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2000 – (February) Tony Rowley joins from Smethwick Ex’s B.C.
2000 – (11/05/00) Lee Aziz takes up the game at Broomfield.
2000 – (19/05/00) Mark Healey joins the club from Kings Heath Park.
2000 – Membership: 56
2000 – 12th and final W&W Senior County match on Broomfield. W&W 212 vs Potteries 185. At the time Broomfield was the 4th most used W&W Senior County home venue behind Mitchells & Butlers (17), Cock & Magpies (17) and the George, Warley (17).
2000 – Death of life member Arthur Woodward who joined Broomfield c.1965.
2000 – Free Press Cup Winners beating Woodfield in the final played at Churchfield Tavern B.C. West Bromwich. The match was tied 215-215 and three ends returned to the green to win the match by 5 shots (58-53)
2000 – Relegated from W&W Premier Division 1 by 1 point in 10th place ending a 5 year spell in the top flight, captained by Mark Hadley. Our aggregate 237 shots better than the team in 9th and 296 shots better than the team in 8th.
2000 – Smethwick ‘A’ Division 1 Champions for the eighth consecutive season (+618) and Consolation Cup Winners, captained by Steve Blakeman.
2000 – (24/11/00) An EGM is held following receipt of an anonymous letter containing several complaints.
2000 – Club Person Of The Year: Sheila Newman

2001 – Membership: 49
2001 – Phil High’s only year as Chairman.
2001 – Enter a side in the Dudley & District (Thursday) League, captained by Mark Healey.
2001 – Withdraw Oldbury ‘B’ side after 26 seasons (1975-2000)
2001 – Andy Calvert joins Broomfield.
2001 – Keith Lawlor joins from Smethwick Ex’s B.C. having played for Broomfield 1976-1983.
2001 – Death of Jack Howell.
2001 – Final season for Paul Freeman who started playing in 1981.
2001 – W&W Premier Division 2 third place, gaining promotion back to Premier 1 – captained by Paul Newman.
2001 – Paul Freeman wins the W&W Premier 2 league averages, 17 wins and a plus of 165.
2001 – Paul Freeman wins the Oldbury Division 1 league averages winning 18 / 20 matches with a plus of 202.
2001 – West Bromwich Division 1 Champions, captained by Mark Hadley.
2001 – Smethwick ‘A’ Division 1 Runners Up – first time the team had not won the league since 1992. Captained by Steve Blakeman. West Bromwich Labour ‘A’ won the league with 28 points +225, Broomfield second with 26 points +576.
2001 - Club Person Of The Year: Peter Rose – for travelling to games and supporting the club despite snapping his cruciate ligaments.
2001 – (September) An EGM is held for Smethwick Cricket & Athletic Club where Avtar Sandhu is introduced as somebody who would like to clear the clubs debts but have no direct involvement with the running of the club. Members present vote in favour.

2002 – Ollie Newman wins the Club Championship beating Nigel Freeman the third 21-20 final in the last four years.
2002 – Mark Hadley wins the West Bromwich League Secretaries Cup.
2002 – Nigel Freeman finishes 5th in the W&W Premier Division 1 League Averages (P19 W14 +122).
2002 – Smethwick ‘A’ Division 1 Champions for the 13th time, captained by Steve Blakeman.
2002 – West Bromwich ‘A’ Division 1 Champions for the second year running, captained by Mark Hadley.
2002 – Dudley Division 6 Champions, captained by Mark Healey.
2002 – Ollie Newman is made a Life Member for monies raised through the Bonus Ball.
2002 - Club Person Of The Year: Frank Newman.

2003 – John Philpotts and Tracy Wilkins join the club from Smethwick Ex’s.
2003 – Karemjit Gurdas joins Broomfield from Albright & Wilson B.C.
2003 – Longest stint as a captain: 9 seasons – Steve Blakeman (Smethwick ‘A’).
2003 – Carl Blakeman and Jack Tew’s first season playing for Broomfield.
2003 – (11/05/03) Lee Aziz makes his debut for the W&W Junior County vs Merseyside at British Plate B.C. and wins his game 21-6.
2003 – Death of a Smethwick Cricket Club icon, a past President who attended many Broomfield B.C. AGM’s and was always complimentary towards the section – Norman “Chucker” Downes.
2003 – (08/06/03) Andy Calvert makes his debut for the W&W Junior County vs Staffordshire at Bilston B.C. and wins his game 21-16.
2003 – Darren Griffiths is forced to give up the game but would go on to return in 2008.
2003 – Mark Hadley wins the West Bromwich League Secretaries Cup for the second year running.
2003 – Chris Price and Sharon Darby win the Oldbury League Roy Freeman Mixed Pairs, beating Keith Lawlor and Tracy Wilkins in the final.
2003 – Ernie Piller wins the Dudley League Senior Citizens George Smith Singles.
2003 – Smethwick ‘A’ Division 1 Champions for the 14th time, captained by Steve Blakeman.
2003 – Dudley Division 5 Champions, captained by Jonathan Blakeman.
2003 – Mick Barnwell’s only season as Club Captain, relegated from W&W Premier Division 1.
2003 – (08/11/03) Presentation held at the Windmill Village Golf & Country Club, Coventry.
2003 - Club Person Of The Year: Jonathan Blakeman.

2004 – Withdraw W&W Alliance team having competed since 1981.
2004 – Paul Newman is Club Captain for the sixth time. With only one Saturday team, he and Nigel Freeman implement a rotation system to keep the club together. Broomfield survive in W&W Premier Division 2 by a single point following a dramatic 1 shot away win against league champions the Greyhound.
2004 – Death of John Egan.
2004 – Keith Lawlor and Tracy Wilkins win the Oldbury League Roy Freeman Mixed Pairs.
2004 – Nigel Freeman wins the final Ken Wharton Club Handicap beating Tracy Wilkins in the final.
2004 – Ollie Newman’s last year running the Bonus Ball fundraiser.
2004 - Club Person Of The Year: Keith and Lynne Lawlor.

2005 – Sheila Newman takes on the running of the Bonus Ball fundraiser.
2005 – Mark Hadley’s only year as Chairman.
2005 – Re-enter a W&W Alliance team.
2005 – First seasons at Broomfield for Mark Nemedi, John Jones, Sam Fagan and Matt Wilkins.
2005 – Chris Thompson’s only season for the club, joining from Smethwick Ex’s. His father Stan Thompson a successful bowler for Broomfield in the 1970’s.
2005 – Marc Hadley Jnr joins having played for Broomfield 1992-1996.
2005 – (15/03/05) Death of President Janice Freeman aged 64.
2005 – Death of Fred Price and former player Alan Braznell.
2005 – (August) Ollie Newman and Nigel Freeman are runners up in the Pheasant Invitation Aggregate Pairs.
2005 – Nigel Freeman wins his 4th Club Championship equalling his father Roy and grandfather Fred.
2005 – Nigel Freeman wins the first Janice Freeman Club Handicap, beating Keith Lawlor 25-15 in the final.
2005 – (28/08/05) The clubs website goes live
2005 – W&W Premier Division 2 Champions (5 away wins and 0 home defeats) and Alliance Division 4 Champions, captained by Philip High and Jonathan Blakeman respectively.
2005 – Final season for Phil Twining who joined the club in 1996.
2005 – In his first season for the Oldbury Seniors, Frank Newman sets a club record with a plus of 186 (16 wins from 17 games).
2005 – (October) After 8 seasons, Peter Rose notifies the club he will be joining Langley B.C. It ends a 36 year association with the club as a cricketer then Broomfield bowler.

2006 – Chris Price becomes only the second President of Broomfield B.C. following the death of Janice Freeman in 2005.

2006 – Steve Blakeman’s only year as Chairman and final season as Treasurer, Smethwick ‘A’ Captain and Greenkeeper.
2006 – Presentation held at the Corus Hotel, Solihull.
2006 – Re-enter a ‘B’ team to the Oldbury & District Bowling League.
2006 – John Wilson, Dave Chilton and Chris Chilton join Broomfield.
2006 – (04/06/06) Ian Tew leaves the club after 19 seasons.
2006 – Matt Barnwell wins his first Club Championship 21-20 – his fourth appearance in the final.
2006 – Ollie Newman and Matt Barnwell are runners up in the Pheasant Invitation Aggregate Pairs.
2006 – Smethwick ‘A’ Cup Winners and Division 1 Runners Up, captained by Steve Blakeman and Ollie Newman.
2006 – W&W Alliance Division 3 Champions, captained by Karemjit Gurdas.
2006 – Ollie Newman wins all three “A” team averages (W&W Premier, Oldbury ‘A’, Smethwick ‘A’)
2006 – Finish bottom of W&W Premier Division 1 with only 6 wins from 22 games (5 home defeats).
2006 – Final season for Nigel Freeman after a lifetime at the club. Won 33 of of his 46 matches in 2006.
2006 - Club Person Of The Year: Ollie Newman.
2006 – Presidents Award: Jonathan Blakeman.

2007 – Chris Price is the first Broomfield member to sit on the W&W committee
2007 – Frank Newman’s one and only season as Club Captain and head green keeper. Also held the position of Secretary.
2007 – Melissa Gurdas’ first season playing for Broomfield.
2007 – (19/05/07) Death of life member Sid Overfield aged 83 who joined the club c.1968
2007 – John Wilson and Denise Killion win the Oldbury League Gerald J Wilson Pairs, beating Mark Hadley Snr and Marc Hadley Jnr in the final.
2007 – Final season for Bill Adams who started playing in 1964. His 44 seasons equalling Wilf Robins (1949-1992).
2007 – Malcolm Spencer is a Club Championship Runner Up for a fifth time having never won the competition.
2007 – (12/08/07) W&W Junior County Semi Final at Broomfield vs South Yorkshire. 10 winners +124 including future senior county players Greg Smith 21-6, Ben Harris 21-7, Ryan Prosser 21-9 and Lee Kington 21-10.
2007 – Oldbury Seniors Division 1 Champions and Cup Winners, captained by Bill Adams.
2007 – (August) Wilf Robins attends the Oldbury Seniors Cup final at Romsley (Broomfield vs The Gate). Wilf a Broomfield player from 1949-1992.
2007 – (09/09/07) Midlands Alliance County Championship at Broomfield: W&W vs Staffordshire.
2007 – (01/10/07) Induction of seven new life members: Malcom Spencer, Chris Price, Frank Newman, Nigel Francis, Mark Hadley, Steve Blakeman and Nigel Freeman.
2007 – Ollie Newman achieves a win percentage of 86% winning 67 of his 78 matches for the club.
2007 - Ollie Newman wins all three “A” team averages for the second season running (W&W Premier, Oldbury ‘A’, Smethwick ‘A’)
2007 – Death of former player Harold Fletcher.
2007 – (03/11/07) Presentation at the Park Inn Hotel, West Bromwich.
2007 – (03/11/07) Club Person Of The Year: Jonathan Blakeman.
2007 – (03/11/07) Presidents Award: Marc Hadley Jnr

2008 – (January) AGM attendance: 30
2008 – (February) Death of former player Brian Heaselgrave.
2008 – Joe Wilson’s first season for Broomfield following his father John in 2006 and brother Marc in 2007.
2008 – Pauline Broadhead’s first season for Broomfield.
2008 – (29/05/08) Having only lost one home game since joining the Dudley league in 2001, Broomfield suffer a 43 shot home defeat to the Old Cross ‘A’ with seven out of eight losing cards.
2008 – (22/06/08) An infamous afternoon for Mark Hadley who found himself locked inside West Bromwich Labour Club!
2008 – Final season for the Oldbury ‘B’ team after 29 seasons (1975-2000 and 2006-2008).
2008 – (10/08/08) Marc Wilson wins the West Bromwich League Individual Merit at M&B Portland Road.
2008 – (18/08/08) The Oldbury ‘B’ win the Division 3&4 Cup beating Smethwick Ex’s by 57 shots on the George. Captained by Sam Fagan, the team also included Cameron Gurdas, Melissa Gurdas, Danielle Newman, Matt Wilkins, Mark Wharton, Joe Wilson and John Wilson.
2008 – Marc Wilson retains the Club Handicap.
2008 – John Hardman wins the West Bromwich League Champion Of Champions beating former Broomfield bowler Nigel Freeman 21-20 in the final.
2008 – Smethwick ‘A’ Division 1 Champions for the 15th time, captained by Keith Lawlor.
2008 – (September) Furthest run in the Free Press Cup since 2000 losing by 23 shots to Woodfield ‘A’ in the semi final.
2008 – Malcolm Spencer wins the Oldbury Seniors Division 1 League Averages (17/20 wins).
2008 – (17/10/08) Presentation held at the Eaton Hotel, Hagley Road.
2008 - Club Person Of The Year: Darren Griffiths.
2008 – Presidents Award: Joe Wilson.
2008 – (December) Having originally been declined for a late application, the Summit League offer Broomfield a place in Division 3. With not enough players committing to playing Broomfield end up declining the offer.

2009 – Acting on the wishes of members who attended the AGM, John Jones’ membership is terminated sine die with immediate effect.
2009 – Keith Lawlor wins the Smethwick League Individual Merit.
2009 – Smethwick ‘A’ Division 1 Champions for the 16th time and Cup Winners for the 7th time (both records), captained by Keith Lawlor.
2009 – W&W Premier Division 3 Champions, captained by Jonathan Blakeman.
2009 – (19/09/09) A 134 shot win by the W&W Premier team vs Beaufort S&S is the fifth consecutive W&W victory above 100 shots on Broomfield. In total 11 of the 22 W&W home games were won by 100 shots or more in addition to wins of +89, +92, +93 and +97.
2009 - Ollie Newman wins all three “A” team averages for the third time (W&W Premier, Oldbury, Smethwick ‘A’)
2009 – (15/10/09) Avtar Sandhu advises us of his plans to build 5-a-side floodlit football pitches at the lower end of the ground that could include the bowling green.
2009 – (22/10/09) Avtar Sandhu requests a meeting with the Broomfield committee for us to explain why we should be allowed to continue in 2010.
2009 - Club Person Of The Year: Denise Killion.
2009 – (31/10/09) Chris Price’s President’s Bash is held at the Red Lion P.H. Hockley.
2009 – (03/11/09) Avtar Sandhu meets with the Broomfield committee, the outcome being that if we continue to use the club and organise functions then we will be allowed to continue in 2010.
2009 – (05/12/09) Broomfield B.C. hold a skittles and curry evening at Smethwick Cricket Club.
2009 – (24/12/09) Broomfield B.C. hold a Christmas Eve party and karaoke at Smethwick Cricket Club.