016 – (11/06/16) W&W Debbie Williams Ladies Individual Merit Finals at Broomfield. Won by Maliza Herbert
2016 – (June) Ollie Newman wins the Oldbury League Individual Merit on the George B.C.
2016 – (02/07/16) Peter Nichols returns to Broomfield after an absence of 18 years.
2016 – (30/07/16) Jonathan Blakeman becomes the first Broomfield player to compete at the BCGBA Senior Merit Finals (‘The All England’) at Llay Miners Welfare Club, Wrexham
2016 – (14/08/16) Ollie Newman and Jonathan Blakeman win the Oldbury League Gerald J Wilson Doubles for the second time
2016 – (27/08/16) Broomfield win W&W Business Houses Division 1
2016 – (28/08/16) Dan Chilton beats Mark Hadley 21-17 to secure his first Club Championship
2016 – (28/08/16) Death of Life Member Bill Adams aged 87, Broomfield Chairman 1976-84
2016 – (18/09/16) Broomfield ‘B’ win the Smethwick League Consolation Cup for the first time since 2002, beating Great Barr B.C. on the Pheasant B.C.
2016 – (18/09/16) John Hardman sets an appearance record with 99 games in one season
2016 – (24/09/16) Danielle Newman becomes the first female winner of the Club Handicap beating Darren Griffiths 21-20 in the final
2016 – (02/10/16) The Chairmans Shield returns for the first time since 1999 with Paul Hentrich beating Ben Chapman in the final

2017 – (07/02/17) Sam Fagan secures sponsorship from GMB S85 Sandwell Community Branch.
2017 – (18/02/17) Presentation for the 2016 season held at the Edgbaston Palace, Hagley Road, Birmingham.
2017 – Membership rises to 53 including 46 active players.
2017 – Ten new members including beginners Lisa Griffiths, Claire Hentrich and James Williams. Terry Williams and Darren Hamblett join from the George, Adam Watts from the Royal Oak and Mark Mason from Thingwall (Merseyside). Three returning members in Chris Chilton, Karen Newman and Paul Newman
2017 – 30th season at Broomfield for Ollie Newman and Tonia Hadley. Tonia becomes the first female to reach this milestone.
2017 – 40 seasons in the Warwick & Worcester. The home match to Kings Norton Ex’s on 20/05/17 the 800th match for the W&W Premier team.
2017 – (10/06/17) Host the W&W Ladies Individual Merit finals for the 4th time following 2012, 2015 and 2016
2017 – The club loses five players in relation to Saturday selection: Sam Fagan (resigned) James Dugmore (M&B), Paul Hentrich (M&B), James Tudge (M&B) and Mark Hadley (Langley).
2017 – (29/07/17) Andy Calvert wins his 2nd Club Championship beating Mark Hadley, himself appearing in his 8th Club Championship final and a runner up for the third year running.
2017 – (30/07/17) The Smethwick ‘A’ lose a cup tie on the Wernley for the 5th consecutive time having last won at the venue in the 1999 cup final.
2017 – (25/08/17) The Oldbury ‘B’ are runners up in the Division 3&4 Knockout Cup, losing to Langley B.C. in the final played at Coombs Wood S&S.
2017 – Frank Newman calls time on a +40 year playing career in his 33rd season for Broomfield. 26/08/17 his final appearance – a 21-20 win at home for the W&W Alliance.
2017 – (27/08/17) Jonathan Blakeman wins the Club Handicap for the 4th time equalling the joint record held by Roy Freeman and Nigel Freeman.
2017 – (10/09/17) Lowest Smethwick ‘A’ points total (16) since 1993 but the team finish Division 1 runners up with only two points separating bottom of the table and 2nd place.
2017 – (16/09/17) Keith Underhill wins all 22 of his W&W Alliance Division 3 matches winning both club and league averages (+284). The 4th time in the past five seasons that Keith has won the W&W Alliance / Business Houses averages.
2017 – (16/09/17) The W&W Premier team win Division 3 on the final day of the season with an away win on Boldmere S&S having spent the first 18 games outside the top 4 and never topping the table until the final fixture.
2017 – (23/09/17) Terry Williams becomes the first Broomfield winner of the Graham Gilbert & Adam Rose Memorial competition beating Paul Rolls of M&B 21-19 in the final.
2017 – (29/09/17) Life member Nigel Freeman wins the Cradley Sports Floodlight.
2017 – (28/10/17) Chris Price holds his Presidents Bash at The Windsor Theatre, Bearwood.

2018 – 40th season for Chris Price.
2018 – Keith Underhill who joined from Smethwick Ex’s on 25/11/84 departs for Langley B.C. after 33 seasons with Broomfield.
2018 – Four new beginners join the club: Adam Griffiths, Josh Newman, Bethany Bonner and Nathan Davis.
2018 – 50th season in the Oldbury & District Bowling League where competitive league bowling started for Broomfield in 1969.
2018 – The club fields five midweek teams for the first time since 1998 as a Dudley ‘B’ team is resurrected.
2018 – (17/02/18) Presentation evening at the Eaton Hotel, Hagley Road, Birmingham.
2018 – (April) A new shirt sponsor is secured in Eldon Watches.
2018 – (30/05/18) On the 8th anniversary of Broomfield moving to Portland Road the Oldbury ‘A’ record 8 winning cards at home to Mitchells & Butlers ‘A’ winning the match by 70 shots.
2018 – (03/06/18) Paul Hentrich wins the Chairmans Shield for the second time having won the competition in 2016 and a runner up in 2017.
2018 – (16/06/18) Terry Jones leaves the club after 22 seasons, transferring to the Pheasant B.C. in all leagues.
2018 – (17/06/18) Danielle Newman makes here BCGBA Ladies County debut for Dudley against Wales at Hawkesbury B.C. She wins her game 21-2.
2018 – (17/07/18) Paul Hentrich resigns from the committee and the position of Safeguarding Officer.
2018 – (July) Death of Peter Gwilt aged 66.
2018 – (29/07/18) After a 40 day drought a turn in the weather sees Broomfield postpone a home game for the first time since August 2010.
2018 – (14/08/18) Helen Williams takes on the role of Safeguarding Officer and is co-opted on to the committee.
2018 – (05/09/18) Ollie Newman wins the Oldbury League Division 1 averages for the fifth time
2018 – (16/09/18) The Smethwick ‘A’ team extend the record of S.F.Jones Cup wins to 8 beating Hamstead Social ‘A’ at Langley B.C. in the final.
2018 – (22/09/18) 27 years after his first club championship, Darren Griffiths becomes club champion for a third time following wins in 1991 and 2001.
2018 – (30/09/18) 60 years since the first Club Handicap, Jonathan Blakeman wins the competition for a record fifth time.
2018 – (06/10/18) Ollie Newman appears in the finals of the George Masters for the fourth time.
2018 – (07/11/18) Death of Robert Gurley aged 81, former player and past President of M&B, W&W and the BCGBA.



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