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1970 – Enter one side in the Harborne League, captained by George Brown.
1970 – No friendly fixtures were played by Broomfield in the 1970 season.
1970 – (AGM 11/11/70) Strongest team to be selected in the Oldbury League and captains to pick the teams.
1970 – Roy Freeman wins his second Club Handicap.
1970 – A 15 year old Peter Rose starts playing cricket for Smethwick, he would go on to play bowls for us in 1998.

1971 – First year that a Club Pairs competition was run – “a popular addition”
1971 – Brian Male wins the Club Handicap.
1971 – Oldbury team finish 4th in Division 3 (Won 6, Lost 6)
1971 – Deaths of Arthur Turley and H.Clews.
1971 – (AGM 23/11/71) “The poor condition of the playing surface was a dominant topic of conversation”

1972 – Brian Male and George Garbett win the Oldbury League Gerald J Wilson Pairs.
1972 – Oldbury Division 3 Champions, captained by Ray Fletcher, 12 players used. Harborne team finish 4th.
1972 – Bill Adams becomes Secretary of the Harborne League.
1972 – (01/12/72) Lowest attendance at an AGM: 9
1972 – Bill Thurlby retires from office having served as Treasurer since 1963.

1973 – Club Championship final: Lou Marks 21-20 Brian Male.
1973 – Stan Thompson retains the Ken Wharton Club Handicap.
1973 – Chairmans Sheild won by Bert Wilkinson.
1973 – Oldbury Division 2 Champions, Division 4 to 1 in four playing seasons.
1973 – Runners Up in the Harborne League.

1974 – Membership: 32
1974 – Malcolm Spencer joins Broomfield.
1974 – Ray Fletcher wins the Club Championship, Brian Male wins the Club Handicap
1974 – Oldbury Division 1 Champions.
1974 – Harborne League Champions and also the final season in this league, captained by Wilf Robins.

1975 – Membership: 42
1975 – Enter a ‘B’ side in the Oldbury & District Bowling League (finished 3rd in Division 6), captained by Wilf Robins.
1975 – Wilf Robins wins the Club Championship for the 4th time (1961, 1968, 1970, 1975).
1975 – Oldbury Division 1 Champions for the second consecutive season.
1975 – (AGM 27/11/75) By a vote, ladies were omitted from using the bowling green.

1976 – Enter the Smethwick & District Sunday Morning Bowling League, Broomfield Chairman Bill Adams being one of the leagues founders. Team captained by Chris Mullis.
1976 – Keith Lawlor joins Broomfield.
1976 – Oldbury Division 1 Champions for the third consecutive season.
1976 – (AGM 04/11/76) Letter received from the Highfield Golden Cup B.C. (Premier Division 1 in 1977) enquiring about joining Broomfield B.C. This was rejected by 15 votes to 8. Highfield G.C. would go on to amalgamate with the George B.C. in 1978 taking their W&W status from Division 11 to Division 2.

1977 – Stan Thompson wins the Club Championship and the Club Handicap.
1977 – William Purcell Club Pairs won by Peter Gwilt and Harry Kendrick.
1977 – Smethwick League Runners Up, captained by Joe Russell (only 1 Division in 1977).
1977 – (AGM 03/11/77) Oldbury ‘A’ Captain Wilf Robins reports that 7 of the team members from the previous year had left the club. The club retained Division 1 status with a virtually new team.

1978 – Enter one team in the Warwick & Worcester (Senior Division 11), captained by Joe Russell.
1978 – (15/04/78) First match in the W&W played at Broomfield vs West Midlands Gas, Hollyfields. Team: Joe Russell, Chris Mullis, Bill Mullis, Wilf Robins, Bill Adams, Frank Taylor, Peter Gwilt, Arthur Woodward, Jack Wray, Malcolm Spencer, George Brown and Sid Overfield (221-192).
1978 – Roy Freeman’s first year on the committee, a position he would hold until his death in 1991.
1978 – (17/06/78) First victory over 100 shots in the W&W with a 120 shot win at home versus Kings Heath R.B.L. Best card Malcolm Spencer 21-4.
1978 – Roy Freeman wins the Alfred Neale Club Championship and in doing so creates history as the only person to win all three Neale trophies (Tennis 1954, Cricket 1956, Bowls 1978).
1978 – Death of Sid Davis.
1978 – Smethwick team relegated to Division 2, captain Sid Overfield questions whether entry into the Warwick & Worcester league created a lack of interest on Sunday’s.
1978 – (AGM 15/11/78) Proposed by Ray Fletcher and seconded by Joe Russell that selection of vice captains be made nearer the start of the season rather than being elected at the AGM.

1979 – Frank Newman joins Broomfield having previously played for Smethwick Labour B.C.
1979 – Chris Price joins Broomfield after a short spell with the George B.C.
1979 – (29/07/79) First W&W County game at Broomfield vs Cheshire (243-191). Home team includes former Broomfield bowlers Brian Male, Ernie Dent and Roger Bowker.
1979 – Roy Freeman retains the Club Championship.
1979 – W&W Senior Division 10, Broomfield finish 5th with 8 wins from 16.