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1930 – The Mitchells & Butlers Sports Ground at Portland Road is opened. Broomfield B.C. would relocate to the number two green here approximately 80 years later.
1930 – Honours board shows no record of the 1930 Club Championship being played.
1931 - Club Championship Winner – A.G.Truss, Runner Up – T.Carter
1932 - Club Championship Winner – A.Parr, Runner Up – W.H.Taylor
1933 - Club Championship Winner – A.Parr, Runner Up – W.H.Taylor
1934 - Club Championship Winner – R.Richards, Runner Up – A.Morris
1935 - Club Championship Winner – Ald.A.Morris, Runner Up – R.Parsons
1936 - Club Championship Winner – R.M.c.M.Boyd, Runner Up – A.Parr

1937 – (03/12/1937) Death of Alfred Neale who resided in Albany House, South Road, Smethwick. A successful local businessman who was President of Smethwick Cricket Club 1924-1937.

1937 – A trophy in memory of past President (Smethwick Cricket Club) Alfred Neale is given to each sporting section (cricket, bowls and tennis). The bowling section would go on to use the trophy for the Club Championship although no records exist of Club Championship winners from 1937 to 1941.

1940 – 1942 Smethwick is targeted during the air raids of World War II.
1942 – Arthur Peabody wins his first Club Championship aged 37.
1944 – Club Captain: Arthur Webster, Vice Captain: Harry Shotton.
1946 – (23/05/46) Death of ‘Chas’ Peabody who won the Club Championship in 1943 (Arthur Peabody’s father).
1946 – The weather constricted activities and consequently no club competitions were completed.
1947 – Club Captain: H Randle, Vice Captain: H.Meek

1950 – Fred Freeman wins the Club Championship for the first time.
1951 – Club Championship Winner - Arthur Peabody.
1952 – Billy Clews wins his first and only Club Championship.
1953 – Club Championship Winner – Fred Freeman.
1954 – Club Championship Winner – H.G.Coley.
1954 – Roy Freeman wins the Neale Tennis Trophy having won the men’s singles.
1955 – Arthur Peabody wins his 5th Club Championship (still a club record).
1956 – Club Championship Winner – Jack Wray.
1956 – Roy Freeman wins the Neale Cricket Trophy.
1957 – Club Championship Winner – Sid Davis.

1958 – A racing trophy won by Ken Wharton is donated to the club and it is decided to use the trophy for the Club Handicap. Ken Wharton of Hume Street, Smethwick was a racing driver who progressed to circuit racing including a number of formula one events. He was killed during a race in New Zealand in 1957.

1958 – First Club Handicap (The Ken Wharton Cup) won by Peter Hayward.
1959 – (August) Marriage of Roy Freeman and Janice Pace.
1959 – Arthur Peabody wins his first and only Club Handicap.